Soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

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soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

[Spoilers] Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor Rewatch - Episode 12 [ Discussion] . t. jesus the Soushi x Kazuki at the end of this episode was intense. I've been raising my eyebrows at Soshi and Kazuki's relationship but. 'Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Exodus' Anime Gets New TV Spot .. Canvas 2: Niji Iro no Sketch.. complicated relationships and twisted ending. Soukyuu no Fafner - Heaven & Earth» Soushi + Kazuki Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor, Episode [End] . super intimate moment (everyone who doesn't believe that the relationship between the two (however you may interpret it).

Go Out with a Smile: Stoic to the bitter end but when he's saying his goodbyes to Kazuki after his death he's last seen smiling before his body fades away. He likes doing this with Kazuki a lot. In Exodus he and Kazuki share a scene where he mentions how long Kazuki's hair has gotten and suggests he cut it. Kazuki calls him out on it. Later, after Kenji has taken control of the Siegfried System for the first time, Soushi tells him not to shoulder everything by himself.

Both Kenji and Kazuki call him out on this. Says this to Kazuki at the end of the first season, and again in the movie. Killed Off for Real: He claims this is his fate at the start of Exodus. It comes true in the final episode.

To Kazuki, consistently throughout the series. Exodus Kazuki, who is much more stable than before, flees the NUN pilots to go to see Soushi, calming down significantly and immediately once they're together. Funny enough, Kazuki is this for him too. Living on Borrowed Time: It's heavily implied in Exodus that he's only alive because he's part-Festum now. Already this in the original but even more so in Exodus where his hair is even longer and falls far less strict.

In Exodus, only for a while, though. Until his Midseason Upgrade. Required of him while he's operating the Siegfried System, as any show of emotion could negatively impact the pilots. He has no clue of how to do casual conversation. See the episode where he takes Kazuki into his bedroom.

It's turned into a sort of Running Gag where he treats a menial task as serious as a war council and Kazuki fondly says "You're really awkward, aren't you? Right of Left especially shows us that Soushi's stoic demeanour is at least partly a facade. In actuality, his coldness is a front used to bear the weight of his responsibilities, namely the potential of having to sacrifice the pilots for the sake of the island.

This vending machine is 11 steps from my bedroom. You're really awkward, aren't you?

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Also played straight when he pilots Mark Nicht in Exodus. He turns out to be one of, if not the most aggressive among the pilots on the entire show.

Played straight in the original and Heaven and Earth. When the island Mir resonates with Emery he and Miwa are the only ones not bothered by the apparently incredibly loud and painful noise it creates.

In the novel, Kazuki describes him as a generally pleasant and gentle person which he pegs as one reason for his massive fan club so when he starts getting erratic and irritated Kazuki knows that something really bad is about to happen. His father dies near the very beginning of the series. His mother sacrificed herself while pregnant with Tsubaki to stabilize the island's core. His very first line in the first scene of the first episode of Exodus is "My name is Minashiro Soushi.

It has reached memetic level by now.

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Technically he doesn't actually need to wear glasses but chooses to do so because he never restored his left eye to normal probably because the wound Kazuki caused was too important to erase.

He only does so once an attempt to dismantle Mark Nicht requires him to get into a cockpit which would not have been possible with only one eye. Sand In My Eyes: Happens when Kazuki returns to the island and declares that he finally understands Soushi. Soushi is moved to tears, but when Kazuki asks him about it he brushes it off as nothing. He toes the line in the first episode when Toomi asks how Tokyo was. By baffledly repeating the word "Tokyo" he manages to reveal to the audience that there's something else afoot but it's just subtle enough to not alert the other characters.

Right of Left then reveals "Tokyo" was part of summer vacation spent in Alvis and Fafner training. In the PV for the second cour of Exodus, he screams Kazuki's name repeatedly in a manner reminiscent to Kazuki's breakdown in the first season. He does scream Kazuki's name several times across the season. When he remakes his existence and come back from the Festum world, the sight in his left eye is restored but the scar there remains, probably because he considers it part of himself and make him who he is.

Bonus points for the already long hair, double because it's already worn in a ponytail. Was fully prepared to get shot for Kazuki and does take Raison's attack for Kazuki at two separate occasions. In the original series. The rational one among the younger cast. Is generally this, but he slips into Not So Stoic when Kazuki returns to the island, and again at the end of the movie. The PV for the second cour of Exodus takes this even further, where he loses his cool completely and is heard screaming Kazuki's name repeatedly in desperation.

There's a reason he's the operator of the Siegfried System. Sugar-and-Ice Personality Teen Genius: To contrast Kazuki's far more sporty nature. He was the brains behind the entire operation at the tender age of In Exodus being on his intelligence level is equal to being the most intelligent pilot in history.

In the novel he apparently plays this down as it's actually Shouko and Kouyo who always have the best grades. Took a Level in Badass: While he was always pretty capable and badass in his own right, being the operator of the Siegfried System, when he starts piloting Nicht he is nigh-unstoppable.

It's subtle but Kiyasu Kohei voices him slightly deeper in Exodus which does actually make him appear more mature than before.

Was Once a Man: Exodus reveals that upon his return to Tatsumiya at the end of the movie he's no longer completely human, taking on some Festum-like qualities. Wise Beyond Their Years: Right of Left reveals that the year-old Soushi has already been working at Alvis for quite a while, knowing most of the island's secrets. Fumihiko Makabe "The battle with nothing to protect is meaningless. Develops this in Heaven and Earth due to modifications to the Mir of Tatsumiya. It's cured when Mir becomes the atmosphere of Earth and cleanses it.

Of the "always at work, never home" variety. This is actually sort of understandable considering he has an island to protect and a war to manage. He still clearly cares deeply about Kazuki which is most apparent in the Drama CDs.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

He had some of this with Chizuru in the first season. Kouzou Minashiro Voiced by: Raised his son Soushi to be the protector of the core and nothing else. Yumi Ikoma and Ryou Masaoka are children who have been selected to take part in a top secret mission, to be the pilots of the first Fafner combat units; the last chance of survival for the human race. The enemy is ruthless, remorseless and is able to read the minds of humans.

Therefore, the details of this mission are kept a secret even from the personnel involved. The young pilots must use all their courage and faith in order to survive and complete their mission or the fate of mankind would be compromised. Heaven and Earth [ edit ] The year is Two years after the end of the original Fafner in the Azure TV series, Tatsumiya Island and its surviving residents have returned to some semblance of recovery.

minashiro kazuki

With Misao's arrival, hostilities break out anew between the Human Army and the Festum, and the Fafner pilots are thrown into the most desperate battle of their lives - this time, with the fate of TWO races riding on their shoulders. Exodus [ edit ] A.

soukyuu no fafner ending a relationship

The fight against the Festum, a silicon-based alien lifeform that destroyed much of the world, enters a new phase. The first Azure Operation crushed the Artic Mir, scattering its pieces around the world. Soon those fragments began to act of their own volition. While the majority of the Mir wage war, embracing a hatred for mankind, some of the Festum chose to co-exist with humanity. There were humans who also thought it was possible. Mankind and the Festum, co-existing.

The concept questioned the very reason for the war, giving birth to even more hatred. This is no longer simply a fight between humans and the Festum. Under such circumstances, Tatsumiya Island disappeared from the front lines, going silent.