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Ending and credits of the game! The song is called Thank You, if that's not obvious. One of my favorite songs, actually. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is one of the more interesting games I have picked up lately. That's pretty much their relationship. All status effects reset at the end of battle; so, you don't have to worry about running back. Aww! Never imagined Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure/Marl Kingdom (one of my favorite games) would be so high up on here. It's definitely not.

The player selects different places on the world map and encounters random encounter battles, such as in the Dragon Quest series. Unlike most role-playing video gamesthe player can save at any time, except during battle. Rhapsody is a theatrical musical in regard to its presentation style, containing frequent cut scenes that are sung, rather than simply spoken and acted.

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure Part #35 - And All Things Will End

Players are given the option of listening to the lyrics and voice-overs in Japanese, English, or muting them entirely. However, unlike other games in this genre, the battles tend to last less than a minute, with the exception of boss battles, and require little tactics.

This makes the game stand out in its genre and may have also led to its limited mainstream success with more hardcore players of the genre. Kururu never actually fights in any battles in the original, though she does in the remake for the DS.

Each character learns different skills as they level up, except Cornet in the original onlywho has attacks called Rewards. Cornet can blow her horn during battle to power up the puppets and gain appreciation points, which allow her to unleash these devastating techniques.

Most Rewards are represented by foods, such as flan, cake, and candy. The item on this floor is unique indeed, and the rare encounter Meet the Dark Dragon. Rarest encounter in the game, and yet you'd know it exists if you payed attention at all whilst doing shit at Cape Hope. People have wasted hours upon hours looking for this guy. I ran into him as the first fight of the floor. Didn't see him afterwards until I was all but done.

So, yeah, many folk squander their time trying to get him to spawn and I get the devils own luck and run into him twice.

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For the hardest random encounter in the game, he's nothing threatening though. Sure, he's menacing looking but so was the Holy Dragon who this guy is a palette swap of and that was a big softy in the end. I actually threw Sharte into my party for the off-chance I bump into him before fighting the boss since he's Dark elemental. Of course, this isn't a great representation of how well you'll do anyway since the boss fight is MUCH tougher than he is.

And the item down here is the There's no use for this one, sadly, but it looks good in the inventory at least. It has no actual purpose insofar as I'm aware. I expect it might have played a role in the bonus content that exists only in the Japanese version, but don't quote me on that.

If you enter the screen before the boss My spirit leaves, but my puppet is yours. Cornet, I wish you well on your journey to save your Prince.

Some sassy translators worked on this game. : gaming

Unlike approximately every other optional puppet quest in the entire game, Ledgem doesn't need to be in your actual party to complete it. You just have to enter that one screen and you're done. This just leaves two quests to go, and the more astute of you will have realised what the final quest is going to be. We'll worry about that after we're done with Michael and Caroline since this floor is the best place to grind in the entire game.

Oh, and Chaos is Cornet's requisite Dark attack. It's alright, I guess, but there's only one thing left to really use it on and in that fight you're better off using something else. It's good for wiping out Super Bones in a single strike though. Michael and Caroline both get the same spell the most powerful muti-target water attack at the same level, and it's their only one left to gain too which means I think I was able to make up for my sins a little by helping you. Thanks to you, we can have a new life I wonder if Father, Mother and Portgama will forgive us I hope you fnid your prince soon.

A little late there, Mikey boy. We know that we can't stay here with you, but we'll leave the puppets behind. Our souls will be taken to heaven, but our hearts will always be with you. We will see you again, sometime, somewhere. Thank you for everything. Yes, thank you, Miss Cornet. And with that, we have one attack for Cornet that corresponds to every element apart from Earth.

I'd presume that the Egg Brother's skill was supposed to say that, but due to their inate mish-mash of elements one's Earth, one's Wind and one's Fire it might have been non-elemental instead.

With that done, there is but one quest left to complete. We have done all others; only one trio remains to finish before we're truly done. Only one fight stands before that goal. You need a very specific team for this fight, and whom that team is should come as no surprise.

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I've been using it throughout the game solely for this moment. In order to fight the Ancient Weapon 16 years ago. Now is the time to fulfill our destiny! Now is the time to give meaning to our existance!

Here we go, the final battle Unlike the last fight with him, this one should come as a surprise to no-one since Polin basically told you that he was down here. To say he's been sitting down here for a good 10 years or so though, he is the hardest incarnation of this guy bar none and is the hardest fight in general too. He might not have the most health but you're forced to use a specific party which limits your strategies if you're not used to fighting with this party.

I can't say I am despite using them for 2 whole chapters but that doesn't mean the best strategy isn't to just bumrush the fuck out of him. If you let this fight drag on, it becomes a war of attrition that you won't be able to win since he can VERY easily reduce you to just one character if you're lucky it'll be Cornet and that's without having to worry about his three minions either. The best way I've found to handle this fight is to just never, ever stop attacking.

If your entire party drops low on HP then consider healing but other than that just constantly throw your most powerful spells at it. There's really no strategy to it other than just spam shit and hope it sticks. But Mustaki betrayed us and sealed our power He thought we weren't capable of defeating the Ancient Weapon.

I'm glad we were able to prove ourselves in our first fight with the Weapon. Silly Chiba, that was your fourth time fighting it! We shall now take our leave Our mission in this world has been accomplished.

Cornet, we enjoyed our journey with you. We will meet again Miss Cornet It's been fun, but there's nothing left to do I suppose I could grind everyone to level 99 but what purpose would that serve at this point?

There's nothing left to fight. I could try and track down every rare encounter left but that is almost just as pointless since some are only available at specific points and I know I missed at least one already.

I managed to circumvent the one glitch that was posing me any real problems and the only things that really remain aren't even in this version of the game. There's bonus content in the DS port, sure, but only if you have the Japanese version. It's not even particularly great content either since it's just the first part of one of the sequels, or so I'm led to believe at least.