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shimoseka ending relationship

Dec 20, The holidays can be a tough time for even the strongest relationships: Probing questions at family gatherings add unwanted pressure, and. Even if it ends up working, the post will end up unreadable. I think this is much Both had great relationships with their dads. Both dads loved. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist It ends with Black Base leaving the "treasure" in SOX's hands, though Ayame decides light novels focused on her trying to understand human love relationships.

Wrestler in All of Us: Thanks to constantly having to deal with Anna's wrestling sessions, Tanukichi has quite of a moveset. Aside from his trademark German suplex, he also uses superkicks, hammerlocks and figure four leglocks.

Shizuka Ishigami JapaneseJamie Marchi English A lively girl who loves dirty jokes and feels oppressed by the strict moral laws, she keeps a straight-laced facade as the student council vice-president. Acting as the terrorist known as "Blue Snow", she distributes lewd pictures during her "attacks", and picks up Tanukichi to found the organization SOX.

She's recognized by the Public Morals Committee as their primary opposition, due to her efforts to spread public awareness about pornography and sex education, in general. But she also opposes Gathered Fabric for giving other ero terrorist groups a bad reputation. She and Tanukichi hold Anna in high regard for treating them like normal people, whereas the public largely shunned them for what their fathers did. She's the leader of the rebellion against Japan's anti-sex laws.

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When she first offers Tanukichi the opportunity to establish SOX, he refuses and even wants to turn her in. She ends up giving him two reasons why he shouldn't, one being that she's best friends with Anna, and the revelation that Ayame was Blue Snow would probably cause her to suffer a Despair Event Horizon. The second is that she has his DNA all over the rope he used to escape after she first rescued him, implying she would use a Wounded Gazelle Gambit and claim he tied her up with that rope.

shimoseka ending relationship

Her reaction upon getting her first look at Tanukichi's erection, following his near rape by Anna in chapter 4.

Ayame turned blue in the face and ran out of the room screaming. Acts it out, accompanied by table-bumping, to Tanukichi's embarrassment. Also weaponizes it through a voiceover of flies mating, which is enough to make a whole hall of students all hot and bothered.

She herself however seems to have only learned it secondhand through studying pornography, as she is implied to be as virginal as anyone else. She can, and does it all the time, but only if it's of her own free will. When the entire cast is forced to don black lingerie in the anime's last episode, she's visibly embarrassed to be with Tanukichi he notes it, and they even comment at the difference.

However, by the end of the episode they are all already comfortable with the situation. Despite her fascination with porn and innuendo, it's heavily implied that she's still a virgin, given her tendency to panic whenever she's actually faced with the real thing. Even more in the manga as, unlike the anime, she only regards Tanukichi as a comrade and eventually her friend.

Her introductory scene shows she's capable of leaping from great heights onto concrete without injury. Which is seen again in episode 6, when se leaps from a tree branch at a greater height to escape Anna. She also used a single arm to hammer toss Tanukichi to safety when she saw Anna was gaining on her. At school she wears glasses and has her hair in a braid. As Blue Snow, she wears her hair down and covers her face with a pair of panties.

In the light novel, after Tanukichi makes a reference to Ultramanshe casually acknowledges she's a fan of Ultraman Cosmos. Comically Missing the Point: It's one of her standard tools to misinterpret everything Tanukichi says so it becomes a sexual innuendo, very much to his anger.

She constantly spouts lewdness but freaks out when she sees Tanukichi naked for the first time. It is justified as despite her spouting all that lewdness she's still just as unexperienced sexually as everyone else her age. Inverted covered by the Loophole Abuse entry. Didn't See That Coming: It never occurred to her how teaching the students about pornographic material could potentially backfire, until Oboro began drafting them as part of his private corps.

Thanks to her, his new troops could easily recognize lewd material and knew all the spots where SOX usually hides it. Making it easy for him to confiscate and burn it. When she was young her father, a public figure, was also jailed under the obscenity laws due to a scandal, according to her it was fake charges from a frame up job done by his opponents using claims he molested a young girl to eliminate his persistent opposition to the draconian moral laws when he himself prefers older women according to her.

