Pintu terlarang ending a relationship

Album Review: Pintu Terlarang Original Soundtrack - The Display

pintu terlarang ending a relationship

The Forbidden Door (Indonesian: Pintu Terlarang) is a Indonesian thriller . festival held in various cinemas in Rotterdam, Netherlands at the end of January. emphasizes diversity in its programming and on building relationships with. Radinang Hilman reviews the original soundtrack of Pintu Terlarang, strictly instructed him not to open it, or their relationship will end in an. The Forbidden Door (Indonesian: Pintu Terlarang) is a Indonesian thriller film, . by Shyamalan from the same time period, The Village has a twist ending. . Plot Composer Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) is in a five-year relationship with.

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Just when you think you are watching one type of film he often changes gears on you… takes his film in an entirely different direction and then ends up someplace odd and nowhere where you thought it might go. Oh yes, indeed… We start this one out by getting a quick introduction to the main character Gambir played by Fachri Albara successful sculptor whose recent series of works featuring pregnant women has become all the rage in the local art scene.

What more could a man want from life? Gambir, you see, is being haunted…. Are these things really connected?

The making of Pintu Terlarang

Sure it was easy to arrange a secret abortion, but Talyda loses it and the only way for Gambir to calm her down is to promise to hide the fetus inside one of his statues. Then the film throws yet another weird curve at us. He decides that the whole business of making the same statues over and over….

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Worse… he makes a thinly veiled threat to expose Gambir unless he keeps right on making those statues…. Then it gets worse…. While working in his basement studio, a tool he throws away in anger rolls under a cabinet and when he moves it, he finds a strange door….

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Before he can break in and find out, Talyda arrives…. Eventually they lead him to a mysterious club somewhere in a wealthy section of Jakarta that Gambir figures is the front for the human trafficking ring that must have snatched the boy he keeps seeing in his hallucinations and dreams.

He then discovers the club itself is actually a place where the bored and the wealthy can sate their sick, voyeuristic need to see the underside of life by watching secret cameras hidden about the city.

That is the core of the film and the story gets more complex afterwards, involving a bitter truth about Talyda and a brutal revenge from Gambir. I was late to the party to join the hype of this film, who was adapted from a thriller novel by Sekar Ayu Asmara.

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Just like what Joko Anwar offered in his previous work like Janji Jonithis film also has a stellar soundtrack which enhances the experience of watching the whole plot unfolds. Maybe if the background music is not as good as this, my judgement about the whole film could entirely change. Two years after watching the film, I got the physical edition of the soundtrack which was sold at a very reasonable price. The CD for the soundtrack was produced by Lifelike Pictures and there are 18 tracks inside that are splitted into two sides.

pintu terlarang ending a relationship

Nine tracks are included in Featuring Songs and the others are included in Original Score. The whole theme of the album has an extravagant and grand feel to it.

pintu terlarang ending a relationship

The first nine songs from the Featuring Songs offer music with thick rhythm of jazz in it. Those tracks build up a fun and soothing ambience wrapped in a splendid arrangement. There is another layer in the music which serves a cold and vintage like nuance.

Judging by the names who are involved in this project, it is understandable that those kind of music or vibe is present in the album.