Sunohara ending a relationship

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sunohara ending a relationship

Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou is a four-panel romantic comedy manga series by Nekoume. . also be released, which will include acrylic figures of characters from the series. The ending theme was released on a single on August 1, The story follows the relationships between Aki Shiina and Ayaka Sunohara (the maternal caretaker of the Sunohara dormitory), as well as Aki's. To make things even more complicated, Sunohara Youhei, Tomoya's that she interned in, and apparently their relationship quickly turned to love. forceful one , it looked like Ryou had finally gotten ahead of her in the end.

At least, that's what he hoped. To make things even more complicated, Sunohara Youhei, Tomoya's longtime friend, also had a crush on someone, and unfortunately for him that someone happened to be Kyou. Yes, Kyou, the girl who used him for target practice, the girl who'd probably strangle any potential suitor with the sole exception of Okazaki, and the girl who hated Youhei's rotten guts was the one he fell for, and Tomoya was, for the first time ever, sincerely worried for Youhei's life.

But now Tomoyo, feeling a little sorrowful at seeing Kyou and Youhei lonely like this, decided to help them somehow, but Okazaki really didn't think it was a good idea. She'd more likely kill him than date him. It's not going to work. He just couldn't resist her eyes, which was funny because long ago he often saw them flare up at the sight of Youhei.

Now, Tomoyo was trying to help the very person she used to beat up so often. Tomoyo smiled, but Tomoya frowned. His briefcase hit the ground with a thud as Youhei went over to his couch and slumped down on it. He yawned loudly as he decided to lie down.

He had already graduated from high school for about two years now, yet here he was sitting around doing absolutely nothing productive. Sure, he was a clerk at some ordinary law firm, and he technically had a higher paying job than Okazaki, but wasn't his old friend the one who got all the girls while he had to get kicked by some of them and rejected by all?

He was alone, stuck with some stupid job without the chance to go out and have a good time. It wasn't like his school days, where he could sneak away from class and hang out with Okazaki and whichever girl that stud happened to be around. No, if he even thought of ditching, he'd get fired. Life was getting really boring, and nothing exciting happened anymore.

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Training to be a teacher was never that easy. Dealing with kindergarten kids was what Kyou always wanted to do, but seeing their cute little faces made her think of him, and of all those people she once knew.

Kyou wasn't even twenty-five, but when she looked at those happy, lively faces, she couldn't help but mope around like an old woman. Ryou had found love. She met Kappei, some guy who happened to work at the same hospital that she interned in, and apparently their relationship quickly turned to love. Kyou sighed as she thought of her quiet, timid younger sister. Even though she was always the strong and forceful one, it looked like Ryou had finally gotten ahead of her in the end.

She was proud of Ryou, there was no doubt about that, but seeing Ryou so happy with her lover made Kyou feel just so miserable too.

Come to think of it, some of the people she knew still lived in this city, didn't they?

Should Sunohara end up with someone?

Her old friends were still here, including, well, Tomoya But Tomoya didn't share her feelings. He chose Tomoyo, and left her in the dust. But it was her fault for not approaching him earlier, and she missed out.

Aki and Ayaka buy cooking sake, and learn that Nishiki still thought Aki was a girl. At home, Yuzu, impressed with Ayaka handling the spider, tells Aki to figure out Ayaka's weakness by watching her reactions to a horror movie, but the film scares Aki instead.

Aki asks Ayaka directly, and she reveals she had concealed being scared of the film for Aki's sake; she makes him sleep in her bed, saying she cannot fall asleep alone. Aki does not understand, so Ayaka replicates the situation with him in Yuzu's place, and he understands when feeling body contact. Later, Sumire watches Aki, jealously trying to learn why Yuzu talks about him so often; she ends up helping with his homework, and they get closer to one another.

Later, Sumire locks herself up in her room, upset over having taken Yuzu to an amusement park only for Yuzu to be too short for the rollercoaster. The girls want Aki to help Sumire; he is unsure about entering a girl's bedroom, so they make him crossdress as "Akiko", and he cheers Sumire up by riding on her shoulders like Yuzu usually does.

Later, Yuri makes Aki model women's clothes she made specifically for him, under the pretense that only he is close to her size. Despite protesting, he poses for pictures in many different outfits, until Yuri demands a bikini picture; they argue, and Ayaka almost catches him crossdressing.

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Yuri puts one of the pictures next to a photo of the other residents, saying that they are finally together. Aki fantasizes about marrying her, and, after reading in a magazine about how men who can cook are popular with women, helps Ayaka with the dinner; he is shocked to hear Yuzu call him a better girl than she is and that cooking typically is a wife's job in a household.

sunohara ending a relationship

Later, Yuzu tells Aki that she is insecure over her breast size, and he helps her research how to stimulate growth. She feels better after seeing Ayaka's swimsuit from when she was younger, realizing that Ayaka's breasts used to be smaller, too. Later, Aki helps Ayaka repair the roof before the rainy season starts, but the ladder falls over. They are stuck on the roof while it starts to rain, until the girls come home and help them down.

Aki wants to bathe, but Yuzu, Yuri and Sumire end up taking a bath together before Aki, after winning rock-paper-scissors against him.

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While the girls bathe, Ayaka takes care of Aki, letting him rest on her lap. Aki does not want to bathe with the girls, feeling embarrassed, but ends up bathing with Ayaka while Yuri photographs them in secret. Yuri later tricks Aki into believing she is photographing spirits, but turns out to secretly have been photographing Yuzu, and is selling the pictures to Sumire.

sunohara ending a relationship

As school is over, Ayaka helps the residents with their summer homework, spending a whole day with each person. Nishiki delivers a crate of beverages to Sunohara-sou, and Ayaka and Aki open a bottle of juice each to celebrate finishing Aki's homework; Ayaka ends up drinking an alcoholic beverage instead, however, and drunkenly kisses and hugs the residents before falling asleep, having forgotten it all when waking up.

She turns out to be Ayaka's sister Nana, who immediately teases him by proposing to strip, calling him feminine, and trying to see his genitals.