Shana no shakugan ending a relationship

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shana no shakugan ending a relationship

Shakugan no Shana Episode 03 . Relationships Edit · Keisaku Satō · Edit. Margery is shown to end up with Keisaku (who is over several hundred years. The Japanese light novel, manga, and anime series Shakugan no Shana features an extensive . In the end when Yuji accepts Shana's feelings and the two kiss, Grammatica Shana eventually starts to be more open to the other characters, especially in regards to her relationship with Kazumi becoming more friendly. Shakugan no Shana is an anime series including three television series, original video . No. Title, Original airdate. 01, "The End of Everything, The Beginning of One . Kazumi is concerned about the relationship between Yuji and Shana.

Hecate declares that Shana is no longer needed. Shana, having limited options due to a treasure tool in the form of a wrist chain binding her power as a Flame Haze, throws a pillow at Hecate, who sets it on fire and inadvertently has it land outside on the balcony where Yuji can see it. Yuji comes to Shana's aid, expressing understanding to Hecate but forbidding her from harming Shana nonetheless. Meanwhile, Kazumi meets Khamsin, the Mover of Ceremonial Equipment, and asks him about the meaning behind the Treasure that Pheles gave her, since her feelings towards Yuji are changed after he rejected her.

Back at the Serei-den, Yuji opens the Divine Gate, through which he intends to search for and retrieve the Snake of the Festival's true body and change the world. He then takes Shana and the Trinity with him to announce his plans to all Denizens as they prepare for the war.

Then he, accompanied by the Trinity, go through the gate. All Flame Hazes prepare themselves for the war, Carmel goes into the sea to the fallen kingdom of Heavenly Palace and brings it out of the sea.

shana no shakugan ending a relationship

Khamsin and Rebecca infiltrate the Serei-den and start attacking and destroying everything. Meanwhile, Shana is alone and powerless, when she notices what's going on and sees it as the chance to escape she's been waiting for. She gets up through sheer will alone, fighting her weakness as an ordinary human girl, and struggles her way to Nietono no Shana.

Tenmoku Ikko reappears, slaying one Denizen after another as he tries to find his master Shana, and attacks Tempest Hoof Fecor. He finds Shana, breaks her free from the chain that sealed her powers and is finally ready to battle. Shana is freed and after a battle against a Denizen named Uvall, which ends up with Shana furiously killing Uvall, she comes to self-awareness as the ultimate combination of who she was before meeting Yuji, and who she was afterward, the Flame Haze and the human She makes him as powerful as herself fearing that he would not survive being intimate with her.

Outside the Gate, in a blizzard, the war is getting extremely intense—more and more Denizen troops are coming but they are losing against the Flame Hazes. Decarabia, comes to the surface and starts a powerful attack but Sophie Sawallisch finds him and kills him, using a large amount of her powers.

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After a moment of comfort that the most powerful enemy has been destroyed, the snow from the blizzard turns into Denizens, and the commander of the Western army Haborym arrives earlier than Sawallisch expected.

Meanwhile in the Divine Gate, Sabrac stands to delay Shana's progress. Shana leaves them and meets Snake of the Festival, who has awakened his true form, and promises him to fight him, make him the person he used to be and to live in a perfect world along with him. She has realized that the two personalities of her were not the Flame Haze and the person, but the one who would and the one who would not fight for the dream of a perfect life. However, both have one thing that assures the chance for this dream to be realized—the most powerful unrestricted spell, love.

Shana says she will use the Heaven-and-Earth Sundering spell to kill the Snake of the Festival and the Bal Masque if she has to in order to defeat them.

The Snake of the Festival then sends out a signal and starts moving towards the Divine Gate. After the signal is felt by everyone, Sophie Sawallisch attempts to destroy the Gate. At the last moment, Fecor protects it and dies from the power of the spell. Back in the Gate, Shana and Yuji are fighting. She is then taken away abruptly by the ghosts of the Flame Hazes and is brought outside of the Gate as it breaks and the Snake of the Festival comes out.

All Denizens cheer and all Flame Hazes stand in astonishment and despair and amongst this, Shana recognizes this as a sound not of a fall, but of the start of a new battle. He announces his plan to create a new world, a complete copy of ours, to be a paradise for Denizens and with Power of Existence flowing everywhere.

