Rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

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rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Tsurara X Rikuo – Nurarihyon No Mago (Hints by the author) First, Rikuo used to call Tsurara as “Yuki Onna”, as she didn't name herself till around 4 yrs. later .. people who is praying a lot to make sure rikuo and tsurara end up to. .. context of the arc which is about Rikuo's relationship with humanity. Read Nurarihyon No Mago Chapter The End Online - Nurarihyon No Mago The End free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to.

While the girls are in the onsen, Rikuo, the boys and Tsurara set off to look for spirits. Kana decides to follow them since she's jealous of the relationship between Rikuo and Tsurara. Meanwhile Gyuki orders his minions to kill them all. Mezuki with gyuki clansmen attempt to attack Natsumi and Saori but got interrupted by Yura. After being separated from the group, Tsurara is attacked.

Just as she's about to be killed Rikuo saves her. They defeat the attackers in short order.

rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

Aotabo manages to find Rikuo's two friends and returns them to the inn. He was supposed to bring chairs out for a big school meeting, though the chairs have been a bit too heavy.

Tsurara Oikawa

A friend of his, Ienaga Kana, came with him to help him but she remembered that she had something to do at home so she left. Rikuo wondered if he should ask his clan for help. Although he was only a quarter youkai, Rikuo led one of strongest youkai clans in Japan and due to coming out victorious from a recent war against an half-youkai Onmyouji Abe no Seimei, he was even hailed as the Master of all Youkai.

Yet, his human sensibilities told him to not bother his clan.

Rikuo Nura's Relationships

They do so much for him and he thought it would be disrespectful to demand from them to help him with something this trivial. Then he saw a familiar figure run towards the gym's storeroom: Oikawa Tsurara, his head aide. She no doubt ran to help him, a kindness usual for her.

rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

Did you come here to help me? He knew her well enough to know better than dissuade her from helping him. Rikuo was not sure why, but she looked a bit angry… no angry, would be a wrong word: Tsurara didn't immediately answer and walked around, as if she was looking for somebody. Rikuo wasn't sure why, but for some reason the two girls had a rivalry going on between them.

That thought made Rikuo lose his balance a bit, enough to hit the numerous boxes behind him and cause a domino effect that would soon end up in everything in the guild to fall down. His aide, however, did not seem to notice the incoming catastrophe.

rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

Tsurara lay on her backs and Rikuo was standing on his all found above her. Had someone seen them, they would have thought the two of them were preparing to do something dirty.

That, alongside being this close to her, made him feel awkward… though interestingly not really uncomfortable. He tried to move away, but his backside was blocked by tables so he could not raise up. Not wanting the awkward silence to continue, he decided to say something: I can't move…" "Y… yeah.

rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

Probably just wanted to say at least something. He then got an idea of how to get out of this situation. For some reason, looking at her made him not want to suggest anything. Strangely, Tsurara didn't immediately say anything and only after a few moments of silence did he hear her speak: Her silky black hair, her mesmerizing eyes, the face that showered him with kindness and love since he knew her and even the cold she created around her… he was aware of these features of hers, but he never looked them as features of a girl.

rikuo tsurara ending a relationship

He also felt a strange need to touch her hair and her skin… as well as those lips of hers. Without thinking what he was doing, he moved his hands and grabbed her shoulders, as if fearing that she would move away and this was a silent way to ask her not to. However, she didn't try to get away from his grasp or complain about it. So he slowly started moving his head downwards, so their lips could touch. When he got close enough, he closed his eyes. Her hair looks about the same, but her eyes are blue.

She looks very similar to her Mother, Setsura. Tsurara is overprotective of Rikuo in both his forms, though far more so when he is in his "day" form.

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She does not want to be a burden to him and has stated she will protect him for all eternity, as he was the one with whom she exchanged sakazuki. She shows great admiration for Rikuo's "night" form, finding him reliable and magnificent.

She is increasingly affectionate toward Rikuo as the series progresses, seeing a rival in Kana and suggesting on several occasions that a problem could be solved by freezing her. Despite this, she will still protect Kana as her death would make Rikuo sad.

History Tsurara was born to Setsura, a temperamental Yuki Onna who served under Nurarihyon himself and was an older Sister figure to Rihan. Setsura left at some point and her daughter became the Yuki Onna of their clan.

Tsurara has been looking after Rikuo since he was young, often ending up falling for his various pranks. Since then, she has attended school as Tsurara in order to watch over and protect him. While the girls are in the onsen, she, Rikuo, Kiyotsugu and Shima set off to look for spirits.

Meanwhile, they were being watched by Gyuki 's minions, who had been ordered to kill them. She was defeated but was saved by Rikuo who then fought against him and won. Rikuo then put her to sleep and left her to Kana whom he encountered while on his way to find Gyuki. Shikoku Arc In the final battle against TamazukiYosuzume takes Rikuo by surprise and touches him once, blinding him.

Meanwhile, Tsurara is hurriedly searching for him while the battle takes place. Even though Rikuo is unable to see, he was able to fend off Tamazuki's underlings long enough for Tsurara to appear to his aid. Just as he is about to be killed, Tsurara blocks Tamazuki's attack with her staff.

Yosuzume then blinds her as well, despite her attempts to try and cover her eyes. It is later revealed that Tsurara had frozen her left eye over before the feather could reach it and had been able to see for the entire time.

She waited until an opportunity presented itself and eventually froze Yosuzume when her guard was down. The poison then wears off and Rikuo prepares to fight Tamazuki once more. Toono Arc Tsurara did not make many appearances during the Toono Arc, but she was mentioned at the beginning by Rikuo while he was doing the laundry about how she was always happy to do it for him.

She also wrote several letters to him, most of them concerning about his health and well being. Later once she was free, she preforms Matoi with Rikuo and they freeze and shatter one of Tsuchigumo's arms.