Rozen maiden overture ending a relationship

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rozen maiden overture ending a relationship

Since she is the fourth doll in the Rozen Maiden series, she is the younger twin sister of Relationships 01 Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen - Episode 01 Rozen Maiden Overture - Episode 1 Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow . Characters that have appeared in the Rozen Maiden anime, manga and drama CDs. Basically dolls fighting a game of There Can Be Only One for the ultimate. RishRaff Reviews has decided to revisit the Rozen Maiden like poor pacing with a plot heavy ending, a cliffhanger ending, and a fairly consistent mood. Her relationship to Suigintou allows for a look at familial themes.

Rozen Maidens rely on a contract with a human master to supply themselves with power for battle. Phase 6 Since then, Rozen has forgo a physical body and lives within the N-field, waiting for Alice. She is the most ambitious of her sisters and wishes to become Alice to earn Rozen's love. Phase 29 Suigintou possesses black wings which she uses for mobility and offensive purposes.

Her master is Megu Kakizaki [Jp 4]an ill girl with a cynical personality. Phase 23 Megu sees Suigintou as an angel of death who will end her suffering. She is sociable, energetic, eccentric and habitually ends her sentences with lit. She was initially a loyal participant of the Alice game but is convinced for a peaceful lifestyle instead.

For battle, she plays her violin and manipulates the sound waves to cause destruction. Her master is Mitsu Kusabue [Jp 6]a doll clothing designer. Mitsu greatly adores the Rozen Maidens which scares the dolls. She is a tsundere ; she openly insults others but does care about them. Suiseiseki speaks with the copula desu and always speaks in third person. She has no intention of participating in the Alice Game and only wishes to live happily with her twin sister, Souseiseki.

Phase 25 Suiseiseki's ability is to supply nourishment to souls and memories and is able to summon plants for offensive purposes with her watering can. Phase 19 Jun becomes her master during the events of the series. She speaks in as masculine manner and has a strong sense of duty towards her master and role as a Rozen Maiden.

Souseiseki's ability is to cut souls and memories with her scissors. Phase 19 Her master is Kazuha Yuibishi [Jp 9]a rich man who is haunted by his twin brother's death.

Kazuha disproved of his brother's marriage forcing the latter elope and drown in a ferry accident; as such, he intends to use Souseiseki to make his brother's widow suffer. After Souseiseki reveals Kazuha's hatred comes from grief she uses her abilities to leave him at peace. Souseiseki is later, revived and becomes Jun's Rozen Maiden.

She has a southern belle personality and treats Jun as her servant. Shinku treats regular dolls as if they are alive, and is an avid fan of the fictional puppet show Detective Kun Kun [Jp 11]. Phase 14 Shinku wishes to complete the Alice Game without killing her siblings.

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Phase 6 For battles, she is able to create and control rose petals. She has a childlike personality and dislikes being alone.

For battle, Hinaichigo is able to summon and control strawberry vines. Phase 8 Her master was Tomoe Kashiwaba [Jp 13]Jun's classmate who delivers his school work during his withdrawal. When Hinaichigo's naivety endangers Tomoe's life, Shinku defeats Hinaichigo in the Alice Game and has her become a servant instead of taking her Rosa Mystica. She screws up every time without anyone noticing.

Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: While she is similar to Hinaichigo personality-wise, she is very competent in battle, managing to defeat Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Hinaichigo simultaneously in the anime. Also in the manga she almost defeated Shinku when she thought she stole Hinaichigo's Roza Mystica, it's stated that she protected Jun from Kirakishou while he was hiding from her in the N-Field and also managed to destroy Kirakishou's illusions using the sound of her violin.

Curtains Match the Window: Green hair and eyes. Spiral-shaped, which make her look even younger than she already does.

Always seen wearing a heart-shaped Her weapon is a violin. Boasts about her skills every so often, but it's generally just an act. Despite her childish personality and immature behavior, she's very competent in battle. Kanaria means "Canary Bird". She uses her violin to employ wind-based attacks. Ironic, judging by her personality. She has a parasol to fit her self-styled elegant image. It can also dish out.

Well, she tries to make it work Small Name, Big Ego: Always claims to be the smartest maiden, but never seems to succeed in any of her plans. Too Dumb to Live: Although she claims to be the smartest Rozen Maiden doll, none of her plans seem to work.

Tamagoyaki, a kind of Japanese omelet. Lampshaded by Unwind Jun who believes her insistency on said verbal tic makes her sound very uncertain in everything she says.

rozen maiden overture ending a relationship

She does not take said comment very well. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Kanaria's green hair makes her the only Rozen doll with an unusual hair color that isn't white. Despite her bad attitude, she loves her sisters and doesn't want to fight them. Her weapon is her watering can and her artifical spirit is named Sui Dream.

She might not show it usually, but she's very compassionate about people and would like for everyone to just get along.

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Before Souseiseki was brought Back from the Deadshe was greatly affected by losing her twin sister. Once she gets her back, she doesn't want that Suigintou takes Souseiseki again. While all dolls are capable of entering people's dreams, this is her specialty.

