Ps man drama ending a relationship

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ps man drama ending a relationship

The Ex-Man PS Man See more» The plot moves quickly and many things were skipped in those episodes, such as the reconciliation of Amanda and her. And then the drama started dragging. Unfortunately, there was not enough plot to sustain this drama for 21 episodes, so by like episode We've been in two minds about finishing P.S. Man because frankly it pretty much Our main issue with this drama was the OTP's relationship.

Since the movie premiere night, Xiao Qian has been furious with He Jie for his behavior. See, Xiao Qian had tickets to the premiere because the lead actress is Amanda, her friend.

This lead to him running into Xiao Qian. After securing her tickets with the aid of his manager, he rudely throws the money at her and it goes flying everywhere. Yes, this is me being nice. This only adds fuel to the fire. Xiao Qian is filled with even more contempt for this man. Xia He Jie has no interest in lifting a single finger, but Xiao Qian convinces him otherwise. Their situation becomes even more awkward when they pretend to be dating, briefly.

The fact that Xia He Jie runs to her aid is quite a feat in itself. As the two are able to pull off the fake dating ruse, Xiao Qian is permitted to return to Taipei. How will things progress from here? She has no qualms standing up for herself when it comes to Xia He Jie, but when it comes to her grandmother, she just sat back and let her steamroll all over her. Family or not, respect or not, it bummed me that Xiao Qian so easily let her grandmother dictate her entire life.

ps man drama ending a relationship

I do love her tenacity and frugality, despite how extreme it is. Xia He Jie, as I said above, is really a steaming, unbearable turd in the beginning. The real downside of this story is the pacing and the plot dragging on forever and ever… and ever. Of course the love triangle transitions into a square, which makes the story fall into tired and stale tropes.

ps man drama ending a relationship

When Meng Cheng En comes on scene, I roll my eyes so many times. And let me tell you, one Xiao He Jie is enough rich-boy-cocky-arrogance for the entire drama.

At first, Meng Cheng En is all about pursuing a romantic relationship with Amanda, but as his paths cross with Ma Xiao Qian, he takes an interest in her.

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Listen, I really loved moments of this drama. Plus, once Xiao He Jie and Ma Xiao Qian got it together and stopped dancing around their feelings, it was very satisfying.

If you can sift through the muck, there is some good content in this drama. She answers calmly, showing him both wit and grace. But the director has a shorter fuse and will not allow Xia Hejie to ruin this important night.

PS Man: Issue 1

What does he do? And blame it on Xia Hejie afterwards. Quite the plan, no? After the fiasco at the movie premiere, Xia Hejie earns himself another black smudge on his already colorful reputation, as well as a law sue.

ps man drama ending a relationship

He attends hearing and manages to offend the judge. But the trip to courthouse is not entirely pointless. He is surrounded by curious media as soon as he walks out of the courthouse, which gives him a chance to shamelessly confess his interest in Amanda on TV.

The following morning, Xia Hejie starts his community service hours as promised.

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He will be spending glorious hours at… Angel kindergarten! The kindergarten is consisted of cute kids like Xiao Tuoluo Little Top or little spinning topkindergarten teacher Mary, the principal quite an image change from the creepy peeping Tom in Next Stop, Happinessand kindergarten teacher Ma Xiaoqian. Why does Xiaoqian in a wreck?

On his way to kindergarten, Xia Hejie spent quite some time complaining about not wanting to volunteer in a kindergarten. When he finally took notice and swerved away, the unlucky biker also lost her balance and flew, face first, into the back of a trash truck.

ps man drama ending a relationship

She sends him out to climb a tree and retrieve the teddy bear thrown on the branch. Xia Hejie climbs up and just as he reaches out for the bear, the branch cracks. He fumbles for support and ends up dangling upside down.