Tales of destiny leon ending a relationship

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tales of destiny leon ending a relationship

A page for describing Characters: Tales of Destiny. Playable characters The classic Idiot Hero. He's a country boy from the boondocks town of Liena, heading . He also reveals his relationship with Rutee, but attacks them nonetheless, betraying In the original PlayStation version of Tales of Destiny, Leon fights using a. Cervantes de León (セルバンテス・デ・レオン, Serubantesu de Reon) is a character Soul Calibur Broken Destiny OST - Halcyon Harbor . There is the fact that before he found Soul Edge, he was a ruthless pirate, leaving him as a Relationships Soulcalibur III (unlocked by either defeating him in Tales of Souls Mode or.

Light StahnxLion; thus, shonen-ai. The bond between siblings is an unspoken instinctual feeling gained upon birth that never fades, even if they've always been apart. It is a love that simmers under even the harshest of feelings and bubbles up and out when it's needed most. Rated for minor language Rated: However, someone is taking control of Orbis, and their actions threaten to destroy everything left on Eternia. T - English - Sci-Fi - Chapters: Over twenty years later, with countless problems cropping up again and the declining attitudes of each planet, war begins to look inevitable.

Read on to find out! Contains 'the game' repeated metion of the chu chu lovely song, BAIBA, soft cake, boredom, awkwardness, repeated Keele fury and lots more.

Leon Magnus

Before taking on Mt. Celcius, the four travelers need to get some gear to prepare themselves. Farah, however, is taking quite some time to pick something out, and Reid tries to help. I'm not really good at summaries. K - English - Humor - Chapters: In the Bonus Dungeon in the Updated Re-release of the sequel. It's technically not him, but a shade taking on his appearance.

Can also be a Mirror Boss if Judas is in the party. His father does this, using Marian's safety and his insecurities against him. He's resurrected as a zombie to fight the party again after he dies, begging for death throughout. He may be a Jerkassbut he does indirectly inspire Stahn to become a better swordsman, mediate arguments in his own way and he's also the first to bring the party back to reality whenever things are getting too idealistic or too dark for their own good.

Plus, in both versions of the game, he also supports Johnny via The Power of Friendship. Not that he would ever admit it, though. Not to mention Real Men Wear Pink as well as him taking hits like a baby. Another piece of proof that he's The Chick is that he uses Pow Hammer. This is a spell that is only used by women in the whole Tales Series.

In one, Rutee tries to use this to her advantage by selling knockoff Swordians with his personality for 99 million Gald each The first half of Leon's side in the remake is more or less this for him. Especially in the gag omakes. This is eventually what the second half of his story brings him to in the remake. Everything he's done to try to protect Marian has failed, he thinks she's killed herself to get him out of serving Hugo, and he gets beaten so badly by his father that he can't wake up for five days, having nightmares about Marian's death all the while.

Tales of Destiny

When he finally wakes up, he starts screaming about how weak he is and banging the floor in anguish. Chaltier is the Earth-elemental Swordian. However, Leon's personality is a far cry from the typical earth-elemental characterization. Dude Looks Like a Lady: So much that NPCs mistake him for a girl. Thanks to Miktran and Hugo holding his personal maid and mother-figure, Marian, hostage. His Ineffectual Loner status is so bad, it gets him marked as a traitor and killed, all because he couldn't ask for help saving Marian.

Due to Hugo holding a hostage's life over his head. Near the very end of his story, he gets a big one after thinking Marian committed suicide for him. In Radiant Mythology 3he and Judas constantly argue and generally irritate each other. He's great at dealing damage and darting around the battlefield, but his defense is low and his HP count isn't much higher than Rutee's or Philia's.

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Great at dealing damage, but low defense and HP. It's been there since the original version. This is especially prominent in the remake. I Want to Be a Real Man: Has shades of this in the remake. His goal is basically to be a man who does not need to rely on his father. To the point that he repeatedly rejects asking Stahn for help in saving Marian in the remake. Hugo threatens to hurt Marian if his son won't steal the Eye of Atamoni and even when he does, refuses to let her go until he betrays his friends.

Even then, he doesn't let her go. Made worse by the fact that she tries to commit suicide to get him out of it in the remake. He was completely rewritten in the remake, to make him a more sympathetic character. Kill It with Fire: While his primary elements are earth and darkness, his "Cleansing Inferno" Mystic Arte has him immolate you with a cross-slash wreathed in red and purple hellfire. He has elements of both this and Tsundere. His relationship with Marian has been interpreted this way on more than one occasion.

tales of destiny leon ending a relationship

Leon does not suffer fools gladly. Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter: Mad Dictator's Handsome Son, anyways. Not that Hugo isn't a looker himself.

tales of destiny leon ending a relationship

He named himself Leon Magnus, in an effort to distance himself from his abusive father. As much as he talks about it He's suspiciously similar in many ways to another Leon. In the original game, whereas the remake turns him into a Defrosting Ice Kid. And getting pushed past the Despair Event Horizon in the remake shows it best.

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His feelings for Marian, his surrogate mother figure, are often implied to run much Ever since Tales of Vesperia came out, he's been used as the basis for a cameo costume five times with two of those being his Judas outfit, but it still counts.

Granted, none of those characters were anything like him in personality, but appearance is another story. Using these weapons, the people of the surface finally had an edge against the Aetherians. Thanks in part to the Swordians and their masters, scores of Aeropolis were sunk to the depths of the ocean.

In the end, the Erthers claimed victory over the Aetherians. Thousands of years later, this story has been mostly forgotten.

tales of destiny leon ending a relationship

In the meantime, the purposeless Swordians fell into a deep stasis sleep, only to awaken when grave threats rose once again. Story[ edit ] The story of the game begins when country-boy-turned-adventurer Stahn Aileron, who seeks fame and adventure, sneaks aboard the flying ship Draconis as a stowaway. He is found out by the crew and forced to work as a deckhand, but when a large hostile force attacks the ship, the crew is overwhelmed and Stahn breaks free during the ensuing chaos.

Looking for a usable weapon to fend off the attackers, he gains access to a storeroom and discovers a "junk" sword. However, the sword starts talking to him, calling itself Dymlos and claiming to be a sentient Swordian from the Aeth'er Wars. Armed with Dymlos, Stahn fights his way to an escape pod, which he uses to escape the rapidly descending ship before it crashes into the ground.

Dymlos becomes the key to the fame, fortune, and adventure Stahn seeks as the young man meets other Swordians, quickly becoming embroiled in a battle for a relic of the Aeth'er Wars: Not known for his intelligence or his cultured background, his fire-elemental Swordian is Dymlos. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki. She is voiced by Yuka Imai. A complex and slightly brooding character, Leon's agile Swordian is Chaltier. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. Isolated from the outside world until the events of the game, she has a sweet, charming personality and is very dependable, but she can also be overly fastidious.

Her powerful spell casting ability is augmented by her Swordian, Clemente. She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue. Wise and mature, Woodrow is known for his cool-headed battle tactics.