Romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

In , Baz Luhrmann brought William Shakespeare's timeless dramatic tragedy to teen audiences These violent delights have violent ends. Baz Luhrmann adapted the play to create a modern version of Romeo and Shakespeare portrays the horrific relationship between Juliet and Lady with the constant pressures from their feuding families it soon ended in their tragic demise . Romeo and Juliet (Film ) study guide contains a biography of Baz Luhrmann , literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and to the viewer that their relationship will end in suicide, violence, and death.

These youths are placed in desperate situations, and the adults are failing them. Lord and Lady Capulet appear dressed as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Tybalt as the devil, their faces leering and menacing.

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

It is no wonder that the ecstasy-tripping Romeo dunks his head in a sink of water, eyes open wide, screaming underwater. The Sharks and the Jets, juvenile delinquents or just misunderstood?

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

Parents do not even appear in West Side Story, but figures such as Officer Krupke and Doc cannot understand or sympathize with the hoodlum Jets and Sharks. Maria survives and denounces both gangs for the rumble that led to deaths on both sides.

There is hope that the cycle of violence will be broken. The Montagues and Capulets are both punished for their feuding by the deaths of their children, but they show no signs of reconciliation.

Guns and Violence in Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet"

The over-the-top Western-style brawl at the beginning is countered by the bloody and grim deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, and then Romeo and Juliet.

The opening fight glamorizes action and violence to entertain the audience; the subsequent fights only lead to senseless death and pain. There is no way to dismiss the circumstances that would lead Romeo to take poison in the arms of his love. It is a similarly agonizing moment as Juliet watches Romeo die in her arms, sits in stunned and anguished silence, then slowly picks up his gun and shoots herself.

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Electronic Resources, Kennesaw, GA. Baz Luhrmann's Millennial Shakespeare. Burnett and Ramona Wray. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. It was also shot in Mexico to get the mood and the realistic affect of fighting.

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

The setting is Miami to portray the vibrant and, glamorous life of two powerful families. The wealth of the two families can be seen in many shots. The wealth is shown from the starting of the film with a camera shot showing the sports cars and the private number plates. Then later on the limousines are shown which also portrays the abundant wealth of both families.

Romeo + Juliet: Cheat Sheet

In the introductory scene, the newswoman talks about the concerns between Romeo and Juliet with pictures in the background showing the two brawling families. The woman recites the prologue which is then repeated by a man in an opera-style soprano voice, which goes well with the soap opera-like introduction of the characters. Since this is at the start of the play, the audience will already know how the story will end.

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

This is mainly shown through dramatic irony; the audience knows that the relationship between Romeo and Juliet will end with tragedy, however the characters do not.

This first scene of the film links us to the end of the story because it shows the audience what is going to happen in the end. This shows us the fate of Romeo and Juliet and uses modern media to portray it. By this method of portrayal, the traditional Shakespearian concept of fate reaches out to a modern audience. During the final scene of the film, where Juliet and Romeo both die, the theme of fate is explored once again.

Guns and Violence in Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" | ReelRundown

The scene focuses on the fate the stars planned out for both of them. The main showing of fate is that Juliet wakes up straight after Romeo consumes the deadly poison. The coincidental timing of each event is obviously based on fate. Luhrmann makes the scene more convincing to a modern audience by modernising it.

Instead of stabbing herself with a dagger, Juliet shoots herself fatally with a gun, which also shows signs of modernisation. Since guns are used more in modern times this is more relevant and more understanding towards a modern audience.

romeo and juliet baz luhrmann ending relationship

The fate of the two lovers is almost completely defined in a modern way, using the police pursuing Romeo, which was supposed to be the prince in the text. At the end of the play, the death of Romeo and Juliet seems to be planned out by the stars, marked out by destiny. In the film, the death is shown with paramedics and ambulances. The modernized version of Romeo and Juliet had many key differences that changed a lot of the themes and characters.

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The artificiality remains but the depth of feeling is real — and so it is throughout. That duality — between contrivance and truth — is integral to his adaptation, as seen in two recurring motifs: But what of the religious imagery?

Perhaps the ubiquity of these symbols is in fact the point. Garish, overused and coupled with weaponry, this is a world where religion is universally espoused yet stripped of meaning. These icons represents the dogma and hypocrisy of a repressive society. Romeo and Juliet, then, present an opportunity to enact the Christian principles their parents advocate: Not until their deaths.

Romeo is, as mentioned, first seen by the sea. Juliet is introduced immersed in water. Most of the dialogue in the famous balcony scene occurs not with the lovers separated by a balcony, but immersed in the waters of the Capulet swimming pool.

Water, then, seems to be another one of the many metaphors for love; transparent and pure and beautiful.

Romeo and Juliet Petrol Station Scene