Puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

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puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

2 Translation; 3 4chan thread; 4 promotional material; 5 New TBP scans!!! 6 Youtube vids. The Battle Pentagram BAD END; Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica The . Relationship level, Madoka, Mami, Homura, Kyoko. Puella Magi Madoka Magica . This is later proven in the movie, when at the end Madoka transfers in Their relationship was never equal; in fact its unhealthy and Homura .. You might as well hate Homura after timeline 3 then. . Her years in the loop made her focus and fixate on Madoka way too much. Is Puella Magi Madoka Magica about female puberty, and Updated on June 3, She does something that makes him feel good, but in the end, that is not And, unlike with what happens with Madoka and Homura, a lesbian relationship is not .. But, that was not the case for thousands of years, before birth control.

I think maybe it's less like I want to change than like I feel like I have to change. See, there's nothing that I really want to be. Not like Mami-san, Sayaka-chan, or Kyoko-chan. But it's kind of hard just watching that.

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I guess a girl who can't do anything except being a magical girl is no good. I guess I'm jealous of everyone seeming like they're having so much fun right now. I can't do anything at all besides being a magical girl.

I'm a clumsy, slow Madoka, you're a clumsy and slow What else do you want?! That's why you have to stay you Never change, the way you are now Have confidence in yourself!! Even though you may not remember. I don't really understand, but I think I kind of get it anyway.

I'm sorry for hitting you even though you don't really understand. You're just trying to get things across to me. I think it's probably my fault But can I say just one thing? I did want you to deny that I'm clumsy and slow, a little. I knew it, you really do think that about me. Homura's Sacrifice Homura dies with a smile on her face.

puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

The game subtext has a strong resonance to star-crossed loverswith a sad bittersweet ending. Prior to Walpurgis' arrival, Madoka begs Homura to take her along with her. Homura refuses, telling her that it would be safer if she stays in the shelter.

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Madoka then asks Homura to promise her that she will return safely, and that if she can't promise her that, then to come back with her to the shelter. Apparently, Madoka cares more about Homura's survival than she does about Walpurgis destroying the city. Homura reassures Madoka that she will be fine, and promises her that she will return alive to her.

However, Homura's inner thoughts reveal that this is a lie and apologizes to Madoka for lying to her as it is an impossible promise to keep. Homura finally defeats Walpurgis Night, but it comes with a cost, the fight against the Witch was too much for Homura and she knows that she is dying from her injuries.

Madoka finds Homura as she lays mortally wounded.

puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

She wants Homura to get some medical help, but Homura begs Madoka to stay with her on her last moments. Homura tells Madoka that she finally won, that she was able to finally save Madoka.

Homura confesses that she is very happy, after repeating endless cycles, her real wish was finally granted: Madoka, in tears, tells Homura that it doesn't mean anything without Homura by her side. She understands that Homura has been protecting her all this time, she pleads to Homura to don't leave her, to don't leave her by herself.

Homura tells Madoka that it will be ok, that Madoka wont be alone since she has other important people in her life. Then Homura asks Madoka not to grieve so much, because it hurts her to see Madoka sad. Then on Homura's last words, she tells her that she is very glad to have Madoka there for her in her last moments, and thanks Madoka for letting Homura protect her like she always wished.

Homura dies in Madoka's arms, with her last thoughts being that she got the wish she always wanted, she has no regrets nor doubts about sacrificing herself for Madoka.

Homura dies with no regrets within her heart. There is a suspicion that there is a correlation between a magical girl dying while having regrets in their hearts, and becoming witches in the process. Since Homura died with no regrets in her heart, she never became a Witch. This implies that Homura's love for Madoka was able to overcome the transformation process and that she was sincere on saving the person she loved.

If Homura fails to defeat Walpurgis Night, she becomes a witch When the flowers of lycoris bloom, their leaves would have fallen; when their leaves grow, the flowers would have wilted.

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This habit gave rise to various legends. A famous one is the legend of two elves: Out of curiosity, they defied their fate of guarding the herb alone, and managed to meet each other. At first sight, they fell in love with each other. Amaterasuexasperated by their waywardness, separated the miserable couple, and laid a curse on them as a punishment: It was said that when the couple met after death in Diyu, they vowed to meet each other after reincarnation.

However, neither of them could keep their words. The same name is used in Japanese, in which it is pronounced manjushage. Some other legends have it that when you see someone that you may never meet again, these flowers, also called red spider lilies, would bloom along the path.

Perhaps because of these sorrowful legends, Japanese people often used these flowers in funerals. HomuMado Subtext Cheek rubbing has never been so cute! The movies have more of that subtext yuri, sparkly naked space hugs included!

puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

Take a look for yourself. It is Homura's selfish love for Madoka that drives her to trap Madoka into a new reality to give her the happy life that Madoka denied to herself because of her noble sacrifice. Some have interpreted Homura's action to that of Lucifer.

According with the Islamic interpretation, Lucifer loved God but he refused to prostrate before Adam, an inferior and sinning creature not worthy of God's love. As a result Lucifer was evicted out of Heaven for his disobedience, because he loved God too much.

puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

Some would interpret Homura's actions as being driven by jealousy, and her attempt to turn magical girls away from Madoka is a way to monopolize Madoka's affection for herself.