She's barefoot in her Blue Snow costume and goes around as such during her missions. She does it even in forest terrains or when breaking her way through a bus's glass windshield. It only shows how tough she is, or at least her feet are. The way that she eats her ice cream in episode 2. Tanukichi is freaked out by this but Ayame says that it needs a pervert to spot a pervert. Ayame shares many of the same quirks and personality traits as Haruhi. They even roped Tanukichi and Kyon into joining them as their first new members, and later develop a tenuous romantic attraction to them.

Some are censored by the show itself through stickers. While both of them suffered from Disappeared Dads in the past due to the decency laws, they had the opposite reactions to them; Ayame resolved to fight the law while Tanukichi hoped to put it behind him until Ayame roped him into her cause.

shimoseka ending relationship

Also, Ayame is ribald and reckless but turns squeamish when she sees real-life lewd situations as opposed to the porn and erotica she distributeswhile Tanukichi is generally level-headed but secretly perverted. Ayame is one of the few people her age knowledgeable about sex and consent and is pro-sexuality in general. But she herself hasn't gone beyond making dirty jokes and gestures, or it's implied stimulated herself, even becoming a bit of a prude about it though she'll happily encourage boys to do so.

Anna on the other hand claims to despise all things dirty yet doesn't really understand sexual matters. But being sexually repressed by their society, Gouriki doesn't recognize his feelings for what they are. By chapter 13, episode 12 in the anime, Kosuri develops a full-blown girl crush on Ayame, which doesn't go unnoticed, nor is it reciprocated. All of the Other Reindeer: Tanukichi's father was an open opponent of Japan's rampant censorship, which led to his arrest and Tanukichi being ostracized by everyone who knew him.

His admiration of Anna comes from meeting her as a kid and her being the first person since his father's arrest to treat him with kindness and respect. The students are clueless about how to express sexual attraction, due to being denied basic sex education.

Ayame points out that it's unnatural and potentially problematic, something that becomes all too clear when Anna nearly rapes Tanukichi. Later, after Hyouka finds the dirty pictures Tanukichi was going to hide around the school, she distributes them and manipulates the students into storming the forest to uncover contraband pornography.

In episode 3, Tanukichi crossdresses to protect Anna from a group of stalkers. Gouriki immediately recognizes him through the disguise and becomes attracted to him. By the following episode, he's dropped all animosity towards Tanukichi and tries to get closer to him. Big Brother Is Watching You: People are forced to wear special chokers and wristbands called Peace Makers to monitor what they say for obscene words and alert the authorities.

They can even track arm and finger movements for anything written or drawn. Blue Snow has a special function on her phone to disable her PM, and presumably any nearby PMs, for three minutes a day. Anna's mother is trying to pass a law to make this even worse, by allowing the active monitoring and recording of PM for underage citizens, and making them wear the newest PMs that are shaped like chastity belts.

The manga version is drawn by Yuzuki N', a well-known ero-artist who's made regular manga before, like for Photo Kano. Despite this, the anime manages to be lewder in parts.

Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: One of the first scenes of the series is the burning of dirty magazines. A knife variation of this is used when Anna discovers Kosuri sleeping next to an oblivious Tanukichi.

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He tries to pass her off as his half-sister, and Kosuri plays up the part, which initially relieves Anna. However, Kosuri takes it a bit too far, prompting Anna to knock her down on the floor, then repeatedly stabbing the floorspace around her before leaving. Monica Rial being cast as Anna. She went from being a tsundere student council president in Maid-Sama!

While much of what Ayame says and does and the pictures she shares in her Blue Snow persona do have to be censored in order to meet real life broadcast standards, the anime's production staff decided to take advantage of this by using "stickers" with cartoonish caricatures of her and strategic bleeps to go for this.

The same applies for other characters. Even the name of SOX comes from the way Japanese writing is censored by using circles, in this case replacing the E in sex. Early in episode 3, Ayame tries to warn Tanukichi about Anna's mental state and says it could be bad for him, if she were to snap. He dismisses it as Ayame being a drama queen.

It comes back to haunt him in a big way. Tanukichi glimpses a shadow outside his door, but when he opens it to see who it is, all he finds is a small puddle. Later, he begins receiving love letters from a potential stalker, which he shows Ayame.

She notices one of them is damp and sticks her hand inside it. When she pulls it out, her fingers are covered in strands of vaginal fluid. Both of them fail to recognize what it is, until the "cookie" scene in the following episode. The last thing anyone expected to reuse from the otherwise epic episode 10 - Gouriki in women's underwear, which gets weaponized in One of the first things Tanukichi does is save one of the student council members from a girl falsely accusing him of groping her on the railway so that she could turn him in for a reward.

