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It is now up to Saiga and guardian Reideen to fight against this unknown alien Ending Theme: .. Bon Ishihara as Public Relations Officer Saeki (eps ). RahXephon (Japanese: ラーゼフォン, Hepburn: Rāzefon) is an anime series about year-old Raideen the Brave; Neon Genesis Evangelion; Production The most important plot line of the series is the unusual relationship between At the end of the series, Ayato's RahXephon merges with Quon's, and he. Get my Way - 2nd Opening Song, un générique de Chouja Reideen interprété par Rionn. Chantez avec les paroles en karaoké ou jouez en mode blindtest.

The older boys didn't seem to care, anyway, they simply raised their bottles in a mutual toast. The sake continued to flow freely while Hayate and Fujimaru enjoyed the show.

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Ikazuchi put on a CD and turned up the volume. Kazuya broke off his conversation with Hisho to tell him to turn it down. Ikazuchi looked slightly pouty at taking orders from Kazuya, but obediently turned the volume down a notch. He then grabbed Kyle's arm and hauled him into the centre of the room, wanting to see who could come up with the most bizarre dance step.

Hayate and Fujimaru had to cover their mouths to keep from laughing out loud at their attempts. A few minutes later, Fujimaru tapped Hayate on the head and pointed.

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Masato was happily braiding Ginga's hair. Did I miss something? Both listened very intently to every word the other said, then answered carefully and thoughtfully. Hayate wished he could hear what the pair were talking about now that the edge of animosity had disappeared. Then suddenly it didn't matter, because Kazuya gently brushed his fingertips over Hisho's cheek.

Fujimaru covered his own mouth to keep himself quiet. They couldn't believe it when Hisho not only didn't kill Kazuya on the spot, he began to respond. Amazingly, none of them had noticed. Ace and Shinobu had apparently decided on another challenge of strength -- full-body wrestling. The up-beat music had changed to a slow song, momentarily confusing Ikazuchi and Kyle in their dance contest.

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Masato had finished braiding Ginga's hair and they'd switched places. Hayate shook his head. Maybe they weren't interested in the proceedings on the couch, but he was! He turned back to focus on Kazuya and Hisho. Kyle glanced their way, and for a moment, Fujimaru feared the drummer would intervene. Then Ikazuchi passed him another sake bottle and he lost interest. Kazuya's hand was making its way to the rim of Hisho's pants when Ace and Shinobu disappeared into the kitchen.

They returned with bowls and trays of munchies, at which point Ginga and Masato forgot each other's hair and accosted them for the food. Kyle grabbed a handful of chips, ate half of them and threw the other half at Ikazuchi, who countered with a hail of cheezies.

A low-scale food fight erupted while Hisho and Kazuya dumped the remainder of their clothes. Hayate and Fujimaru looked between the pair on the couch and the group around the food. Neither seemed to notice what the other was doing.

Hisho took Kazuya's penis in his hand and lowered his mouth onto it. Hayate could barely answer him as he took in the sight. Hisho was drawing up and down on Kazuya's member like it was an ice cream pop, while Kazuya himself had his eyes closed in rapture and was running his hands through Hisho's dark hair.

He cried out when he came and Hisho swallowed him completely. Not ten feet away, the six other boys started a chug-a-lug contest. Within the next twenty minutes, they watched the chug-a-luggers get wasted all over again while their leaders renewed their passion.

Fujimaru's stare was wide when Kazuya changed positions with Hisho to take him in his mouth. He would have bet every cent he had and thrown in his keyboards that Kazuya would never do such a thing, especially not with Hisho.

Yet there was no disputing the evidence of his eyes. Hayate seemed equally shocked, but was also enjoying the whole scene for reasons Fujimaru couldn't understand. Somewhere around the time that the six Reideens who weren't on the couch began singing drinking songs, the two who were began a playful wrestling match. The two also appear together in Super Robot Wars: Scramble Commander the 2nd.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion[ edit ] While some English-language reviewers did not mention the popular mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion in their reviews of RahXephon, [7] [23] [24] [31] [32] [38] others compared the two explicitly. Some reviewers noted similarities between the series' protagonists and their style and execution of events. In contrast, Neon Genesis Evangelion's director stated that he did not know how the show would end, [41] and production was influenced by the reactions that TV executives and viewers had to previous episodes.

I think that in its effort to be purely artistic entertainment, RahXephon knowingly pays homage to both Megazone 23 and Evangelion in the same way Evangelion re-uses the concept of a boy piloting his father's giant robot that was used 20 years before in Mobile Suit Gundamwhich itself borrowed the idea from even older shows like Tetsujin 28 and Mazinger.

Production connections[ edit ] Anno and Izubuchi, the chief directors of each show, both designed mecha appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and they worked together on the Cutie Honey live action movie. Izubuchi had also made some design drafts of the Evangelion units, but did not make the final designs. They gave an interview for one of the RahXephon guide books, and have a relationship that can be described as being old drinking buddies.

Takeshi Honda was also an animator on both shows. Gainax was one of many companies contracted for in-between animation work on episodes 6 and Parallel Trouble Adventurebut found RahXephon to be "better plotted and executed".

His assistant director, Tomoki Kyoda, became chief director on Eureka Seven. Masataka Azuma The protagonist of the story. Junki is tall for his age, and more mature than his classmates, but still has a hard time adjusting to the responsibility of being Reideen's pilot in his dual identity. Maedasaki monitors and tracks Junki on behalf of the VC, but is genuinely concerned about the boy, and treats him as a person, not a tool.

Maedasaki is also an audiophileand employs Junki part-time after school in their undercover vacuum tube business, the better to keep Junki nearby. Yuka Okada Junki's childhood friend at school who wants to become more, only to be upstaged by Midorino.

Saeko Chiba A mysterious girl with green eyes. Her home was destroyed in Reideen's first battle, so she moved to Tokyo and just happened to join Junki's and Shiori's class. Keiji Fujiwara A no-nonsense soldier of the Vigilance Corps, with high marks in both hand-to-hand and marksmanship. Terasaki and Hoshikawa are both assigned with Maedasaki to watch over Junki as Reideen's pilot. Takako Honda Extremely tall for her gender, Hoshikawa is an esperbut not able to completely control her powers of telekinesisteleportation of small objectsobject readingand advanced intuition.

She relies more on her combat expertise than her powers. In reality the giant can transform large pieces of itself into other objects to suit his purpose.