Reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

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reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

He has d ryt tho as husband. I wud totaly submit! That "hmmnnngh" groan tho LMAO! Can we expect a non-PG comic from you in the future?. Other than that, here is my review of Reimei no Arcana with her hostile surroundings, her fake marriage and a mysterious power!" He loves Nakaba but in the end he ends up leaving her to make his own country. . Nominees for Best Anime of Spring + Best Animation · Featured post. Completed (53 chapters) An arranged marriage was done to ease to relationship between two warring countries. Reimei no Arcana is not your typical Shoujo manga and this setting makes it unique. which have the same type of Arcana and one of them at the end meets their doom by overusing it.

Lemilia's perceptiveness of others is hinted at earlier on before it turns out that this is due to her mind-reading Arcana. Nakaba and Loki, though the latter appears to be several years older than her. Subverted when it's revealed they are siblings. Louise, who throws Nakaba into a dungeon due to jealousy.

Nakaba starts to develop this concerning Loki and Caesar. When Loki reveals his scheme of wanting the sub-people to take over the royal family and take vengeance on those who have wronged them, he tells Nakaba not to forgive Caesar, who is supposed to be her enemy. Nakaba tries not to forgive Caesar and distance herself from him, but a part of her has already forgiven him and she is initially conflicted by this. Bellinus is put into this position when out of duty he must follow the king's orders but also to protect Lemilia, but at the cost of betraying Caesar and the others and try to stop them from preventing the king's plan.

Caesar can get quite clingy and easily jealous when it comes to Nakaba. Curtains Match the Window: Damsel out of Distress: Nakaba has a knack at getting into serious danger, but this does little to waver her determination. Chapter 25 reveals that Loki has a secret that he can't tell Nakaba.

Turns out they're siblings and half-Ajin. This happens to Nakaba a few times. She wakes up shocked from a dream involving Caesar calling her "cute" and considers it a nightmare, and she has another one where she dreams that they are in high school with Caesar and herself as students and Loki as a math teacher.

Caesar starts off as cold and cruel towards Nakaba, but her kindness and patience softens him. Dreaming of Things to Come: Due to Nakaba's initially weak power, some of the premonitions from "Time's Arcana" come off as dreams. When King Guran enters the dining hall and is startled that Nakaba is dressed in Senan attire, Loki takes responsibility for it.

Reimei no Arcana Chapter 53 Discussion

King Guran reacts by slashing Loki with his sword and ordering for him to be killed. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Ahkil certainly looks rather feminine due to his hair style before it's made clear that he is male. Prior to marrying Caesar and living in Belquat, Nakaba was this, showing little emotion to the insults that she received from Adel as well as others due to being the embarrassment of the Senan royal family.

Adel lampshades this in Chapter 24, irritated by Nakaba's new found emotions. Cain has always held a grudge and a strong hatred for Caesar for the latter's mother being promoted to queen while the former's mother gets dethroned from the position, Caesar being born with black hair, and his arranged fiancee and love interest Louise having feelings for Caesar over him. However, this also turns out to be Cain's Fatal Flaw.

Nakaba learns the hard way that using Time's Arcana to save someone's life costs in the loss of another life.

reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

Lemilia wearing a ribbon in her hair. The king's trusted advisor, Bellinus Facial Markings: Loki has a marking by his left eye. Happens to Nakaba quite a number of times. Loki's determination to defend Nakaba seems to be in part due to his failure in protecting Nakaba's mother, who died protecting Nakaba and Loki from a soldier, and now does not want to lose anyone else important to him. Nakaba is not necessarily an easily angered person, but she will set people in their places if need be.

Nakaba and Caesar begin referring to each other by their first names with no honorifics beginning in earlier chapters, which indicates their genuinely growing affection and closeness to each other.

Caesar pulls this on Nakaba multiple times while they're fighting in Chapter 1. Nakaba's narration of Rito's appearance. I didn't notice it at all Louise, which is the reason why she is engaged to Cain and gets married to Caesar after Cain dies. Caesar doesn't take too kindly that his "wife" Nakaba is depending too much on Loki or rather, "another man" than her own husband, but he knows that Loki is someone important to Nakaba and gradually accepts this with little envy. Cain hates Caesar and greatly envies him for taking away "everything" from him—as Caesar's mother was placed as queen while Cain's late mother was dethroned, Caesar is a black haired prince, and Caesar has Cain's fiancee Louise's affection.

In Chapter 21, Loki is shown watching a moment shared between Nakaba and Caesar confessing their love for each other and is jealous of Caesar, who was able to say those words so easily and "save" Nakaba with power that he does not have.

