Savannah smiles ending a relationship

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savannah smiles ending a relationship

Bridgette Andersen (/ – ) was a California-based child actress and child model in American media. She starred in 's Savannah Smiles, for which she received her first of . Smetanka, Andy (). "Dead end kids". Savannah Smiles is, hands down, one of the best family films of all time, and as it His hysterically funny, adversarial relationship with Bootsie, who is I had forgotten that the ending is so emotional, and in trying to hide my. Savannah Smiles is a family film directed by Pierre De Moro and starring Bridgette Andersen, Donovan Scott, Mark Miller, who also wrote the film for the.

Next, the children decide to play a game of hide and seek. Savannah decides this is the best time for her to run away, so she goes to get her bag from her aunt's car and stuffs it into the first car she sees and gets inside.

She has no idea that the two men driving the car are criminals and the two men have no idea Savannah is in their car. The men, who'd been at the park to pick a couple of pockets so they could buy food, spot the police arriving, and decide that the park is a dangerous place for them to be.

They speed off, but nearly crash from the excitement. An officer pulls them over, and tells them they should be careful while driving around a kid. The shocked men look back and see Savannah, but not wanting to be caught by the police pretend they know she's been there all along.

Bridgette Andersen

As the film progresses, the bond of love and family grows between Savannah, Alvie, and Boots. Eventually, the men have to find a place for them to live and Boots gets a job so that they can feed Savannah legitimately. One morning, they ask Savannah why she ran away, and she explains that her parents always go off and leave her, even at Christmas.

Boots and Savannah make-believe and read stories together, but Alvie's a little reluctant to be too nice to Savannah. He, after all wasn't treated very nicely as a child, why should he be nice to anyone else? Alvie thinks they should give her back relatively quickly, but when he hears that a large reward is being offered for Savannah's safe return, he changes his tune.

The next day, Savannah spikes a fever and Alvie takes her to his old girlfriend, Doreen, to help them find a doctor. They do, and Savannah is soon fine.

Boots, however, begins to doubt their ability to care for a child and ends up calling Savannah's parents to tell them they want to return her - no reward necessary.

savannah smiles ending a relationship

When Alvie finds out what Boots has done, he blows his top. Meanwhile, back at Savannah's family's house, Richard and Joanne are frantic. It seems as if Richard, however, is more focused on what this looks like for him politically rather than the safety of his child. The next morning, Alvie's mood takes a turn for the better and the men take Savannah and on a picnic in the mountains. Back at the hideout the next day, Savannah wakes up from a bad dream and Alvie comforts her.

As Alvie sends Savannah off with Boots to get ready for the day, a bullet cascades through the kitchen window, nearly striking him. Alvie pulls out his gun and points it at the window. All bets are off. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message The story begins at a prison work site where Boots "Bootsie" McGaffey attempts to help his old friend, Alvie Gibbs, escape by causing a diversion and getting away in a crudely disguised vehicle. Surprisingly, Bootsie's efforts were unnecessary, as Alvie was scheduled for parole later that same week. The two friends roam the area, searching for food and shelter while continuing to evade the police.

Meanwhile, in the wealthy part of town, a six-year-old girl, named Savannah Driscoll, is feeling lonely and unwanted by her affluent parents. Her father Richard is a candidate for the United States Senate and is more concerned with his public image than he is with his daughter.

Feeling sad and motivated by an old episode of Our GangSavannah decides to run away during a trip to the park with her aunt and cousin, and leaves a note before she flees.

SAVANNAH SMILES: Sweetness & Schlock

Unfortunately, a gust of wind blows her note under her parents' bed, out of view. Meanwhile, Alvie and Bootsie arrive at that park in an old vehicle they stole earlier. While the children play hide-and-go-seek, Savannah decides to hide in the backseat of the car, and Alvie and Boosty unknowingly drive off with her. After a run-in with a police officer, they pretend she is Bootsy's niece.

They attempt to return her to the park, but she doesn't want to leave, and they decide to care for her in the meantime.

savannah smiles ending a relationship

After learning Savannah is missing, Richard and his wife Joan contact the authorities. Believing Savannah was kidnapped, they also hire a private detective, Harland Dobbs. The police officers soon piece together evidence and eyewitness testimony and conclude that Savannah was kidnapped.

However, the eyewitnesses feel Savannah was not actually kidnapped, given the genuine surprise shown by Alvie and Bootsie. Joan is hesitant to go along with the kidnapping theory and disagrees with how to proceed.

savannah smiles ending a relationship

While wanting to appear tough on crime for the benefit of his Senatorial campaign, Richard agrees to follow Dobbs' strategy. Even the musical montage that features the three main characters spending a day in the country together is beautiful. Most of the time, scenes like this are sappy beyond belief, but in Savannah Smiles, it comes across as real and touching. What is great about this movie is that none of the characters are perfect.

The two "heroes" are felons, yet they have a soft side. Savannah is a sweet girl, but she knows how to throw a temper tantrum. These characteristics give the film a realism rarely seen in current family fare.

Detailed Review Summary of Savannah Smiles

Late actor Pat Morita, of Happy Days and The Karate Kid fame, makes an appearance as the family priest who is attempting to aid in the recovery of Savannah, and some of his scenes with Alvie and Boots are pure comedic genius.

The actress who plays Savannah, Bridgette Anderson, enjoyed a fairly steady career as a child actress she appeared as a guest star on sitcoms such as The Golden Girlsyet she tragically died of a heroin overdose over 10 years ago. Her innocence is forever captured in this film, which she carries quite ably on her young shoulders. Now, here are some caveats from a parenting perspective. While the story itself is impeccable, there is some very mild language used that some parents may find objectionable, and it is likely what led to its PG, rather than G, rating.

For instance, Alvie complains that Bootsie is "bitchin'" about something early on in the movie.