She's the one mainly responsible for helping Jun sort out his subconscious self. I found you, desu! Aside using plants to fight, she can make people's heart trees grow with the water of her watering can. Believe it or not, Suiseiseki's mayor fear is being without her sisters, specially Souseiseki.

rozen maiden overture ending a relationship

Shinku even said that Suiseiseki is the one most scared of loneliness. She's the first one to try and convince the other dolls that the whole Alice Game is a worthless endeavour. In the anime, she tries to take on Barasuishou herself to give Kanaria a chance to escape. Sadly, this turns into a Senseless Sacrifice when Kanaria decides to keep on fighting.

They both end up dead because of it. The manga has another one, more successful one in which she sacrifices her own Roza Mystica to revive Souseiseki fully and banish Kirakishou from her body. She gets better in both of these cases, however Humans Are the Real Monsters: In her introductory episodes, she's scared of humans and refuses to give her ring to one. She makes a contract with Jun out of necessity. In Tale chapter 36, she has one of those after reading a shoujo manga Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She's haughty, naughty and mischievous, but also loving, caring and protective of her sisters.

Knight Templar Big Sister: Though she loves all her sisters dearly, Souseiseki's well being will always be her priority going as far of defending Kirakishou of Shinku and Suigintou because of Souseiseki's body being in the line. This is however justified in that she was merely trying to buy time in order to get the Unwound Jun to make a contract with Souseiseki's ring in order to forcefully eject Kirakishou from her body.

She doesn't like fighting, and in fact wants no part of the Alice Game, but push her hard enough or worse, threaten Souseiseki She refuses to fight the Alice Game because she cares too much about her sisters. Suiseiseki means "Jade Star" in Japanese. She is even willing to go through hell and back for her sisters.

Loves putting pranks to Jun and Hinaichigo. Granted, she IS a doll, but her hair still reaches the floor! Red Oni, Blue Oni: The very, very emotional type and Red to Souseiseki's Blue. She loves to pull pranks on Hinaichigo and sometimes Jun if she gets the chance, even if she often gets herself into trouble because of it.

Her right eye is red, while her left eye is green. Souseiseki has the same eye colors but reversed. Sympathy for the Devil: She felt sad for the twin doll sisters Judica and Madulia, because after Judica grow bigger because of the " Drink Me potion ", they can't return to be one again.

Just like Suiseiseki herself and Souseiseki. She certainly isn't afraid of dishing out violence should the need arise, but given her rather vocal opposition to the Alice Game, she merely does it to protect her sisters and never with the intention of actually killing anyone. She and Souseiseki are named after gems. She can be worse than Shinku when she demands something, and isn't afraid to get physical to get what she wants.

Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Souseiseki's Tomboy. She's haughty and loves to pull pranks on her sisters, but she really loves them and will do anything to protect them. Also despite her bad attitude towards Jun, she still has a hidden crush on him. Since she has a strong personality when she isn't being a coward, she fittingly has those.

Well, Excuse Me, Princess!

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Her relationship with Jun borders on this. She calls him a chibi and looks down on him for being a Hikikomoridemanding him to do better. Because of her sense of duty, she believes that becoming Alice is her obligation. Souseiseki's weapon is a pair of gardening scissorsand her artificial spirit is named Lempicka. Back from the Dead: And then back to the death again. Her scissorswhich she uses as if they were a sword, are almost her size.

Justified because she's a two-foot doll. Many who watched the series initally mistook her for a boy. Inverted as she's the younger sister, but just as Suiseiseki is protective of her, Souseiseki is also very occupied with her twin's well-being. She uses the male pronoun "boku" to refer to herself. Sidetail variant, though they are on the short side.

Suffers of this after Kirakishou uses her body as a Living Bodysuit. Unlike her twin Suiseiseki who loves her sisters enough to not want to be Alice just to please Rozen, Souseiseki just wants to become Alice because she considers it her duty towards Rozen.

Fighting from the Inside: Jun makes a contract on her ring, she regains conscience and starts struggling for control over her body, but was needed the help of Suiseiseki to really free her.

rozen maiden overture ending a relationship

Guess who the first Rozen Maiden to die was? She calls herself Jun's slave after Unwind! Jun forms an accidental contract with her. She can't see why Jun gets all uncomfortable with it, since she doesn't know the implications. They gently touched my body everyday. Souseiseki is Japanese for "Lapis Lazuli Star". The "sousei" part of her name can be written with different characters as well to mean "dying young" or "early death.

Practically used by Barasuishou to force every remaining doll into fighting in the end of the anime. My Master, Right or Wrong: She is extremely loyal to whatever master she has, although it is partially due to a will to help them become better people in the end. As she is the most boyish of all the dolls, she wears a tophat to emphasize it.

It also makes her look One Head Taller. Souseiseki is soft-spoken, quiet and boyish, compared to Suiseiseki, who is brash and emotional. In contrast of Suiseiseki's talkative attitute, Souseiseki just talks when she's talked to or it's necessary. Quiet and not openly emotional, and thus the Blue to Suiseiseki's Red.

In the anime, an old man convinced himself Souseiseki was his child, Kazuki. She has red and green eyes just like Suiseiseki, but reversed. She fights with her gardering scissors.