Tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

Engaging relationships and thrilling combat - A winning combo

tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

Tales of Xillia is a Japanese role-playing game released for the PlayStation 3 on September 7, in Japan. The game was localized in North America on August 6, and Europe on August 9, Its sequel Tales of Xillia 2 was released on November 1, . She, along with Gaius, is defeated by the party at the end of Tales of Xillia. And then how Jude sends one to Milla at the end. and nobody died at least, can't wait to play as Muzet and play Tales of Xillia 2 next year!. After the events of the original Xillia, the world of Tales of Xillia 2 is in disarray. Engaging relationships and thrilling combat - A winning combo of Xillia 1, Ludger must unravel a plot that could mean the end of the world.

Each orb activated contains either a new skill or an attribute upgrade. Player actions include moving, dashing, standard attacks, and artes; artes are special attacks which consume "Technical Points" TPthe in-game synonym for magic points. Dashing, standard attacks, and artes usage are also restricted by the "Assault Counter" ACa synonym for action points. When the Linked Artes Gauge is full, the player character can enter Over Limit which gives them immunity to stagger, unlimited AC, and allows them to use linked artes in succession.

List of Tales of Xillia characters Two millennia ago, humans developed spyrix, a power source which absorbs spirits to supply power. In response, the spirit Maxwell gathered humans, who share a symbiotic relationship with spirits, onto an isolated land protected by a barrier; the isolated land became known as Rieze Maxia and the outer lands as Elympios.

As spirits are needed to sustain nature, Maxwell waits for the day all humans on Elympios die off before dispelling the barrier. Exodus works with the Elympios military to find a way to destroy the barrier. While the two countries appear to live in harmony, they both initiate black operations in attempts to conquer the other in hopes of uniting Rieze Maxia as a single country. In the present, medical student Jude Mathis investigates a military research facility in order to search for his missing professor.

There he witnesses a spyrix-powered weapon called the Lance of Kresnik absorb his professor. The military prep Jude as the next victim, but he is saved by Milla MaxwellMaxwell's successor. In response, the military activates the lance which absorbs Milla's spirit companions forcing her and Jude to retreat.

As said above, neither of them seems to give a crap that Milla will ultimately have to leave. Honestly, Namco needs to learn how to write better romances. Out of all the romances in the Tales games I've played, not a single one was there, that I believed.

Tales of Xillia - Ending (Jude and Milla Sides)

Well, there was one: Asch and Natalia from Abyss. And we know how that ended, right? Asbel probably didn't even think of these things, but his mother was urging him to get married and Cheria tended to be the girl he thought of. Nonetheless, that's what 'suddenly' made him self-conscious about it. That being said, and straying back on topic, I never felt any romance between Jude and Milla either.

In the first game, I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt. In the second game, it moreso felt like comrades with a unified goal more than anything. Naturally, that tied in to spirits and humans having a symbolic understanding of one another, and I certainly felt that as forced and contrived as it was sometimesbut nothing I would consider 'romance'.

People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia, but I really felt that the chemistry they had in X1 felt more romantic than anything X1 or X2 shoved in my face their relationship in X2, of course, amounted to just being friends or what-have-you, but I blame that on forced party shenanigans. I also found Luds x alt Milla to have romantic elements, so say what you will about my interpretations. Marioak Marioak 2 years ago 3 One could argue that Asbel in Future Arc did growth up a little and begin a little less of idiot by the time of F-Arc, Plus Lambda is with him and all but hey And it's was done fine in the main arc if you asked me.

tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

Asbel and Cheria care for each others, It's just that Asbel is the stereotype idiot ball and is too obvious that Cheria like him more than just a 'friend'. It's just a matter of time before he realized that he like her as well.

tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

In my point of view this is definitely not just "I look up to her" in my book. Elise or Ivar definitely fit in that catalogReally if the game are actually as long other game, I could see Jude outdone Veigue's "Claire" with his "Milla" Meanwhile Milla only see him as comrade or best friends at best. Milla starts of an ass characters who start of with "Mission Come first, Friends later" but gradually open up the cliche lol. She, along with Gaius, is defeated by the party at the end of Tales of Xillia.

While a silent protagonist of the game, he speaks in the related radio dramas. He lives with his older half-brother, Julius, and their pet cat, Rollo. He meets Elle Mel Marta during a train hijack by Exodus. After the train crashes and Spirius Corporation treats his injuries, he becomes burdened with a huge debt.

tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

Spirius then hires Ludger for his Chromatus power, a power passed down by bloodline, in order to destroy parallel dimensions. In his ending, he becomes President of Spirius Corp and meets Elle's mother. He is designed by Daigo Okumura. Her father, Victorsends her off to the prime dimension to meet Ludger and to search for the Land of Canaan.

Elle is a Key of Kresnik which allows her to travel and take objects from the parallel dimension to the prime dimension. In her ending, she is shown as an adult living her life and continuing to remember Ludger as she still carries his pocketwatch.

List of Tales of Xillia characters - Wikipedia

Gilland manipulated Nachtigal, the king of Rashugal, into building the Lance of Kresnik. After the death of Gilland, Exodus falls apart without a leader. Exodus returns in Tales of Xillia 2 where they cause several terrorist acts in order to prevent peace negotiations between Rieze Maxia and Elympios.

tales of xillia 1 ending relationship

As a result, her parents were killed and Jiao fled, leaving Elize behind. Because of this, Jiao feels indebted to Elize.

Jiao is killed during the Elympios invasion to let the party escape. He is the divergence catalyst of his dimension and is killed by the party. Realizing Gaius' potential as a peaceful king, Wingul joined Gaius' revolution. He died from overexerting his powers while trying to prevent the party from interfering with Gaius' plans. In a parallel dimension in Tales of Xillia 2, Gaius' sister, Karla, committed suicide causing Gaius to run away and Wingul to become king.

He becomes a divergence catalyst host and is killed by the party as a result. Wingul's native language is a modified form of the fictional language in Tales of Eternia. Agria began a streak of murdering nobles until she was recruited by Presa.

Agria died along with Presa during confrontation with the party. Presa then trained to be a spy for Auj Oule and falls in love with Alvin while undercover. When Presa reveals her mission to him, Alvin betrayed her resulting in the deaths of her comrades. She is killed along with Agria during a confrontation with the party.