Thus, all Denizens would leave the world and the Flame Hazes would stop fighting against them. After that, panic and chaos reigns among the Flame Hazes, who now do not have a purpose and the Denizens attack them. Samuel Demantius sets up a decoy stalling the Denizens' advance and discovery of the Heavenly Palace. Chiara Toscana and Sale Habichtsburgcarry Shana and the gang as they fly away. Shana, Margery, Khamsin, Wilhelmina, Rebecca, Chiara, Sale, and Sophie arrives at an airport to decide whether to continue the fight or not.

They agree to help Shana fight, and she then explains the plan to them. With a suggestion from a tuner, they each became the keeper of the four Outlaws in four major cities of the North and South America.

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He has power to control small animals and insects as a messengers, spies, and measurement, or wrap himself inside them and fly like cannonball.

He was a Ukrainian immigrant, whose ship was attacked by one of the Krakens sea-bound Denizens during the voyage to America. Near his death he made the contract with Valac and defeated the denizen, but failed to save his family and other passengers. After reaching America, he worked under East Edge. Since he completed his vengeance so quickly, he could not develop the hatred or passion vital for the cause of Flame Haze and he lacked the coolness and rationality needed for survival.

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He even wished to protect people with his own life, which other Flame Hazes had thought of this idea dangerous, especially East Edge who had forbidden him to engage in combat with enemies. He met Margery, who had her first contact with Annaberg and Sydonay, and wished to assist her, but was rejected.

Still, he jumped into the battle, saving Margery and had successfully defeated Annaberg. With little energy left, he tried to fight Sydonay, but took a fatal blow instead, and caught in the crossfire between him and Margery, Yuri perished. He's been an active Flame Haze for over years. His ability allows him to erect great stone structures such as bridges or castles in short time. He is bound to Zirnitra.

He is fatally wounded defending an objective during the Second Great war, and collapse against a stone wall. After an exchange between him and Zirnitra, calling him his "Brother in Arms" He succumbs to his wounds. He expresses his will through the divine vessel Grimoire, which takes the form of a book. He talks wildly, makes comments without remorse, and often teases Margery, and in return earning a retaliatory punch.

He does genuinely care about her, however, perhaps not in the form of friendship but as a companion in battle. She is described by her own Flame Haze as a most unsociable entity; she is taciturn and to the point, saying nothing more than what is necessary, usually in a monotone, betraying no emotion regardless of the situation. In the novels, her lines are almost always written in four kanji letters yojijukugowith no hiragana or katakana.

shana no shakugan ending a relationship

He speaks like an old man. With his Flame Haze, his mission seems not to be the protection the balance of worlds through hunting the Denizens, but instead by re-tuning places where the distortion is too great, such as Misaki city, where Friagne had created so many Torches in his preparation for the City Devourer. He expresses his will through a divine vessel called the Donner, which takes the form of a blue star-shaped cross on Sophie's headdress.

She expresses her will through a divine vessel called the Ambrosia, which takes the form of a red flower accessory attached to Ernest's white suit.

Keita Toide Japanese ; J. He expresses his will through a divine vessel called the Cruach, which takes the form of a golden bracelet worn on Rebecca's right wrist. Her choice of Divine Vessels are also arrowheads like Karl, but she prefers to use it as hair accessories instead. In the battle, the arrowheads become the tips of the aurora-colored bow which is used to shoot the signature Unrestricted Spells.

Formerly, they were, when unused, placed in the holsters but now Sale uses the hardskin belt crossed in the hips. He speaks in a deep and heavy voice through an engraved stone medallion using short two or three word sentences.

She speaks rather wearily, yet she looks after her partner Yuri with kindness. He takes the form of a small silver chalice attached to a small thread, much like a necklace.

Marina Inoue Japanese ; Monica Rial English Once a trickster who toyed with the life of a mad alchemist, Pheles is a lord who fell in love with a human, Johan the alchemist's son. In order to stay with him forever, they created the most precious treasure in Guze, a Treasure that can grant eternity to the Mystes bearing it: Due to the Midnight Lost Child, she doesn't need to consume other humans' power of existence; she can get enough to survive from Johan without him being in danger of disappearing.

Due to a fight against the Bal Masque's assassin Sabrac that severely wounded Johan, she sealed her lover into the Midnight Lost Child. She was unaware that Sabrac had also placed the Silver into the treasure tool simultaneously.

