Tanu weds manu returns ending relationship

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tanu weds manu returns ending relationship

Jun 26, Tanu Weds Manu Returns Plot Summary. The couple complain bitterly about each other to marriage counsellors and Manu, who's a doctor, gets so . Meanwhile, Raj and Kusum end up having a friendly chat together. Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a Indian romantic comedy film directed by In London, four years into their marriage, Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu . Weds Manu Returns earned ₹ crore (US$34 million) worldwide at the end of its. Aug 11, A lot of us strongly feel that Tanu Weds Manu Returns, is truly Kangana that made him come to terms with it and he accepted it in the end.

Trouble is that he also loses track of the friction between the two eponymous protagonists, to look at superfluous stories involving supporting characters. While the first half is pacy, fun and eventful and spearheaded fabulously by Ranaut, the second is a disappointment. Devoid of ideas to reach the inevitable climax, Rai crams it with wedding festivities three in a span of an hour and far too many songs, which drag the proceedings and contribute little to the story.

As he finally gets to drama and resolution, Rai struggles and relies on his supporting characters - especially Pappi - to perk up the proceedings. But that cannot hide the flaws of the dreary screenplay. What we instead have is Tanu drinking, sulking and crying over love lost, and Manu refusing to accept the apparent.

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A memorable scene sees Manu's mother incessantly whining in the background about her miserable status in the household, as Manu and his father talk about what it takes to make a marriage work. Rai shows his wit as through it he makes a telling comment on how marriage is also about compromise and patience. Rai retains almost all the characters from the first including Aakash Dahiya's Deepak but he doesn't give them much to do including Awasthi Jimmy Shergillwhose wry sense of humour is welcomed but is used sparingly.

Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub's Chintu is yet another aficionado of the Tanu fan club, who is mostly annoying and remotely funny. Madhavan's Manu here is given little to do, other than stalk Kusum, tolerate Pappi's remarks and come across as a wimp.

Instead the male character who gets plenty of moments to shine with cracking one-liners is Dobriyal's Pappi. Dobriyal's energy occasionally exceeds for what is an animated role. Manu and he leave for India where Manu is morose and tells his parents he wants a divorce.

Manu's mother nags constantly while his father says everyone in a marriage suffers.

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Manu sends Tanu a warning legal notice but she doesn't respond. Manu goes to Delhi University to give a medical talk but he sees Kusum Kanganaa young Haryanvi student-athlete, who looks like Tanu.

Manu makes Pappi complete the talk with hilarious results and rushes off behind Kusum, whom he collides with at a race track.

Pappi feigns a heart attack to escape the lecture and tells Manu not to keep following Kusum, she's just a lookalike and will get them beaten up.

tanu weds manu returns ending relationship

But Manu is obsessed. Kusum notices Manu following her and confronts him, hitting him with her hockey stick. When he tells her she resembles his ex-wife, she sympathises and they become friends - and slowly, more. When Kusum backs off and says her sister in law has arranged her marriage already, Manu tells Kusum he wants to marry her and meets Omi, her elder brother. Omi has no issues with Manu but shows a picture of the boy his wife wanted Kusum to marry - Raj Awasthi.

Meanwhile, Chintu is jealous of Raj going around with Tanu and tells her father about it. Chintu even sends Manu a nasty legal notice for a divorce, without Tanu's consent, but Manu responds by agreeing, which shocks Tanu. She confronts Chintu who says he loves her but Raj shoves him off.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns review: Kangana Ranaut is on fire

Raj also discovers his engagement is being called off as Manu is going to marry the new girl in his life! Both Raj and Tanu are enraged and decide to go to Delhi to confront Manu. But Manu, Kusum and Pappi are in Chandigarh to convince Komal, Payal's sister in law whom Pappi is close to, to run away from her wedding with Pappi instead.

Kusum is confused by everyone at the wedding as Tanu, including by Payal, who tells her she's had a test-tube baby as her husband Jassi couldn't have kids, but she hasn't told Jassi the truth. Kusum is getting frantic hearing these secrets and gives Payal a karate chop which knocks her out.

Kusum gives Komal a karate chop too and they smuggle the unconscious Komal into a scooter and take her to Jhajjar, where Kusum's villagers are waiting.

In fact, a good portion of 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' is redeemed somewhat by its performances -- the remainder of the cast is also quite competent, including the ever-dependable Rajesh Sharma as Kusum's progressive brother -- and some moments of wit.

The rest of the film, however, is a holy, illogical mess.

tanu weds manu returns ending relationship

We're in a mental institution in London, where a Hindi-speaking doctor attempts to counsel the now-married Tanu and Manu. In four years, they've finally realised what the audience already knew at the end of the previous film: Why are they at an institution that looks like something out of 'Shutter Island' instead of, you know, a normal doctor's office?

Bollywood's penchant for reducing the science of psychiatry to a puerile 'paagalon ka doctor' stereotype is visible here and, sure enough, men in white coats swoop in soon to take Manu away for simply getting agitated while talking about his wayward wife. And then we wonder why mental illness isn't taken seriously in India. Our heroine spends a few days in London on her own feeling upset before returning to her hometown, Kanpur, to the triumphant strains of 'Sadi Galli' the super-hit song from the first movie.

She doesn't stop, however, to maybe get her husband out of the institution -- instead, she asks orders Pappi Dobriyal to fly over all the way to London to do the honours, presumably so the film could have the opportunity of staging a 'funny' scene involving a Kanpuriya atop a London tour bus.