Oxen free michael ending a relationship

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oxen free michael ending a relationship

For those wondering about possible relationships between characters; This screenshot of a gamerip might confirm all the possible endings in the My theory? I kept Michael from dying, and killed my relationship with Jonas. Jan 24, Taking a look at some of the alternate endings from Oxenfree. I actually like the mainstream one better than the secret one I got Playlist. Feb 28, This ending results in Michael being saved, but he and Clarissa will no longer be in a relationship. To achieve this ending, Alex will have to.

At first, well, she just wants to make Clarissa suffer and you get to make her as bloody miserable as possible with the Michael breakups.

Then, she grows up a little and wants to make amends with her, but this is impossible because of the dog's death.

oxen free michael ending a relationship

That is where Noona came in. From Ren's description and her own memories, she remembers Noona and at the beginning of a time loop, subconsciously pulls her into the loop. But it is impossible for her to pull Noona in permanently since she can't fight the Original Timeline, so what can she possibly use to bind Noona permanently into her timeloop? She used the megaphone. Just like how Jones wanted to talk to his mother, Noona wanted to talk to her grandfather. Therefore by using the megaphone not only she stabilizes her own timeloop, she also integrated Noona into her own.

Noona, the 3rd eternal recurrence of her loop.

oxen free michael ending a relationship

As you know it is ultimately impossible to change time and since Michael died, he can never appear in her timeloop. So it's not hard to see that Alex wishes for a stepbrother, or perhaps a stepbrother turned into boyfriend since Ren and Noona are like, such a pair I don't need to say what she used to stabilize his existence in her world.

The megaphones, I theorize are stabilizers that appear naturally in any distorted timeline such as the one caused by the ghost to escape the Original Timeline in order to rectify the error. Because Alex is originally a person of the Original Timeline, when the ghosts enlisted her help they unwittingly screw themselves because she keeps operating the stabilizers and correcting all of their distortions.

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What they did not expect however, is Alex wanting to fix her own mistakes No, wait, maybe that was the plan all along? Completed the 2nd time loop and caused it to be detached from the Original Timeline. If this is the escape the ghosts truly wanted And I believe it probably is, then they absolute bloody succeeded.

They are no longer trapped in the Original Timeline and they no longer have to face the end of the universe.

They have Alex to fix any distortions so they can continue this existence of their own choosing forever Relationships Michael - Michael is Alex's older brother, and the two of them have always shared a close "best-friend" bond.

Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings

Regardless of player choices, he will listen to her opinion in all situations. The red jacket that Alex wears is a hand-me-down from Michael. During certain memory sequences in the game, Alex has the ability to convince Michael to stay in town and thus "resurrect" him later in the timeline, and can influence whether or not he and Clarissa remain a couple or break up.

Jonas - At the beginning of Oxenfree, it is stated that Alex and Jonas had just met each other for the first time, as Jonas had just moved in earlier that day.

Because of this, Alex is somewhat wary of Jonas at the beginning of the game. Depending on the choices made by the player, Alex and Jonas can become closer and see each other truly as brother and sister, or remain distant.

In addition, during certain memory sequences in the game, Alex has the ability to convince Michael to stay in town and thus "resurrect" him later in the timeline, negating the step-sibling relationship with Jonas as Alex's parents would have never divorcedbut still having the option to bond with Jonas as a friend or "other-brother".

Ren - Ren is Alex's childhood best friend.

oxen free michael ending a relationship

They often playfully banter and tease each other about old stories they know about each other. When playing a round of "Marry, Screw, Kill" during the game of Truth-or-Slap, Alex can choose to marry Ren as they are already friends so there would be no "surprises" by which he is pleased as he would be a "stay-at-home husband"sleep with him because knowing each other would make it less weird to which he responds with "I knew those bass lessons would come in handy.

Ren is generally accepting of Alex's choices in-game, and will usually confide in her first. Ren will look to Alex for help in terms of talking to Nona, and will either go out with Nona or stay friends depending on Alex's choices. Nona - Alex and Nona do not know each other very well. Nona is not in school very often as Nona is prone to skipping, so they never have the chance to interact prior to the night on the island, but Nona is aware of who Alex is because they have shared classes.

Alex can persuade Nona's decision to reach out to Ren or not. Clarissa - Clarissa attempted to reach out to Alex when she and Michael were dating, understanding that Michael thought very highly of Alex and not wanting to make things weird for her.

However, after Michael's death, their relationship became strained, with both having resentments towards each other fueled mainly by their grief. Alex tends to think of herself as "the annoying little sister" that she always had to climb in a window to get around in reference to Clarissa when she and Michael were together.

oxen free michael ending a relationship

Before Michael graduated he asked for Alex's blessing to leave town for college and live on his own with Clarissa. Alex wanted for them to hang out one last time before he left, so they both went swimming at Horn Lake.

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This ultimately led to Michael drowning as Alex watched from the wayside, unable to help due to her poor or total lack of swimming skills. It is mentioned in-game that prior to Michael's death, Alex's parents were prone to fighting and, eventually, following Michael's death, their marriage fell apart and ended with their divorce.

oxen free michael ending a relationship

Michael was apparently very well-liked in town, as shown by a police officer buying him a beer. This somewhat irritates Michael, as he has grown bored of the reputation and responsibility in town, and spurs his plans to elope to New York with Clarissa. Regardless of player choices, he will listen to her opinion in all situations. He is essentially the perfect sibling, and supports and respects Alex and her opinion at all times, and often gives Alex advice for the future.