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Mines of Mars Zero feeds into the OCD progression addicted player in me. In the end the later won out and this is a long review trying to. Fictional representations of Mars have been popular for over a century. Interest in Mars has . At the end of the book, it is disclosed that the Martians' ancestors had possessed .. No relation to the Robert A. Heinlein novel of the same title. . The first-person shooter Red Faction tells the story of a Martian mining colony that. Colonising Mars could spell the end of humanity as we know it Of course that only works if our sole goal is to mine Mars for resources, rather.

He rolls at you and jumps. If you have the anti-gravity boots, give those a try and shoot from the ceiling! Get the piece of key here I hit a weird glitch that sucked me into it before I took the photo: And get the gun upgrade: This dungeon is a bit of a maze. Use antigravity to help you take less damage. Kill them and make your way around the lava to the big ugly bug-like boss.

Using my antigravity boots, I was able to get up close and personal with him. He charges to the left. Try to hide in the left corner and shoot. So keep shooting till he does.

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The rocket launcher worked great here. Now get the key piece: This dungeon is a maze. Use the antigravity boots as needed to navigate the obstacles. Take down another plant monster: Then prepare for this Rhino boss: I found the rocket launcher best here.

But any long range weapon should work.

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If you get too close to this guy, he charges at you and then hits the spikes on the left side of the screen, which damage him. So try to get out of his way and take minimal damage when he charges. And then I died after I killed him, trying to navigate my way out. Luckily, I was able to get the key piece and weapon upgrades first.

When I died, I still had the key piece and my gun upgrades, so it seems the game saves after you get the key piece. The way out is different from the way in. You have to deal with more spikes.

Colonising Mars could spell the end of humanity as we know it

And they killed me. But you should have all 5 pieces of the key now. Off to find the lock! Use antigravity to get past the lava and to this block. Break that block and it will release the creatures. Then kill the usual plant monster. Then kill any of the bouncing, rolling creatures that are still in your way: Go around and kill the purple plant monster: And now get ready for this scary bat-like boss that shoots purple energy balls!

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Morton's first argument is that we would use a colony on Mars to ensure that humans survive a nuclear war on earth. He argues that any nation starting such a colony would raise the suspicion of others and might bring war about sooner. The other problem could be that if the colony on Mars has people from both sides in any conflict, it could escalate to war on that planet too.

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Which would make a colonisation effort basically pointless. Morton also suggests that we've already ruined, or are in the process of ruining, Earth. Our efforts to colonize Mars might better spent developing ways to fix our own planet. Key timings and how to watch Lockheed Martin is one of many companies considering a Mars colony Image: Lockheed Martin The number of flights needed to set up base on Mars would be more than 10, which would have a profound impact on our own environment.

We're also in big trouble when it comes to our fragile biology. Why send squishy, easy to break humans to another planet when you could send robots in our place. Of course that only works if our sole goal is to mine Mars for resources, rather than to provide a second home for mankind.