Talk soup ending a relationship

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talk soup ending a relationship

Here is your guide to the six trickiest relationship talks. . Chances are she'll clear her head, miss you, and end up calling within a week. It is the end of an era for basic cable comedy, as E!'s The Soup franchise is as a spiritual successor to long-running E! series Talk Soup -- which was initially The network's relationship with McHale's has not always been. FUELED BY CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL ® Insecurity will kill a relationship faster than anything else. should probably start locking their phones" or leaving some silly passive-aggressive status update about how love Everyone knows who you're talking about, including who you're talking about.

The new version of that is online, is viral videos. I think the entire industry is changing. I think they were expecting me to be upset [when fired]. I had been on television for a year straight with my name under my face, which is invaluable in this industry. The show was doing very well, and they were moving us around constantly. And they promised us they were going to put us on after Howard Stern, so we spent a lot of time coming up with a new concept for this show that was more pop culture-driven, that was more focused on current events, more focused on news, and we actually shot a couple of pilots for a show called The Soup.

And then on a Thursday, I got to work, and they told me the show was canceled, and it was ending on a Friday and we had one day to put together the last episode of the show. Shows go away all the time. We all know what we get into when we sign up for it. And I loved everybody that worked there. The design of that show spawned every [other show like it]. What you were thinking, articulated slightly more comically. It was like the early stages of that personal relationship with the viewer, which is really what everybody talks about with modern YouTube branding and that kind of stuff.

The question is, who can brand it and put it on the air? I opened up an enormous moving box, and it was unopened fan mail.

talk soup ending a relationship

I knew I would never open them all, but I picked one letter off the top, and it was from this girl who wrote me a very eloquent and moving letter saying that she had gone through a very difficult time in high school and was battling depression and discovering Talk Soup helped her to laugh at a time in her life that she really needed it and helped her to not take life so seriously. She, in a very eloquent way, said, I bet when you were taping those silly sketches, that you never imagined the impact that it would have in my life.

There was a number at the bottom and I called that number 11 years later and I got in touch with that girl. I think in a way making somebody laugh is one of the kindest things you can do for them. It just made me very, very grateful for the opportunity.

talk soup ending a relationship

Sometimes comedy is more than comedy. It's easy to get caught up in anger and say things you don't mean in the heat of the moment, but that doesn't make it okay. Try to understand the issue; try to understand each other. Fight the problem together. You know each other's vulnerabilities. You have the power to hurt your significant other. Don't ever use it. Stop bringing up past fights and old injuries.


Is bringing up what they said three months ago when you were both angry going to solve whatever you're going through right now? Is telling them that you're still pissed that they were inconsiderately late for your grandfather's birthday dinner last year going to serve any constructive purpose?

Don't bring up past fights.

talk soup ending a relationship

Stop making threats and ultimatums just to control your significant other's actions. Engaging in emotional terrorism is never a good idea. Just don't do it. And if it's done to you, don't tolerate it. Stop airing your dirty laundry on social media. There's really no need to subtweet about how "some people should probably start locking their phones" or leaving some silly passive-aggressive status update about how love is pain and life isn't fair or whatever.

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Everyone knows who you're talking about, including who you're talking about. If you have a grievance, say it to the person you're upset with. For that matter, stop airing your clean laundry. Spend your energy showing your love to the person you love, not telling the fickle Internet. Stop thinking that one person can be everything someone needs.

talk soup ending a relationship

It's a wonderful idea. It's beautiful, poetic, and if it were true, it would be completely disastrous because it would hinge the entirety of one's happiness on the most fragile vessel possible: Predicating all of your happiness on someone else isn't just unrealistic, it's dangerous and unfair: That is a huge burden to place on another person.

Have outside interests and separate lives.