Said girl then turns around and accuses Tanukichi of groping her. Anna makes it clear that she will not accept competition from Ayame. The latter quickly escapes from the situation by claiming that she totally supports the former and Tanukichi being together. Kosuri can't stand the fact that Tanukichi is so close to Ayame, so she tries to usurp his position in SOX in order to be closer to her. When her attempt fails, she quits SOX in a fit of jealousy and retaliates by joining Gathered Fabric.

Done with a knife when Anna tosses one at Kosuri in Tanukichi's apartment after the latter gets too close to him for her liking. Hyouka's introductory scene has her appear from under Tanukichi's desk, right between his legs. Oboro is the head of the school's Decency Prefects and seems level-headed, but has an unusual way of thinking as far as what's perceived to be lewd.

Such as confiscating all ping pong balls and toilet paper, or the gym's basketball hoop. All done with a perfectly straight face and monotone. Tanukichi initially bemoans Ayame's penchant for lewd puns and humor, but eventually comes to accept and admire her for the way she is. It's also thanks to his interactions with Ayame that he's finally able to admit that he likes dirty jokes himself. This series is set in a dystopian future where Big Brother Is Watching to make sure nothing lewd ever occurs.

On top of SWAT teams busting people for looking at porn, there's no sex education meaning almost none of the current generation know how to reproduce, nor do they know the names of their genitaliaand The Dragon to the Big Bad is a nymphomaniac rapist who thinks what she's doing to her victim is love. Tanukichi and the others gradually join in, until they're all doing it, including Anna. In episode 11, Ayame tells Tanukichi the worst case scenario.

shimoseka ending relationship

Gathered Fabric ends up tarnishing the SOX name, giving politicians an excuse to crack down even more on lewdness, not to mention bringing down Kosuri's father who's secretly supporting them. And they can't even do much for the school because they're vastly outnumbered by the terrorists. Fortunately, Hyouka tells them they still have a chance. Anna loves Tanukichi, sort of, but views his SOX persona as her enemy.

shimoseka ending relationship

However, she can subconsciously tell it's him and still gets aroused, much to her shame. She considers her own reaction unfaithful. But there's no follow-up to Ayame's confession to Tanukichi from the previous episode, and he's seemingly reverted to freaking out over her puns again. It ends with Black Base leaving the "treasure" in SOX's hands, though Ayame decides it's best to leave it hidden, for now.

Does Not Like Shoes: Blue Snow goes around barefoot as part of her nudity. Also, when not dressed as Still Undecided, Tanukichi sometimes performs his missions in socks or barefoot as well. Tanukichi stumbled into a cave that resembles the shape of a vagina in episode 5. It's later used as a sight gag. Blue Snow uses a lot of these shamelessly during her rampages. Even when not in her Blue Snow persona, she's still able to disable her PM for three minutes a day, during which she unleashes all her pent-up frustration in a flurry of obscene comments and dirty puns.

Otome is romantically attracted to another girl? Tanukichi doesn't bat an eye. He finds a stash of homoerotic manga in the woods? Ayame enthusiastically makes lube and devices meant as self-pleasuring aids for the male students, but she gets flustered when Tanukichi suggests they make some for the girls as well.

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When he points out they're building vibrators, she brushes it off since guys can use them too. Earlier it's implied she's never done it herself, despite ribbing Tanukichi about it all the time. Rape, Female on Male: Anna's assault on Tanukichi is shown in a negative light, made worse by the fact that neither the assailant nor the person watching from the sidelines have any understanding of consent.

The assailant doesn't even recognize it as lewdness. The "Law for Public Order and Morals in Healthy Child-Raising", which prohibits any form of obscenity, no matter the context or reason.

Hyouka's perpetually tired face never changes and her voice basically never emotes, no matter what she's talking about. Even Ayame is weirded out by her. Subverted with Oboro, who looks and sounds the part, but is really a guy. Though in the latter's case, it was mostly because of Tanukichi using "recovery of his underwear" as an incentive for Anna to go along with it. Kosuri is all for the sex revolution, she's just primarily motivated by finding it entertaining and emotionally abuses her victims in the process because it's easier.

