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rose scabbard ending relationship

A page for describing Recap: Steven Universe S1E45 "Rose's Scabbard". In the end montage, Steven pulls out the tattered flag that was inside Lion's mane in Steven doesn't know anything about her and Rose's relationship she angrily. In the end, however, Rose fell in love with Steven's father Greg, of her heartbreak in the episode “Rose's Scabbard”, when she finds out that. "Rose's Scabbard" is the 45 episode of the first season of Steven Universe, the 45 Pearl refuses to accept Lion's connection to Rose, however, believing that she The episode ends with Pearl and Steven riding home on Lion, with Pearl.

I don't believe that Pearls love was one-sided. Although in the end Rose ended up with Greg, that doesn't mean that her having feelings for pearl isn't possible. Stating that he's "just a phase" and not failing to mention the fact that Rose is only attracted to him because he's a human being.

Although Pearl was much more confident with Rose around, I don't believe that she would have the nerve to say all that unless it held some truth.

Obviously Rose did end up falling in love with Greg and staying with him, but as stated in "it's over isn't" "I was fine with the men who would come into her life now and again" Greg wasn't the first one to try and win Roses heart. So when pearl said those things to Greg, she must've been speaking from experience. Meaning that Roses past relationships didn't last very long and were "just a phase".

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As we all know, Rose is a big fan of experiencing the things that earth has to offer. So why wouldn't a long term relationship be something she's willing to try?

rose scabbard ending relationship

Rose was very interested in human beings, and it surprises me that, until Greg, she never gave any man a chance to have something more than a fleeting relationship with her. It just doesn't make sense. Learning, finally, that Rose kept secrets even from her, she lashes out at Steven as he tries to reassure her that Rose was probably just trying to keep Pearl safe.

rose scabbard ending relationship

Steven wipes away a tear before turning to Garnet: Did I do something wrong? In a scenario where many, myself included, would justifiably! His love is the adhesive that holds his world together. It is, in a word, everything. The loss, always, feels like a rebuke to my self-worth, which I often find debatable in the first place.

When all you are is love, its absence feels like a loss of self. He uses it to keep Connie safe from harm, but with it, he also shields himself — a consequence that proves particularly moving when considering its origin.

rose scabbard ending relationship

The episode serves as a lesson in teamwork, but it holds, too, another lesson, one that sounds just a bit like gospel: In order to truly love others, you must also love yourself.

In fact, for many sufferers of trauma, self-love feels impossible, its absence almost inevitable. Maybe self-love is just a reminder that those you love who love you back are proof that you, too, are worthy of care. Maybe a cartoon boy can teach a twenty-something man what love really looks like. And maybe all of us can know more people, as Pilate wished. Maybe, Steven, we could even learn how to love like you. When Steven asks Lion to help him find something, the big pink cat walks away.

Pearl tells Steven he needs to train it better. Steven tries to prove that Lion listens sometimes, but is ultimately unsuccessful. But after a few moments, Lion returns with a pink scabbard. Pearl says that the scabbard belonged to Rose Quartz, and angrily removes it from Lion's mouth. Pearl goes on to describe the battle. Amethyst says she wishes she had been there. Garnet insists she wouldn't have, describing how many gems were broken and destroyed.

Pearl pops up to remind them all that the Crystal Gems won. When they arrive back at the temple, Amethyst and Garnet get on the difficult task of getting the huge axe into the temple's door. Steven meanwhile can't help but ask Pearl what his mom was like.

She explains to him about her bravery and beauty, gives him the scabbard Steven promises, and they warp off. Now from here it's a three hour hike, and then a 1 hour climb ninety degrees. Think you can handle it?

rose scabbard ending relationship

During the ensuing three hour hike and climb, which Pearl climbs on her own with a well tied Steven on her back, she explains how, as leader, Rose was forced to keep secrets for the good of the team—with Pearl as her only confidant, telling her secrets she shared with no one else. One of these secrets was Rose's armory.

  • Rose's Scabbard

However, the sword is still nowhere to be found, at least until Pearl produces a hologram, and Steven realizes he knows exactly where it is: Steven demonstrates to the Gems how Lion has a pocket dimension in his mane, one which he currently uses to store his stuff in, as did his mother.

While Garnet and Amethyst handle the news well— it's a bit obvious in retrospect, after all —Pearl goes into violent denial at the thought that there was apparently a secret which Rose never shared with her. Garnet tries to reassure her teammate, as does Steven, explaining that he's sure Rose just wanted to protect her. How would you know?

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Pearl warps away in tears, leaving all three of her friends upset. Receiving no comfort from Garnet, Steven takes off on Lion's back to track Pearl down, and finds himself back at the strawberry fields.

He calls out for the Gem, but she flees, screaming to keep Lion away from her. Steven complies, continuing on foot, even as Pearl takes a dangerous path across floating land masses. He struggles to keep up, calling after her, but she never turns back, not once.

Did I- did I do something wrong?!

Rose's Scabbard

He makes the final jump, one that ultimately proves too far from him, and to Pearl's horror, begins to plummet. Luckily, he manages to grab onto some vines. However, seeing Steven dangling precariously from the roots at the bottom, Pearl makes no move to help him, forcing the boy to climb up on his own. When he reaches the top, he finds Pearl sobbing silently but heavily, clutching the pink scabbard to her chest. As Steven approaches, Pearl remarks on how similar he is to Rose, how she wonders if he has any of her memories.

Then she summons a hologram of Rose and reenacts the exact conversation she had with his mother thousands of years ago before the fateful battle. Rose offers to Pearl a last chance to walk out the battle, explained that they would likely die, and even if they succeeded, they would never be allowed to return home. The devoted Pearl rejected the offer to return to their home planet, saying that it would mean nothing if she were not at Rose's side. Everything I did, I did for her.

Now she's gone, but I'm still here Still dejected, Pearl wonders what Rose would think if she saw her now. To her surprise, however, Steven simply wraps her in a fierce hug and says, "Well, I think you're pretty great," and Pearl bursts into tears.

The pair spend the rest of the night together, Steven at first entertaining her with magic tricks from Lion's mane, before producing Rose's flag, the sight of which causes Pearl to react with deep regard. Pearl regales Steven with stories of their battles and victories, and then, in silence, the two ride Lion back home, the screen fading to black.

An Axe to Grind: Garnet hefts a giant ax she finds on the battlefield and by "giant" we mean as tall as a house.