Real steel atom vs zeus ending a relationship

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And Show It to You: One of Zeus' victories looks like this, with Zeus punching through the middle of Ironically, it reflects on his and Max's relationship. Break Out the Museum Piece: Atom is a 2nd generation fighting robot, meaning he's David vs. Goliath: Atom is significantly smaller than most of the opponents he faces. That's not the end though, I have met my current Wiki friends on this wiki, and I am Sam Johnson has a new robot named Oneway, and he loves this bot, but now it . Oneway and Tackle defeated Atom and Zeus, the crowd roared, and Sam had Here was the last fight, and powerful rematch, Oneway vs Zeus, Sam got a. A struggling promoter feels he's found a champion in a discarded robot. did Farra (Zeus' owner) want to buy Atom, an old generation sparring robot? Who wants an ending they can see coming the entire movie? It had some great comedy moments. The relationships between the actors felt genuine and not overdone or.

His father Charlie left his then-girlfriend, not knowing how to deal with the responsibility of having a child; and his mother dies prior to the events of the film. The mesh screen on Atom's face has seams that resemble a nose ridge and a smiling mouth.

It adds to the child-like appeal of Atom's shape. Atom is a fair deal smaller than most of the robots he fights. Ricky, who just has to kick the dog further by mockingly calling Finn "home boy!

To be fair, Finn also refered to Ricky as "Pardner". Charlie gets Noisy Boy, a former world champion robot controlled by voice recognition, but he never bothered to learn all the specific command sequences. In his first match, Noisy Boy is defeated because Charlie can not give him anything besides basic instructions, unhelpful combos, and the worst timing in the history of Earth.

There were a large number of animatronic robots built for this film but the CGI is good enough that most viewers would need Word of God to tell the difference.

Sponsorships within the movie appear all over the equipment and arenas used by the WRB considering that it's a professional sport, it would be kind of jarring if they weren't thereincluding Sprint, Bing, and the Xbox Pepper appears as a standard product placement when Max drinks it throughout the movie.

Hewlett-Packard's "HP" logo can clearly be seen through the back of Noisy Boy's control console and the round cards in Zeus' fight. Word of God admits that Dr. Pepper gave them permission to use their soda on-camera, but the film received no revenue from the appearance. They simply used Dr. Pepper because that was the soda they had on-hand, and needed something with caffeine content to justify Max's hyperactive-ness in one scene. Sure, Charlie is Max's biological parent, but he had never had any involvement in Max's life before the events of the movie, and the only reason he started to was because Max's aunt had a wealthy husband who paid him off to take Max for a few months.

Over the course of the film, while he never tries to reclaim legal custody of Max, he does become much more of a father to him. Max pulls this on Charlie. Are you kidding me with those eyes? Zeus wins the final fight, but just barely, and it's clear that Atom would've won by knockout had the fight gone on for even one more round.

More importantly, Zeus loses credibility and the respect of the crowd as his "never needed more than one round" reputation is brokenwhile Atom is crowned "The People's Champion. Most of the robots. The games give the minor bots their own nicknames. Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: And of course, there's Atom, which sounds suspiciously similar to "Adam".

In the battle with Twin Cities, the final blow and fall is shown from three different angles. Two of them from behind each robot, then once looking straight down, complete with triumphant music swelling in the background.

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The robots are mostly tools, and generally have no free will. Zeus is autonomous, but his programming seems only limited to fighting. There's also a brief scene of Metro looking confused when Atom dodges an attack. And of course, it's left to the viewer to decide whether or not Atom is sentient. The premise of the movie revolves around them. Atom is actually a sparring robot, meaning that he's designed to take lots of damage. This proves useful when his durability outlasts Zeus' energy.

real steel atom vs zeus ending a relationship

Atom's Shadow Mode, which allows him to mimic a person's moves exactly. When said person happens to be a retired professional boxer who acts as his trainer, this is a serious advantage. Farra Lemkova, heiress of a Russian oligarchy. Max turns it into a gimmick by using Atom to dance pre-round.

Oneway (fan-made bot)

Share the Male Pain: Being a robot, Noisy Boy doesn't feel anything, but despite that, the entire crowd flinches and reaches reflexively downward. Shoo Out the Clowns: Atom and Max are shown to dance before every fight.

They don't do this when Atom goes up against Zeus, likely to highlight the seriousness of the match. Atom's name is a twofer. It belongs to both the robot hero Astro Boy and the Golden Age hero The Atoma diminutive scrapper who was taught to box, and proceeded to outfight thugs much bigger than him.

The statue standing outside the WRB area closely resembles a Gundam. Sliding Scale of Adaptation Modification: Takes only the concept from Matheson's short story. Otherwise, the film has its own separate characters, themes, and world. Tak Moshido, Zeus' creator, punches through one of the computer screens for Zeus' controls in frustration, with little damage done to his hand.

