Olgierd ending relationship

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone, Part Two - Twenty Sided

olgierd ending relationship

In this mission, Geralt of Rivia must decide whether or not to save Olgierd von and how to banish the being as Olgierd wanted to end the pact he made. lost their fortune, Iris' family no longer accepted her relationship with Olgierd and. “Just go outside and bury Olgierd's dead wife's corpse ” several key moments from Olgierd and Iris' relationship, reliving them alongside the So your choices at the end of this quest—and this is the Witcher 3, so there are. *Spoilers to siding with Olgierd ending* You're right I did miss that, the riddle was easy to solve in the end but that's a nice touch. #2.

Considering the bloody history between both nations and their continued resentment towards each other because of it, this is incredibly heartwarming to see. The side-quest to help a former soldier in Novigrad get a rare black pearl for his wife is one, as he's determined to fulfill a promise he'd made at the start of his military career.

Unfortunately, the end of the questline reveals that his wife suffers from a form of dementia - likely Alzheimer's - and he was hoping that getting the pearl, which was a long-standing joke between the couple, would help snap her out of it. Suffice to say, it doesn't. If Geralt chooses to be open about his memories of Ciri when Corinne is helping him to find her through an Oneiromancy session in Novigrad. The sheer warmth and parental love in Doug Cockle's voice is so fuzzy and - gah!

I just can't, plus it's fantastic to hear about the pivotal moments in the book series recounted by the former amnesiac. The romances are of course excellent per the trilogy's standards, mainly because they juxtapose quite nicely against the Darker and Edgier atmosphere. With Triss, it can be rekindled at a Masquerade Ballwhich she even notes is a major departure from her usual hangouts in the sewers of Novigrad while trying to evade the Witch Hunt going on, and culminates at a kiss beneath fireworks while at the party.

Sigi offers his condolences and, if indulged, an anecdote about The One That Got Away from him, Philippa Eilhart - only to pause halfway through to say "Geralt, turn around.

The ensuing playful banter is the icing on the cake. With Yennefer, it involves Yen asking Geralt for help to find a genie. At first she doesn't tell him why she wants to look for it, but as the quest progresses, she finally tells Geralt her reason. Turns out it's about Geralt's wish in the final part of the Witcher short-story collection The Last Wish.

Geralt's final wish to the genie was to bind Yennefer and Geralt together forever, so that no matter where they are, they will always be together and love one another in the end. She doesn't want this and she wants to break the spell to find out if Geralt and her truly love one another even without magic preordaining it. After finally finding the djinn and breaking the thread that binds them on a shipwreck on top of an ice mountain, it turns out nothing has changed between them afterwards.

They don't become total strangers once the spell has been lifted. They really are truly in love after all. The dialogue afterwards is truly heartrendingly, blissfully, undeniably reciprocal.

olgierd ending relationship

Djinn might have cheated us after all I love you, Yen. And I love you. Done that so many times, but It was in a way. Besides, once you say 'I love you', a kiss must taste differently.

The snowball fight is particularly adorable. In Skellige, Geralt can pick up a contract to banish the wraith of Ulle the Unlucky, an arena combatant who never won a single match until, infuriated by a Jarl's Unsportsmanlike Gloatingstabbed him in the back, earning a curse to "lose for all eternity". The only way to banish him is to Sheathe Your Sword and let him win. While helping Ciri recover from her wounds, Skjall becomes smitten with her. If the player chooses, Ciri can give Skjall his first kiss from a woman.

One of the dialogue options even implies that Skjall was about to lose his virginity to Ciri, but the Wild Hunt attack interrupts them before anything can happen. Combined with a Tear Jerker. If you allow Ciri to return to Skjall's grave, she finds that he's been thrown in a pit. Ciri promptly reburies him respectfully. Not only saving her but leading the Wild Hunt away from the village. They agree to leave the grave alone from that point on.

Pretty much any interaction between Geralt and Ciri that underscores their closeness despite the lack of biological ties. When Geralt finally brings Ciri to the Emperor, he brings forth a hundred gold pieces for Geralt, who can choose to refuse.

Ciri is pretty offended if you take the money, but rejecting causes her and Geralt to quickly hold hands during the scene. As well, the Emperor immediately gives Geralt a fine horse instead, as it's implied he feels like he can't let Geralt go without some reward. When Geralt and Lambert are getting drunk in Kaer Morhen, the player can get Geralt to tell Lambert that he can be a jackass, yet despite this, he loves him like a brother. And Lambert, who has never fully embraced the fact that he is a witcher, will call Geralt a real blowhard but then says he would go to Hell and back for his fellow wolf and tries to give him a Man Hug.

