Song joong ki innocent man ending a relationship

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song joong ki innocent man ending a relationship

innocentman Starring: Song Joong-ki, Moon Chae-won, Park Si-yeon it's about a guy who sacrificed himself for someone who ended up But in the end, the only thing we got is her improved relationship with Eun-suk. Non-Spoiler Review Oh, man, what a ride this drama was. We start out with Maru, a medical student, who is in a relationship with the love of his life, Jae-hee. This show made me a fan of Song Joong-ki—he's a great actor. Song Joong Ki: Kang Maru: Innocent Man Korean Babies, Korean Guys, .. [ Spoiler] Added episode 5 captures for the Korean drama 'She Was Pretty' .. Marriage not dating, The best kiss scene Love Dating, Marriage Not Dating, Best.

Which means she did an excellent job of the role, heh. Clearly, a lot of thought went into camera frames and angles, and I found it a nice touch.

Drama Review: Innocent Man (Nice Guy)

What can I say, I like my Pretty. Engagement Level Warped logic, tropes and all, the story itself remains engaging. The multi-faceted relationships, driven by conflicting motivations, with the conflict often warring within a single character, make the story feel layered and interesting. The plethora of melodramatic stuff that Show was serving up was designed to keep me engaged and interested, but had the opposite effect of making me go numb, somewhat.

Even so, Show manages to remain engaging in a pretty solid manner most of the way through. Did I think it was stretching the limits of my ability to suspend disbelief?

Although I really doubt that!: D Thanks for your great review Serendipity and have a serendipitous day!: Jae Hee had chemistry with Lawer Ahn but with Maru at the beginning yes but at some point this sounded weird.

Part of it is mainly because of Jae Hee character who stopped impressing me after a few episodes when she became repetitive — even thought she shone here and there.

Park Shi Yeon had already played this type of golddigger character before in her drama with Park Yong Ha for example. Eun Gi was more difficult to handle and one never knew what would be her next actions. The actress managed to enact the various stages of the with subtlety and I liked her chemistry with SJK mostly during her amnesiac days.

Therefore I think everyone did a good job here: She allowed us to see her thoughts, her reasoning behind her actions, her vulnerability which was missing in her earlier role. Her scenes with Maru were heartfelt and deep and they had awesome chemistry together.

Their scene on the bench was awesome as they both broke down and cried together while when he cried with EunGi, they cried separately. Maru allowed Jae Hee to see all sides of him while EunGi only saw his strong side most of the time. As I said JH became too repetitive while EG was a more difficult character to act and more thrilling -one never know her next act.

song joong ki innocent man ending a relationship

So it is rightly said that it is the new maru the nice guy like he was before. Haha i think when she realized that maru did love her sincerely and not using her, she is back to be honest to love maru like she did when she is losing her memories, willingly to give the whole taesan for maru, so i assume she did, start a new life, live and love like normal people. Ehehehee love this movie! Your comments made me almost change my feelings about the end.

Why would I die? Even without love, I can live fine alone. I was never selfish or full of greed in my life, not even once.

Song Joong-Ki Happy Birthday 2012 (Nice Guy / Innocent Man behind the scenes )

The things I want to do, the things I want, the things I wish for… Have I ever had any of those for at least once in my whole life? I can live fine without love. I will find a way to survive. Why is living supposed to be hell?

The Innocent Man (TV series) - Wikipedia

Well, that hematoma certainly has a knack for dramatic timing. She notices his fingers starting to twitch, and tears fill her eyes. Jae-gil comes home to find Maru passed out on the floor. His horrified reaction Breaks.

song joong ki innocent man ending a relationship

Choco can barely contain herself when she arrives at the hospital. Choco breaks down, blaming herself for not noticing sooner, when Maru would be able to notice when she had the slightest fever. Time for a tissue break. She steels herself to go inside, but turns around at the last minute and leaves.

Then the reveal, as Doctor Suk admits that what he regrets most is doing as Maru asked, and treating Eun-ki. Which means he must have known where she was after the accident.

He regrets it because he knew Eun-ki would go after Maru the moment she regained her memories. Joon-ha finally opens his eyes. Not even once calling me Oppa. The only thing that stopped him and his greed?

Choco, whom he affectionately calls Chici-Chici-Choco-Choco. How can I kill him after I ate her seaweed soup for me? She catches Eun-ki on her way in for a change of clothes, and remembers Maru saying that he could survive without love. As Eun-ki zombies her way through the hospital hallway, we hear Jae-gil in voiceover telling her that Maru sustained the hematoma from their tunnel of love. Is someone going to be there for him? The sad realizations hit Eun-ki one by one.

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She eventually breaks down in tears. Jae-hee, alone in her room, also breaks down into sobs. Min-young calls Jae-hee from his car, his tone rushed and nervous. He manipulated Jae-hee out of his greed for Taesan.

song joong ki innocent man ending a relationship

He puts on a black hat once he sees Eun-ki stumbling down the street.