Gathered Fabric, a group of underwear thieves led by White Peak, a panty-fetishist covered head to toe in panties. While SOX combines the promotion of sexual awareness with pranks, they never go as far as to hurt people.

Ayame is concerned about them ruining the revolution's image, especially since they claim solidarity with SOX. Every episode adds more characters to Ayame's dance. In episode 4, not only is the shadow figure during the credits revealed to be Anna, she's also shown running with her arms reaching out in order to reflect her sexual awakening.

Additionally, the third "bubble" picture in the credits changes per episode. This is literally Tanukichi's reaction when he sees what the double award-winning artist of the school Saotome Otome actually looks like. Ayame shares a lot in common with Haruhi Suzumiya in that both initially seem pushy, but generally mean well. She also shares Haruhi's perverse nature, albeit to a much greater extreme. Tanukichi fills Kyon's role as the series' Supporting Protagonistwho often provides commentary on Ayame's actions.

Which also makes him the designated Only Sane Man of the group, whenever he thinks she's going too far. Despite both their complaints, however, he and Kyon both eventually admit to themselves that they actually enjoy the weirdness surrounding Ayame and Haruhiand even prefer it that way. His name also evokes Taniguchi, Kyon's perverted friend. Hyouka is equivalent to Yuki Nagato. Both of them are emotionless, scientifically-mined girls with cold colored hair purple in Nagato and green in Hyouka who have a professional interest in the main protagonist Yuki due to Kyon's influence on Haruhi and Hyouka for her interest in reproductionrarely leave their respective school clubs literature and scienceand occasionally save the day for the brigade.

Yuki even has a small arc of the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels focused on her trying to understand human love relationships. Oboro's case is likely unintentional, but still looks, soundsand acts like a gender bent version of Azumanga Daioh 's Sakaki. Made moreso in the anime version thanks to Sumire UesakaOboro's Japanese voice actress, sounding similar to Yuu AsakawaSakaki's Japanese voice actress.

White Peak, is basically Makoto Shishio in a stiched bodysuit of white panties instead of bandages, and both serve as their respective series' main antagonist. The Decency Squad have hats with brims covering the eyes and part of the face. Ayame is prone to ditching Tanukichi if he gets in trouble with Anna, though she does attempt to sacrifice herself to keep him out of legal trouble once.

Gouriki is forced to strip, during the hijacking incident in episode 10, which causes all the other passengers and gunman to vomit when they see he's wearing his kid sister's bra and panties.

The sight of Oboro completely naked during the ED credits of episode 9 might also qualify for some, but for an entirely different reason.

Ayame complains that Japan's moral decency laws treat obscenity as if it were worse than murder. Anyone who violates said laws is labeled an "ero terrorist", with the opening scene showing the Public Decency Squad cracking down on students and other offenders for possession of pornography, h-doujins, and even figurines.

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The items are confiscated and summarily burned on the spot and any resistance is met with Police Brutality. Ayame and Anna are polar opposites in several ways: Ayame's understanding of sex is general enough to make dirty jokes and lewd puns, and says she wants to live in a world where people are free to partake in all the raunchy media and behavior they want.

shimoseka ending relationship

But it's as far as her deviancy goes, as she fails to recognize vaginal fluid when she first sees it and the sight of an actual erection causes her to panic, implying that she's still a virgin. By contrast, Anna is clueless about sex and was brought up to despise all lewd behavior. Yet, she turns out to be a nymphomaniac who mistakes her lust for Tanukichi as love. Her pent-up libido is such that just the thought of being with him literally brings her to orgasm.

Anna even hangs one such picture in the Student Council room, unaware of the double-meaning behind it until Tanukichi points it out. Tanukichi crushes on Anna again, but Ayame quietly warns him not to pursue her, as she can be frightening when angry, and that Anna's parents were responsible for the current and potential-future morals laws that have a stranglehold on Japan.

Later, Ayame decides to hatch another plot at school during physical exams for the freshmen students. Ayame distracts Anna and Goriki while Tanukichi disguises himself as Blue Snow and attempts to teach some students dirty words by sight. However, Anna catches the disguised Tanukichi before he can finish and chases him around the school, cornering him until Ayame appears as the real Blue Snow with the captured urine samples of the freshmen boys.

As Anna and Goriki race after her, Tanukichi takes off his Blue Snow disguise, unaware that an artistic student spotted him from a nearby roof. Later, Otome drags Tanukichi out of class and threatens to reveal his connection to Blue Snow unless he helps her resolve a romantic issue.