Johan commandeers Yuji's body to persuade her from sacrificing the current Mystes to bring him back and Pheles agrees to her lover's wish before leaving for parts unknown.

shana no shakugan ending a relationship

Before she left, Pheles gives Yoshida a cross treasure tool called the Giralda. She is friends with Wilhelmina who once she had saved from the trap set by the Denizen Lord Sabrac. She does not appear in the first season of the anime but appears in the second season around the end of episode twelve amid her search for the Midnight Lost Child. She tries to free Johan the first time, only to be interrupted by Margery's berserk rage as well as the coordinated actions of Wilhelmina and Shana.

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During the creation of Xanadu as Kazumi activates the Giralda. Pheles appears before the floating Kazumi in the twister that was formed. She explains that Giralda is specifically designed for human use, and that humans can only use Treasure Tools when they are sacrificing themselves, revealing that Kazumi won't die. She says it's a miracle that Kazumi had summoned her.

She distracts him with Kazumi's body, grasping his hand. She twists it around his back and tells Johan to wake up. Pheles blocks Shana from interfering with her wind. When Johan calls out to her, Pheles rushes over to him, leaving Kazumi with Shana. They embrace, as Pheles tells Johan how hard she has worked. He is taken care of by Wilhelmina at Xanadu.

He is the first descendant born from a Crimson Denizen and a human, which gives him the title "Heir to Both Worlds". They entrust the flask that would become Justus to Kazumi, who takes care of it until its completion and gives the newborn Justus to Wilhelmina. The Xanadu ceremony summons the Crimson God Shaher into this world.

She announces the news of an extraordinary existence born from both worlds to everyone before disappearing. Shana occasionally visits and Justus views her like an older sister.

Lamis collects the Power of Existence from torches on the verge of flickering out and is a rare one among Denizens due to respecting the balance and does not simply feed on people.

As the nickname 'Corpse Retriever' indicates, he only draws power from torches that would perish any moment anyway. Lamis is a master wizard, renowned for past feats of creating the most prominent Power of Unrestraint Jizai Houincluding the Seal itself.

He is an old acquaintance of Alastor, but does not take part in battles. The name of the female Crimson Denizen residing within Lamis is "Rasen no Fuukin The Spiral Organ "; in the past, she used the name Leanan-sidheand assumed the form of a young girl who fell in love with a human painter, who unfortunately caught her consuming humans one day, a possible reason that made her stop eating humans later on.

She was captured and imprisoned by a Crimson Lord for so many years that upon being released, she found out that the painter, who still loved her, had died of old age. He had drawn a picture of the Spiral Organ but it had been damaged beyond repair, so now she seeks to gather enough power of existence to hopefully one day activate a Power of Unrestraint that would restore the painting.

Michael Tatum Season 2, film English Friagne, also known as "Flame Haze Murderer", takes his name's meaning as his hobby, "treasure hunter". He is a powerful Tomogara arrayed in robes of untarnishable white. He has very intimate relationship with his favorite doll, Marianne. He came to Misaki City to perform a notorious Power of Unrestraint "City Devourer" to gain the power of existence enough to make Marianne a fully independent being, instead of a Rinne which needs to depend on its master just to exist.

He has a vast collection of Treasure Items powerful tools or implements contained within Mystespictured as mountain of treasure in an extra story in Guren Itou Noizi artbookof which all are useless.

In the final light novel and the last episode of Shakugan no Shana FinalLamies' gift to Yuji is to change the activation trigger for Resurrection, the trigger of course being a kiss. In short, this development was foreshadowed as early as the first book of the series, which explicitly established the spell, the ring's role, and Lamies' creation of it.

Everything needed to set the stage of Yuji's restoration was placed well in advance. The anime's non-textual nature means that the exposition revealing this is left out, though it is alluded to. As a result, Yuji's restoration appears to come somewhat out of left field. The first villain started it, hanging around Misaki City as part of some sinister scheme and gaining Shana's notice. Shana and Yuji being who and what they are tends to attract the rest of the attention.

Lampshaded in the second season by speculation that Misaki City has become some sort of naturally-occurring nexus of misfortune.