The fact that they are both completely sloshed only diminishes the sweetness slightly. The surprise last-minute hookup of Lambert and Keira Metz, should she survive, not only somehow manages to work, but is also quite sweet in and of itself, with an embittered self-deprecating witcher and an egoist sorceress finally finding their share of happiness in the otherwise bleak world.

Judging from anytime you bring up the topic, either with her or with any other onlooking NPCit seems to be working out well for both of them. Geralt and everyone else's slight bewilderment pushing it to the funny territory makes it even sweeter.

There's another happy ending to that story. At the end of Keira's quest line, she gets some notes from a virologist mage, who used unwilling human test subjects. Geralt is leery about allowing her to keep the notes, and only grows more concerned when Keira mentions using the research as a bargaining chip to get amnesty from king Radovid.

Keira mentions that the information could be used to make a cure for virulent diseases, but Geralt cynically notes that it is more likely she'd help develop a biological weapon, or that Radovid would rather use that information for that purpose.

If Geralt dissuades her from that path, not only does she end up finding love with Lambert, but Dandelion's narration also mentions that Keira did in fact use that information to cure the epidemic Catrionia Plague, earning her adoration far and wide.

At first she's terrified of Geralt because he's a Witcher, like the one who slaughtered her village. However, if Geralt is kind to her, when he takes her to her aunt in a near-by village, the girl asks if she can ride on his shoulders. I've a gift for ye. She hands him a hand-drawn "Thank You" card The card itself is a drawing of her and Geralt holding hands and smiling, and the item description is "Present from a grateful young girl".

The DLC quest 'Skellige's Most Wanted' rewards you for staying your blade in a rather satisfying manner, when Geralt lists the names of monsters he has spared throughout his journey, claiming Witchers are protectors of both worlds rather than just the realm of men.

The fact that your opponents recognize some of those you mention doubles the feeling, when you realize that by being merciful, you spared someone's friend, acquaintance or partner.

olgierd ending relationship

A short but simple quest has a bunch of crude Skelligan raiders taking over a brothel and drinking them out of house and home. One of the strumpets asks Geralt to help. When he agrees, she gratefully declares that there are good people in the world. She and the girls took up a collection to pay Geralt for his services. If he tells them the girls need the money more than him, she's nearly tearful and declares such a man could restore her faith in humanity.

Sigi and his vault guard, Bart the Rock Troll.

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Sigi truly doesn't hold the blast-through robbery against Bart, having not anticipated it himself, and tells Bart to stop self-flagellating over it. You can also see that Sigi has provided Bart with a little den with a sizeable hunk of meat for food, and is savvy enough to interpret Bart's primitive Hulk Speak to find the meaning he's trying to convey. Despite just how horrifying and bleak the quest Cardinal Sins is, there is a moment of this. When talking to the Corpse collector you find that his stealing from the dead has resulted in him literally planning to wipe his ass with a clue left by the killer.

One that said that Priscilla was going to be the next target. When Geralt calls him on this he says "What do I care what happens to some whore. The way the animation plays out is so fast that it implies that Geralt didn't even have time to think about it. He decked him purely out of instinct as he already considered her one of his True Companions. Ending-related Geralt and Ciri's meeting on the Isle of Mists, the first time they've seen in years, after a long time not knowing whether the other is dead or alive.

That scene is just handcrafted to be as emotionally powerful as possible, especially since it's preceded by a massive though false-alarmed tearjerker. Right near the end, Ciri is facing down the White Frost's origin point, and on the verge of death The Witcher Ciri ending. After spending years running from the Hunt and from her father, Ciri finally finds respite from both.

olgierd ending relationship

Geralt gives her a new silver sword, and together they embark on adventure, with Geralt finally completing her training. Ciri walks the Witcher's Path, and becomes known throughout the land.

You'll have ample time later, witcher. Let's try it out then, shall we?

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While bittersweetCiri leaving Geralt behind to become Empress of Nilfgaard counts as this, since she's doing it in the hopes of improving the lives of as many people as possible, and Geralt will reassure her that she'll do a great job, and can promise that they'd be able to keep in touch. This entire ending is laced with heartwarming moments as Geralt and Ciri make up for lost time together. Of note is when Ciri reminisces on how Geralt never gave her piggyback rides at Kaer Morhen.

For a moment, Geralt goes silent and looks sad Geralt then promptly runs around in circles as though he's giving a small child a piggyback ride, laughing the whole time. The endings Geralt can have with either Yen or Triss. With Yen, Geralt finally finds freedom from politics and lives happily with Yenn in a small remote village. With Triss, he finds steady income and happiness with her, as she secures an advisor's position in Kovir.

The setup to the latter is especially sweet, as Geralt finds out when she performs a bit of Hydromancy, which always shows the inner-thoughts of the mage casting the spell before solidifying on the actual target. Triss didn't know how to broach the topic, and Geralt can tell her "Of course I'll go", or say that he needs time to decide - a fact she supports and even shows ambivalence about taking the position, as her priority is being with Geralt, which is enough to convince Geralt to go along with it.

