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Oxenfree has various alternative endings that combine from your have affected Alex's relationships with Jonas, Ren, Nona, Clarissa, and. Not much is known about Nona's life previous to the events of Oxenfree. is also the main bridge between a relationship for Nona and Ren or (potentially) Jonas. renders the game so that it follows the Nona and Ren are not dating ending. the rumor of an ending in which Nona and Jonas end up together. what kind of relationship did your Alex have with Jonas at the end?.

We never understood why he came into the picture, and the only link - the direct link to the equation is the megaphones. Remember how Jonah complains that he had heard tens of times the familiar tune of his mother's voice?

That was what happened to Alex. She was lured by MICHAEL'S VOICE every time she passes by and uses the megaphone, experienced incredibly real dreams where she went back to the past, and in the end at the bomb shelter she succumbs to the temptation and uses it, which established the second eternal recurrence and the completion of the 2nd timeloop the game.

So, a short summary of my First Encounter events.

Oxenfree - Alex, Clarissa, Nona, Jonas & Ren Bonds Statistics & "Futures" Time Loop Ending Cutscene

Alex was attracted by the light, and by coincidence and curosity she accidentally traps all of them in the time interference the ghosts created. Most likely the True Timeline, since they have witnessed the end and rebirth of universe.

I emphasis again that that's the original gang. Jonah or Noona are not a part of it. No I will talk about that later. Moving on, Alex saves Ren and then goes to save Clarissa. Clarissa jumps off the building and kills herself. Then Ren drowned, matching her failure to save Ren.

Do you get it? Have you ever played the rope puzzle where 2 people are tied together by ropes looping around their wrists?

Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings

If it's too hard then think simpler: However, she gets premonitions, dejavus, and the recognition of a timeloop before anyone else because she is the creator of this 2nd timeloop. Yeah, that - causing THE unhealable rift between the two. I said before that Noona is not originally part of the First Encounter, right? That's because she isn't.

She is a replacement for Clarissa's dog to keep Clarissa from remembering the decisive factor that broke Alex and her relationship decisively. Let me explain why. Over the course of many loops Alex subconsciously grows up and wants to make amends for all the wrongs she has done. At first, well, she just wants to make Clarissa suffer and you get to make her as bloody miserable as possible with the Michael breakups. Then, she grows up a little and wants to make amends with her, but this is impossible because of the dog's death.

That is where Noona came in. From Ren's description and her own memories, she remembers Noona and at the beginning of a time loop, subconsciously pulls her into the loop. But it is impossible for her to pull Noona in permanently since she can't fight the Original Timeline, so what can she possibly use to bind Noona permanently into her timeloop?

She used the megaphone. Just like how Jones wanted to talk to his mother, Noona wanted to talk to her grandfather. Therefore by using the megaphone not only she stabilizes her own timeloop, she also integrated Noona into her own. Noona, the 3rd eternal recurrence of her loop. As you know it is ultimately impossible to change time and since Michael died, he can never appear in her timeloop. So it's not hard to see that Alex wishes for a stepbrother, or perhaps a stepbrother turned into boyfriend since Ren and Noona are like, such a pair Around the time of Nona's last birthday a mutual friend of theirs was involved in a car accident, causing Nona to cancel her birthday plans so she could visit them in the hospital instead.

Afterward, Clarissa still came to Nona's house with a huge birthday cake and stayed up to watch movies with her. Nona apparently is known to skip school a lot, confiding to Alex that if you do so, then skip the detention that is given for that offense, you will be suspended.

She considers the suspension to be similar to a "paid vacation". Relationships[ edit edit source ] Alex - Nona and Alex are not particularly close before the game, but Nona will mention that she remembers Alex because of their shared class.

She grows closer to Alex during Oxenfree, even inviting Alex to her birthday party afterward. Alex is also the main bridge between a relationship for Nona and Ren or possibly Jonas. For the most part, their relationship is positive-neutral, and having the only way for it to become negative is if Alex decides to sacrifice Clarissa and tell Nona about it afterward.

Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings

Clarissa - Nona is one of the few people who accept and love Clarissa for being more than her cliche stereotype. Clarissa and Nona are best friends, with Clarissa loving Nona like a "three-legged puppy". Sometimes, due to Nona's more subdued personality, Clarissa is slightly controlling of her and her actions, but Nona doesn't seem to mind and often will not speak out against her.

She willfully follows Clarissa. If Alex decides to sacrifice Clarissa and tell Nona, Nona will yell at Alex about how selfish she is and refuse to reconcile a relationship with her unless Alex fixes the situation.

Jonas - While she doesn't really have much of an opinion towards Jonas in the beginning of the game, certain dialogue options can slightly push a relationship towards Jonas and Nona.