The Four Gods of Earth were Native American Flame Haze who resolved, like all Flame Haze, to remain uninvolved in human affairs, despite the treatment of their people at the hands of the European settlers and their descendants. When a group of American soldiers killed a young Native American girl praying for deliverance, the Four Gods finally snapped, killed the soldiers, and resolved to destroy the United States. The rest of the Flame Haze, opposing this violation of their neutrality, fought against them.

Ultimately, the East Army won the war because the Four Gods realized that their vendetta was distracting the Flame Haze from hunting Crimson Denizens and Lords, who were running rampant at this time. This caused them to cease fighting. Yuji needs it to live, and removing such Treasures in general is supposed to be dangerous. To varying degrees, and Shana is notorious for it.

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Tiriel's Rinne "Pinion" is a giant flower that uses large, long vines to attack and restrain Shana. Comically Missing the Point: Shana wonders why Yuji's face "gets all stupid" when he's looking at the Misaki Waterland ticket. She concludes that it's because humans really like to play around in water; because she doesn't really understand human sexuality, the Flame Haze doesn't clue to the fact that it's got a girl in a bikini making a Double Entendre. The monsters in Episode Not existing any more is not as debilitating as it sounds.

Snake of the Festival Yuji delivers one to Shana and the Hazes, the beatdown was so severe that Shana couldn't believe that Yuji hadn't had his mind taken over by Snake of The Festival. Yuji insists that there is only him in control and later tries to apologize for using force against her. The Flame Haze army is decisively routed at the battle of the Sereiden. So many are killed or demoralized that, with the exception of a few renegade Flame Haze led by Shana, they are knocked out of the war.

Cutting Off the Branches: The Shakugan no Shana game Nintendo DSPlayStation 2 featured multiple endings, but when it was incorporated into the canon endings that contradicted the course of the story remained non-canon.

Dead to Begin With: As impatiently explained by Shana, the original Yuji's life was consumed before the anime started, and he is just a Torch—the remainder of that lifeforce, a placeholder to preserve the balance while quietly fading away. Though how long he'd been dead considering that he's the Midnight Lost Child's container is never elaborated upon.

Defusing the Tyke Bomb: Yuji's influence makes Shana think of herself as more than the Flame Haze she was raised to be. The Crimson Denizens are beings from a hellish parallel world. While most look human or at least humanoid, their true forms are utterly inhuman. Most of them are malevolent and come to Earth to fulfill whatever is their whimsy, eating humans' Power of Existence in order to do so.

As the story progresses Shana and Yuji fall more and more deeply in love and increasingly go to great lengths for the other's sake. Part of the reason for their ending up on the opposite sides in the third season is because they're so devoted to one another that it leads them to make decisions that put them in conflict with each other.

Yuji betrays the Flame Hazes to create a perfect world that will end the Forever Warsaving Shana from an eternal life of bloodshed.

shana no shakugan ending a relationship

Shana fights Yuji not just to put a stop to his reckless plan but even more so to save him from himselfand delivers an epic beatdown when Yuji tries leave her against her wishes as a form of penance. Did You Just Cut Cthulhu? In episode 13 of season 3, Shana manages to cut Snake of the Festival Yuji. This is the first time anybody has managed to get in a decent hit on him, much less hurt him.

And in subsequent episodes, Shana manages to fight him on more equal footing. Hecate and her interaction with Yuji at the end of the first season. The omake picks up on this interaction with a slew of impromptu H-scenes. One scene begins with Margery Daw making sounds of pleasure while the camera pans up from her curled toes How Yuji and the viewers are introduced to Shana. A flashing sword cuts off the arm of the Rinne grabbing Yuji, and then the swordswoman herself performs a downward flying kick into the other Rinne, driving it into the pavement.

Earn Your Happy Ending: Shana and Yuji have to go through a lot before they get their happy ending. Shana and Kazumi form a quirky alliance in response to Konoe's perceived usurping of Yuji's affections, although they spend more time moping about it than doing anything constructive. Eventually their understanding of each other extends beyond the non-combative theatre of operations.

The Extremist Was Right: The Crimson Denizens go a step further and, admiring humanity and wishing to coexist with it, are convinced by the Flame Hazes' determined Last Stand to create a limiter preventing them from devouring humans. An uncountable number of people are saved from future harm. Since Crimson Denizens no longer feed on humans and threaten the balance of the world, the need for the Flame Haze to fight them are gone, allowing them to finally be people instead of walking weapons.