Just before the climactic battle, Triss and Geralt engage in some more playful banter, with Triss expressing faux-surprise that Geralt actually said something romantic before saying "I love you, you know. Restoring Temeria's statehood is heartwarming as well, as the peasants who suffered for a year as pawns in a war-torn no-man's land are finally free to go about their lives in peace.

Even the Downer Ending has its moments. Despite his gruff and uncaring treatment of the werewolf named Berem, once they locate the Crone, Geralt foregoes killing the supposedly weakened beast. He turns down Berem's offers for help and urges him to take his last cub, go somewhere far away, and live. The werewolf does not comply and eventually joins Geralt in finishing Weavess off.

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Vlodimir speaks with great pride and affection for Olgierd, in spite of his jealousy. Olgierd could have chosen any type of impossible wish, but decided on one that would benefit his deceased brother, and is uncharacteristically moved when given a letter from him. With strong shades of Tear Jerkerof course, especially after learning the cause of Vlodimir's death.

One of these assuming Geralt does this before the Isle of Mists can be to ask where Ciri is. Gaunter can't tell him - some things even he can't do - but he does offer Geralt some advice, essentially telling the players what they need to do to keep Ciri alive in the good endings. Gaunter's tone is unusually soft in this scene. In the "Side with Olgierd" ending for Hearts of Stone, Olgierd is so utterly humbled that Geralt would risk so much to save his own soul, despite everything he put Geralt and many others through, his wife included, that he swears off his criminal lifestyle.

He then gives the witcher his sword, an ancient family heirloom named after Iris, and insists that Geralt take it after turning it down. Even in the cruel world of The Witcher, the wicked can find redemption. More so is when Geralt accidentally cuts Olgierd's hand as he accepts Iris.

Geralt says, "I'm sorry", but Olgierd simply stares at the wound, taking in the fact that it no longer heals as his wounds did when he was under Gaunter's power. The smile he sports as he tells Geralt, "You needn't be," says everything about the joy he feels at finally being free, with the wound being the proof that Gaunter's influence over him is truly gone. Blood and Wine Just seeing the conditions in the Duchy of Touissant. It's not a perfect nation by any meansstill plagued by monsters and conspiracy, but even peasants can live a relatively stable life here.

Compared to Velen and Novigradthe place is like a paradise. It serves as a much needed reminder that there are still things worth fighting for.

The story of Vivienne and Guillaume. Vivienne has been cursed since before she was born. Geralt tells her it's possible to transfer the curse onto a new host, giving it a much weaker hold on them. She immediately refuses to condemn another person to that sort of fate, even if it would mean that the alternative would shorten her life to seven years Even then, she tries to use a cracked egg rather than a healthy one to spare a chick.

The other path is even better. If you choose to tell Guillaume about the curse, he immediately volunteers to have the curse transferred onto him. What's more is that this is one of the few unambiguously happy endings in the Witcher series, with Guillaume not suffering any ill effects from the curse and getting together with Vivienne.

Geralt himself is a bit flummoxed that true love prevailed and was the key. Better yet, Geralt can, instead of saying happily ever after, opt to give them advice about the two deciding their lives for themselves.

olgierd ending relationship

He also warns them that the curse may not be completely broken, telling them to be vigilant and to find him should the curse reappear, readily opening his help. It should also be noted that it would be far easier to break the curse of someone who had it recently than someone who's had it since birth, thus the reason Geralt chooses to comply with Guillaume's offer.

There's also the small detail Geralt suggests that Guillaume's preference would only work if real love or affection existed between those involved with the process. Plus Vivienne even tells Guillaume that if the curse appears on him instead, she'd never leave him. In one quest, you can choose to either kill a wight or break her curse.

I believe this is the first dwarf with an eye patch we see in the game.

olgierd ending relationship

I can't imagine why it took so long. In the third, Geralt is to retrieve a certain rose that Olgierd gave his now-deceased wife. Their relationship falls apart and she dies isolated and abandoned in the mansion. The version of her that the player encounters in the painting is just an echo of the original, but it led to what was for me the hardest decision in the expansion, maybe in the entire game.

Need to be honest. And what will happen then? Will I be free of the suffering, the sadness? Is it the void that awaits? Grief and regret, after all, carry with them the memory of better times.

Either way, does Geralt even have the right to make this decision? Complicating things are the mysterious creatures a ghostly dog and cat that are bound to this world against their will. Surely their wishes carry some weight as well. I personally decided to take the rose, but not before exhausting every possible dialogue option in a futile search for another way out.

I personally feel that leaving the right choice ambiguous is crucial to the tone CDPR is going for. At this point the player is given the choice of leaving Olgierd to his fate or intervening and trying to save him.