Mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

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mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

Read reviews on the manga Mousugu Shinu Hito on MyAnimeList, the the women end up flocking to Riku Kominato for the same reasons. Anime Drawings SketchesAnime SketchManga DrawingManga ArtArt Drawings Boy And Girl DrawingRelationship DrawingsMundo GeekDrawing Ideas. next few days. That is, until things end up at the highlight of Mai's recording period—her murder of someone! Mousugu Shinu Hito | Source.

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One day, Isao wakes up in a totally unfamiliar room. Both Hoshino and Amamiya are quite close, but as things begins to change, their relationship starts to turn dreadfully complicated. With the news of an eye-stabbing phantom killer spreading like wildfire, things begin to shake and go off-track! For years, Lucy was confined in a research facility for inhumane study and cruel experimentations.

Because of this, her anger and rage towards humanity just multiplied exponentially. One day, a careless mistake leads to her eventual escape.

The diclonius queen, Lucy, is about to return to the world and carry-out her brutal retribution.

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Ever traumatized by Elfen Lied and wanted some more? Well, you're in the right place coz' here are the Anime Like Elfen Lied! This is as close to similarly hellish anime as you can get! Abnormal-kei Joshi Abnormal-kei Joshi Source As his own personal belief, high school student Shinya Shiina wholeheartedly believes that all girls are good-for-nothings! He dislikes them and firmly confides that girls only exists to complicate things.

But despite his beliefs, he is strangely surrounded by girls—the most perplexing girls at that! One of the girls is a stalker, another is delusional, the other is a self-proclaimed vampire, and the list goes on! Soon after, a case of serial murder commences, which gets everyone involved! Such was her life, until one day—the unnatural happened!

mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

The very fabric of reality seems to bend because of some videos that some person created. The characters must find out how to end everything by wading through a web of deceptions from all parties. The best part of the beginning of the manga is how even strangers become part of the escalating tension. Late into the story, it feels pretty good to learn that there was at least a tiny bit of reasoning behind why things happened.

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This all would be good if the story was not filled with holes and ended on a far more meaningful note. The weird thing is that the elements of mystery are done rather entertainingly and everything about the investigation is pretty thrilling. But in the end, it is still empty. The weird thing is that the character's backstories are really good and really prevent this manga's plot from being utter crap. One last negative thing to say is that characters will experience deadly situations without dying.

Get a body part cut off? Stay in your room all day.

mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

She never goes to the hospital. Another time, everyone falls a far distance down onto a hard stone floor without being harmed in any way. What happens after that is more ridiculous and rushed, even if it is a slightly logical turn of events. The art is amazing in how unique it is.

Things like hair and feet seem disappointing at first, but there is a nice subliminal effect to that art that matches with the psychology basis of the story.

mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

Some things have a transparency aspect which adds to that more. The shadowing is really vibrant and it makes the world feel colorful most of the time. Their personality is just so interesting while you can't exactly tell what are they capable of doing. Hayu and Riko were best friends, but when everything started to happen they became more distant, until Hayu saw Riko kissing Riku and she became so yandere jealous.

Everything she actually wants is to make Riku happy even if it means being with another girl, she just wants to stay by his side. Riko Kisei is school idol and girl Riku has crush on.

Well her I just hate, sorry for words, but she is such a b Nahh I can't say it out aloud. She really irritates me, after watching that video she became so "close" to Riku acting whole time just to get him to love her and choose to save her. Things get out of hand when she kisses Riku even though she promised her friend Haju that she won't touch him. So it's pretty normal for Haju to go "bananas" and try to get rid of Riko. Not to mention she doesn't change till the bitter end.

Guess that's okay cause there is always that one character everyone hates.

mousugu shinu hito ending relationship

Aoi Sasshou and Mikoto Hakubi. They got dragged in this brutal game as well. Aoi is student concuil president and Mikoto is one of those girls that always bad mouth everyone. Honestly the only character that truly got some development was Mikoto and others just stayed the way they were. Come on, this is not Gakkou Gurashi!

But art style was pretty well done in my opinion. It gives that sugar warm feeling whenever something messed up happens cause characters are just so cutely designed. Even then it doesn't try to hide it's true nature even with gory manga pages.