Office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

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office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

Office Girls/ taiwan drama Girl Drama, K Drama, Series Movies, Tv Series. Read it . Queen for 7 Days| The ending killed me! So much feels! Aigoo it .. Marriage Not Dating Best Dramas, Korean Dramas, Yeon Woo Jin, Watch Korean Drama. Office Girls (traditional Chinese: 小資女孩向前衝; simplified Chinese: 小资女孩向 前冲, literally "Working-Girl Forward"), is a Taiwanese drama starring Roy Chiu, Ko Chia-yen, James Wen, Tiffany Hsu, and Patrick Lee. It started filming in July It was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air channel Taiwan Television Kai Er tries to ruin the relationship between the two on a. We first came across Roy Chiu years ago in a Taiwanese drama called, Easy Fortune Watching Miss Rose, Waking Love Up and Office Girls, it has made Roy Chiu we'll most probably end up enjoying it and liking it”—because we enjoyed Her work and personal relationship with a top executive of the company she.

The story may have had the rich boy meet poor girl, but what I love about it is, the poor girl was independent who has a dream and working hard in making it a reality without shame or whining about it or expecting anything from anyone. It's in line with her personality in keeping a low profile, from the way she dresses up to her interactions and the way she expresses her dream. She meets Zi Qi who's the total opposite in extravagance and spoil. At this point the drama becomes really the story of a bunch of employees working at the same firm.

office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

There is the annoying second lead girl, the bore to death second lead guy but somehow they just don't matter. Second lead guy was just written in such a boring way they they just resolved his issues fast and wrote him off. Second lead girl stayed to be the hated one but it doesn't frustrate me the way kdramas do, mainly because our lead's maturity with always facing reality and talking about what bothers them.

Other characters I liked was the manager who at first came off as annoying but really grew on me.

office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

I specially loved his relationship with Zi Qi. They stay constantly hilarious throughout the whole drama. Another is Le Le who, at times may be annoying, but I love how upfront she was about everything.

She didn't care who you were, she'll talk right back at you if you look down at her. The parents were kinda too perfect but the relationships felt genuine.

The story isn't perfect that'st for sure.

office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

There were some mistakes that we see Xing Ren do that I found unacceptable with her experience and how she was place in the beginning of the drama as hard working.

Day 19 baby recap: Kai Er asks Zi Qi to accompany her on the date she asked him to set up. Zi Qi calls Xing Ren and lies that he has a relative in town he needs to see.

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Turn out Zi Qi is having dinner with his mom, who immediately starts to criticize Xing Ren. But Zi Qi stands up for his girlfriend, describing her as innocent and pure, a frugal girl who is a role model for the current crop of materialistic and frivolous girls.

Zi Qi slowly realizes his mom is jealous of Xing Ren stealing her son away.

Office Girls Episode 19 Baby Recap

Le Le tells Xing Ren to stop accepting what men say and start observing what they do. Xing Ren sits at home distracted waiting for Zi Qi. She finds Zi Qi at the bus stop and confesses that she was testing him to see if he was fine with setting her up.

She hugs him while revealing that she still likes him, but then promises that she will let it all go tomorrow. Zi Qi comes home and finds a note from Xing Ren on his door asking him to come upstairs because she has something for him.

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Zi Qi wakes a sleeping Xing Ren up and she hands him a bag of almond flavored nutritional supplements. Kai Er gives Xing Ren some sample skin care products and a new bottle of perfume that Kai Er also uses regularly. Xing Ren smells the perfume and realizes that Zi Qi had the same smell on him last night.

She leaves when Stallone arrives, leaving him shocked at seeing the normally calm Xing Ren so spitting mad.

office girl taiwan drama ending a relationship

Xing Ren is still disappointed that he would lie to her. Zi Qi can only apologize and admit that he was wrong this time. To punish him for lying, Xing Ren ends their meal sharing for a week.