Chapter 53 reveals that while Loki loves Nakaba, he also hated and envied her because while they are both siblings and half-Ajin, Nakaba physically looked more human and was treated as such while Loki had to shoulder the burden of being treated like an Ajin alone. Is considered Serious Business in the Dawn of the Arcana universe. The royal families take great pride in having black hair while commoners have blonde, brown, or red hair. Naturally, one of the reasons why Belquat's people don't take kindly to Nakaba is for having red hair, and even in her home country of Senan, Nakaba was not allowed to be seen publicly due to her red hair as well.

Sub-people, half-beast and half-human with visible beast ears and tails, are scorned and are either forced to work as servants or those who surpass mankind with their five senses are soldiers put on the front line.

reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

Caesar and Nakaba eventually fall under this. According to Nakaba's Arcana, Cain and Louise could have become this. How Caesar's and Nakaba's marriage starts off. Lithuanel's fifth prince, Ahkil. He seems to be able to tolerate Nakaba due to her boyish haircut. Though Caesar doesn't want anything to do with Nakaba at first, he eventually falls in love with her. It is hinted that Loki has feelings for Nakaba as well, though Nakaba doesn't reciprocate them.

Nakaba, who is a product of her mother a princess who ran away with her lover. Caesar and Bellinus, who have a brotherly relationship. Though Caesar is introduced as a jerkass to Nakaba, it turns out that he has no desire for the throne and really has no idea what he wants, and thus realizing how empty he is. He begins changing for the better due to Nakaba's influence. Lemilia starts off as having a big brother complex for Bellinus, but she seems to understand animals and is very perceptive, being able to tell Loki's feelings, knowing that Bellinus has been conflicted lately, and figuring out that Nakaba has an Arcana.

It turns out that this is because Lemilia has an Arcane of her own—the Arcane of mind-reading. In Volume 5, there are a couple of bonus stories entitled "Arcana High," recasting Caesar as Nakaba's senpai and Loki as a teacher. Nakaba's relationship with Loki is so intimate that they often hold each other's hands or cup each other's faces without the other thinking anything of it. This changes after she discovers that Loki is in love with her, and any close gesture between them after now feels strange and uncomfortable to her because she now knows these gestures aren't of friendship but of love.

It's also the first shoujo manga where I didn't like one of the guys in the love triangle, but I'll get to that later. Before you read on, just remember that this is all my opinion and there may be spoilers. Other than that, here is my review of Reimei no Arcana Plot "Princess Nakaba of Senan is forced to marry Prince Caesar of the enemy country Belquat, tantamount to becoming a hostage.

While Caesar is pleasing to the eye, he is also selfish and possessive, telling Nakaba outright: Yes, in this manga people actually discriminated against people by their hair color.

reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

Black hair was the best type of hair and people regarded you as high class. Other hair colors made you be looked down upon. This story is amazing at bringing this concept into play as Nakaba, a red-haired princess, had to marry a black-haired prince from a different kingdom. Everybody looked down on her and automatically disliked her for her hair!

Sure, this may sound a little stupid but if you think about it, it's stupid to judge people based off things they can't change like gender or race. While there was discrimination based on hair color, there was also discrimination between race.

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This is where Loki comes in as he's a subhuman half-human. In this world, the pure humans are supposedly at the top and and the subhumans worked below them like slaves. This brought into the plot as it was brought up in the politics and as Loki was willing to betray everyone to help the subpeople.

The plot of this manga brought together a lot of things in a magnificent way. There was romance as Nakaba loved both Caesar and Loki, action in the battles, supernatural elements in the Arcana power, politics in the kingdom, and even realistic concepts of how discrimination can exist anywhere for any reason, even if it's as silly as hair color. As all of these things are brought together, it really makes up an amazing story. Artwork The artwork was pretty good in this series.

Welcome back to another manga review post, this time round a different kind of manga from the usual I usually read. What different kind of manga?

Reimei no Arcana Manga Review | Anime Amino

That scene intrigued me enough to bookmark the manga and give it a shot. Reimei no Arcana is written and illustrated by Toma Rei and its genres are drama, fantasy, harem, historical, romance and shoujo.

The story starts out with a marriage between the royals of two countries, Senan and Belquat. As a prince of Belquat, Caesar is arrogant, treats his new wife as his hostage and discriminates her due to her hair colour. Nakaba begins to have fragmented visions of old memories of her as a young girl and her mother, as well as visions of Caesar getting hurt. Nakaba and Caesar go through many hurdles that come one after another — at one point, they even seem to become the equivalent of fugitives, running away from Belquat, whose soldiers were hunting them down.

reimei no arcana 53 ending a relationship

They also travel to Lithuanel, a kingdom allied with Belquat? She witnesses the two possible futures that would happen in a vision and is torn between choosing who to save.