One of the underground robots Atom fights during his montage is a cowboy-themed boxer named Six Shooter. If one looks closely at Six Shooter's arms, one can see how his biceps are designed to resemble a pistol's revolver.

As in his guns. Not to mention the fact that he "fires" his arms, producing a gunshot sound effect. A similar gag is made for Blacktop, whose punches make a motorcyle's revving sound effect. Team Zeus, until they start freaking out when Atom puts up a good fight.

Gets worse when Atom starts winning. Atom in his initial function as a sparring robot. He needed to survive even the champions' best hits that are shown to be easily capable of shattering the parts of actual fighters but he lacked offensive power, presumably to minimize the repairs needed by said champions after a session.

Max's upgrades and Charlie's training turn him into a Lightning Bruiser. Charlie loses not one, but two of his robots through his own hubris and errors. He loses his first robot, Ambush, when he actually turns his back to the arena during the fight in order to flirt with a woman, and he loses his second robot, Noisy Boy, when he puts him into a main event bout without even bothering to learn all of the commands first.

Zeus' owners were so confident that Atom would lose early in the match, perhaps in the first round, that they did not even bother to make sure Zeus had enough power to last the full five rounds. Towards the end of the match he actually begins to run out of power, allowing Atom to attack with near impunity. Though given he's never had to go further than one round, it's unlikely they ever bothered. Charlie suckers them in using up all battery power.

It is likely Zeus could have gone the distance defending. It is part of the rope-a-dope technique. Get a fighter that is way fitter to burn through his stamina. Ricky is so confident that Atom won't last past round one vs Zeus that he tells Finn his exact seat in the stadium so that the can personally bring his money to him. This backfires horribly on him when Finn uses that information to track him when Atom manages to survive to round two.

Atom's biggest advantage; as a sparring robot, he's designed tougher than even top-of-the-line combat models. Each robot incorporates a different theme into its design. Noisy Boy, for example, takes influence from Samurai armor, while Midas has a fitting Greek armor motif to his design. The key to Atom's success.

Seemingly every other robot in the world is just a bipedal competitor in Robot Wars. Atom's shadow function enables ex-boxer Charlie to effectively "train" him to "perform" elegant punches, and utilize his years of experience to perceive telegraphed moves. And in the final fight, it enables Charlie to effectively fight Zeus himself - and beat him to a pulp like any pro boxer could any undisciplined juiced street fighter.

The robots may be beat up or shiny ,but they're almost all beautiful in their own way. In the Twin Cities fight, Charlie sees that a bit of Twin Cities' shoulder armor shifts when it winds up for a punch.

Charlie uses this opening to have Atom counter and gain momentum. Tak went into retirement after Noisy Boy lost to the Lemkovas' first robot, Rubicon.

Shortly after, he came out of retirement after striking a deal with them that culminated in Zeus' creation. Atom smashes Blacktop into a car during the montage. He is basically telling Max the time is now to pound on Zeus.

Bailey mimics Charlie's moves as if she's shadow boxing herself. She connects to the fight like when Charlie lasted 12 rounds in a past boxing match. It is a magical moment. Max is proud of his father. Atom is pounding the metal out of Zeus. The sound bottoms out, and then is replaced with motivational music.

We can see that Max is proud of his father.

Movie Ending: Real Steel movie ending

Bailey looks at Max's joy. They share a special connection. Bailey begins to cry in joy. Max releases his tears, showing how his father is making him proud.

Charlie is becoming the role model Max never had. Charlie is boxing like a champion. His heart is moving a million beats per minute. Bailey predicts Charlie's moves in unison. We can see the fight is touching since she is probably reflecting back on her late father and Charlie's relationship as coach and boxer.

Zeus's creator Tak throws one of the controllers out of the cockpit. He begins to personally operate Zeus. Charlie continues to pound Zeus, knocking him out. The referee counts to 7. Charlie guides Atom to punch on Zeus. Zeus grabs Atom's arm. Tak's creation is malfunctioning. Charlie punches with one hand. Bailey yells to knock Zeus out. Zeus almost goes down again, but the bell saves the champ from getting his with an Atom bomb. The stadium is rocking to the impressive Atom. Bailey runs to Charlie, revealing a touching ending in an action-packed championship fight.

We feel like we're watching Rocky IV all over again. The judges read off the score cards. Charlie and Max nervously wait, hoping their Atom will win. We can see in Charlie's face that Atom will not win. However, Charlie looks confident about the outcome. Charlie comments that Tak's manager Farra obviously doesn't appear happy.

real steel atom vs zeus ending a relationship

Farra mentions that she is happy with the outcome.