However, that is not the case, as Homura could have done just that by removing Sayaka, Kyoko, Mami, or anyone who could become a target of Madoka's affections or any attempt to monopolize her feelings for themselves.

Instead, Homura allows their existence and their current friendship with her to keep Madoka happy.

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In addition, Homura admits to Madoka that one day they could become enemies to maintain Madoka's happiness. For Madoka's sake, Homura is risking any close bonds with her in order to protect Madoka's happiness. However, this does not mean Homura is acting selflessly.

Rather, Homura is pursuing her desire to make Madoka happy at the expense of anything else, even if it means "rebelling" against Madoka's will. Previous interpretations of the Anime ending regarded the series' message to be interpreted as the triumph of Madoka's hope over the hopeless and despairing of the Mahou Shoujo system.

However, "The Rebellion Story" seems to take a different meaningful approach to that ending. This new interpretation seems to suggest that instead of a hopeful ending it was actually a failure, a failure in part of Homura in trying to save Madoka, and her failure to make Madoka happy even if the end result was the complete alteration of the Mahou Shoujo System for the betterment of mankind.

When Madoka became the embodiment of hope, the world was fine for most people, but it came at the cost of Madoka's freedom and happiness. To Homura this ending was not satisfactory once she realized the terrible cost, and it was only the beginning of her journey to save Madoka from her own noble sacrifice. She was trying to save Madoka from "her foolish self". According with Shinbou, the Madoka inside Homura's world is the real Madoka, "who has lost her memories of becoming a god.

That scene may seem overly sentimental at first glance, but if you think of everything Homura does afterward, her feelings will come across more easily.

puella magi madoka magicka ending 3 year relationship

If the flower bed scene really does involve the real Madoka with her real feelings, then that is the moment that Homura realizes that she must save Madoka from her foolish self. The interesting part is that in the flower bed scene may have been Madoka's true feelings at the time, but we must also remember that that Madoka has no recollection of previous events.

Would Madoka's feelings remained unchanged if she was aware of her past? Or would they differ if she had remembered why she became Ultima Madoka? According with Urobuchi, Madoka lost fragments of her memory, memories that were too inconvenient for Homura [7] if Madoka remembered.

To Urobuchi people are shaped by their memories, and this version of Madoka conveniently does not remember the awful past that drover her to make her noble sacrifice. We are seeing three different aspects of Madoka: The Madoka who has no memories of the past and who would never abandon her family and friends; the noble Madoka who became Ultimate Madoka that brought hope for the good of mankind; and the Madoka who moved to America who used to be Ultimate Madoka but now she is prisoner into an ideal happy world created by Homura.

They are all the same person, and yet at the same time they are not. In the flower bed scene Homura confesses to Madoka that she thought she was a figment of Homura's mind, yet Homura realized that she is the real Madoka.

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Homura takes Madoka's feelings at heart and she believes that she should have done more to stop her from being separated from her family and from those she loves. Homura knows that given the choice, Madoka would do the same noble sacrifice again to save the world no matter how difficult the choice.

But thanks to Madoka's words, Homura is also reminded that Madoka loves her family and her friends a lot, and that given the choice she would never abandon them. These two conflicting messages are not a discrepancy but the result of Madoka's personality. Madoka is too kind to other people to ever think about hurting them intentionally or to voluntarily abandon them, yet too noble not to do the right thing in order to protect what is precious to her.

Heck, in one of the episodes, a girl is decapitated and then eaten. It's silhouetted, but if you thought about it it would be quite scary. Guns, bombs, time magic, and many other things are used. The biggest problem is where and what they are fighting. In Labyrinths, there is often random cropped photographs moving around, making laughing or strange sounds.

It's almost kind of creepy. The witches look quite scary most of the time. Even the happiest one can scare you off. There is also minor blood, and some other dark moments and scary scenes.

SEX Alright, this actually isn't a big issue. While girls do have short skirts in this anime, I think the only red flags would be in the ending and in the opening. In one part of the opening, it shows two Madoka's naked but not graphic, just skin and being slightly suggestive.

Her aloof demeanor is her armor, and her determination is her greatest weapon. Since she first became a magical girl, Homura has carried a devoted, undying love in her heart. She is a true comforter and supporter of the girls. As mentioned earlier, all these girls, in one way or another, eventually try to help each other in massive ways.

These actions in all the forms they take are based in communicating experiences and developing empathy. Mami begins the story as Ms. Helpful, but her self-imposed responsibility for Madoka and Sayaka extends beyond showing them the ropes.

Mami wants to give them what she never had: Life is too short for that, and her junior Magical Girls deserve better. All I can do is cry on my own. She asks to be the person Mami needs and be her Magical Girl partner in justice. This has such a profound impact on Mami that she races and twirls through her next fight, overjoyed. From this moment on, the two girls are bonded. Sayaka speaks candidly with Kyoko about her mounting disenchantment and grief. Kyoko comes to care for Sayaka enough to stay beside her even after she turns into a Witch.

The more she tries, the more ruthless her determination becomes. Homura gives up all other hopes and aspirations for one impossible task. Because Madoka was kind to her.