Meanwhile, Anna finds herself dealing with a mysterious stalker leaving threatening messages in her school locker and mailbox. After taking Otome out to dinner, Tanukichi finds out that she is in love with Anna like him after she reveals her name. However, when she threatens to turn him in, Tanukichi claims to be in love with Ayame instead.

The next day, Ayame thinks that Otome could be the stalker after Tanukichi tells her about the situation, but Tanukichi thinks it's someone else entirely. At the student council meeting, Ayame schemes to draw the stalker out of hiding by posing as Anna's boyfriend, while Otome decides to watch Anna with Tanukichi by disguising the two of them. As the plan is launched at a public park, Otome reveals how Anna is her sole reason for painting, as she couldn't imagine anyone else after meeting her.

Suddenly, multiple stalkers appear and attack the disguised Ayame. Tanukichi leaps out of cover and defends the girls, but one of the thugs manages to briefly knock him out as he inadvertently kisses Anna. Tanukichi tries to excuse himself but falls unconscious as Anna tries to deal with new, unresolved feelings from the kiss. Tanukichi soon returns to school, but Ayame is strangely absent and Anna keeps avoiding him.

Later, Ayame talks about her latest plan to reclaim a hidden stash of old pornographic material located on private property in Yotsuga Forest.

Tanukichi Okuma

She can't do it alone, so instead she plans to lure the students from school out to the forest during the weekend. However, her plans are sidelined when Tanukichi is targeted by a stalker and Anna's mother, Sophia, shows up to the school in person to get the students to support her new legislation that would force all students to wear chastity belt-like devices. Running low on options, Ayame decides to have Tanukichi confront his stalker while Otome hides in a closet to draw lewd pictures herself.

However, the stalker turns out to be Anna who restrains and attempts to rape Tanukichi while being unable to understand her feelings. After Ayame accidentally interrupts them, Anna flees as Otome begins furiously drawing the scene with her teeth. Later that night, Hyouka confronts Anna in the lobby of her apartment, asking why her science lab was sterilized without asking. Anna responds that it was done out of love, as the more "impure" influences she eliminates, the more she will be rewarded with love, therefore everything she does for love is just.

However, Tanukichi finds himself targeted by an increasingly-obsessive Anna around school, trying to make him drink her "love nectar," and drink from Tanukichi's. While escaping from Anna, he accidentally drops his bag filled with illegal material in Hyouka's lab and tells Ayame that he can't distribute them with Anna constantly trying to pin him down.

On Sunday, the day of the "X Prohibition Law" signature drive, Sophia plans to greet the students of her daughter's academy in person and Ayame plans to quixotically storm the forest against a large force of morality police. Surprisingly, the students all show up at the forest, as Hyouka picked up Tanukichi's material and quietly spread copies around school herself.

She manages to distract the police long enough for the female students and SOX to start looking for the hidden stash of porn. However, Anna shows up in person, chasing down Ayame in her Blue Snow disguise. Ayame tosses Tanukichi down into the forest to help him escape from Anna, where he finds the porn stash in a suggestively-shaped cave.

However, when he hears Ayame being strangled by Anna, he decides to save her wearing a new disguise he found in the cave. Anna can't understand why the new terrorist gives her similar feelings to Tanukichi, and leaps into the forest in shame. Later that night, Sophia holds a press conference announcing the success of the petition drive, but discovers too late that someone replaced her signed petitions with pornographic artwork, which gets broadcast live around the country and embarrasses her push for the new law.

Tanukichi is assigned the task of getting Hyouka to develop small vibrators, but upon coming to collect one, a mostly-naked Hyouka attempts to learn about his "cucumber" as payment for her services. While they argue, Anna stops by and starts growing jealous, so Tanukichi quickly hands her a finished vibrating egg without telling her its true purpose to calm her down.

The next day, Tanukichi accidentally activates the vibrator with the wireless remote Hyouka gave him, reawakening Anna's lust.

Tanukichi tries desperately to escape or find a way to turn off the vibrator, but none of his friends want to help him, and Anna finally traps him inside the Student Council room. Tanukichi discovers that Anna turned the vibrator into a pendant, but is unable to reach it while being pinned down under her.

Eventually, the vibrator shorts out as Anna climaxes and Tanukichi manages to escape.