The animals of farthing wood ending relationship

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the animals of farthing wood ending relationship

The Animals of Farthing Wood (TV Series –) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and theire own relationships with certain other characters in the group. to a happy ending and when Fox and Vixen finally have their litter of fox cubs. The Animals of Farthing Wood may have been a kids' TV show, but it also had a thing for gory and heartbreaking deaths. Nearly 30 years ago The Animals of Farthing Wood debuted – and promptly 90 % of the characters in this image will end up dead.

In the Grip of Winter Edit Fox remains leader of the group when the animals cross the boat in the river and Fox feels seasick.

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During the first winter, Fox asks The Great Stag if his herd can spare some hay for the smaller animals, and sends out a search party when Badger goes missing. He feels responsible once again when several of the smaller animals perish from the cold and lack of food. Fox himself becomes visibly thinner and much less healthy as the lack of food takes its toll on him, but he still joins Badger, Tawny OwlKestrel and Whistler on an expedition into a nearby town to find food.

Fox also tries to help the White Deer herd when poachers arrive at the park to hunt them while The Warden is taken ill. He warns the deer when the poachers arrive and stops them from killing The Great Stag. Fox comes up with a plan to get rid of the poachers and succeeds in luring to the thawing pond, causing them to fall in and lose their rifles.

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However, the poachers return with new guns and start to kill every fox they see in the park as an act of revenge for being outwitted by Fox. Eventually, Fox finally rids the park of them once and for all by leading them to the Warden's cottage, where they are finally caught and arrested. Fox and Vixen soon discover that Scarface is jealous of their cubs Bold in particular and plans to kill them before they can become the dominant foxes in the park.

Fox originally decides to ignore Scarface and stay away from his territory, but when Dreamer is savagely killed by Scarface, Fox realizes that he needs to take action and sets up a watch.

When Bold is captured by Scarface and his clan, Fox and Friendly go to rescue him, but Bold escapes on his own. After this, Fox sends Bold and Friendly to let Adder know that Fox wants Scarface dead, but they are not clear enough and Adder kills the wrong fox.

the animals of farthing wood ending relationship

Eventually, Scarface and his clan launch an attack on the Farthing Wood animals, but they are forewarned and hide in Badger's set. Scarface finds them and Fox challenges him to a one-on-one duel to protect the other animals.

the animals of farthing wood ending relationship

Fox eventually defeats and severely injures Scarface and has the opportunity to kill him, but the Warden shows up and Fox lets Scarface go. When Scarface recovers from his injuries, he slaughters the farthing wood voles and fieldmice, but is killed by Adder shortly afterwards. Though Fox is relived the threat of Scarface is over, he feels regret that he didn't kill the hostile fox himself.

Fox defeats Scarface in battle, but lets him live.

the animals of farthing wood ending relationship

Meanwhile, during the feud with Scarface, Charmer starts a relationship with Scarface's son Rangerof which Fox disapproves. However, during Scarface's attack, Ranger finds the Farthing Wood animals and intends to tell his father the set is empty, but Scarface catches them.

the animals of farthing wood ending relationship

After this, Fox warms to Ranger and gives him his blessing to remain with Charmer. When Whisper tells them that Bold is dying, Fox and his family leave the park to find him and are informed of his whereabouts by Robber. Fox tells Bold how proud he is of his son and assures him that they will look after his cubs and tell them all about Bold's story.

The Siege of White Deer Park Edit When the animals first discover the presence of a fearsome creature in White Deer Park, Fox tells his friends to exercise caution and not to try and antagonize it. However, after The Beast kills HuskyFox's grandson, Fox decides that action must be taken and tells his friends to look out for clues of the Beast's whereabouts, and to spread the message to the rest of the park's inhabitants.

After receiving a tip from Adder about a hole that the Beast may be living in, Fox leads a large group of animals there to try and spot it. After Toad had entered the hole to search for the Beast, Fox searches for another exit but stops the search when he hears the other creatures crying out. Fox sees the Beast showing utter contempt towards the other animals. After this, Fox stops believing that the animals can do anything about the Beast and starts to believe that the Warden is their only hope.

However, after Tawny Owl finds one of the Beast's hiding places and is told by the Cat that he will leave if another animal spots him, Fox becomes optimistic again and spreads the word around the park to keep a look out for the Beast again.

Fox then receives another tip from Adder that the Beast may be living underground, but nobody he asks has any idea of anywhere it might be. Mossy tells Badger of a large underground chamber the cat could be using and Badger asks the young mole to go and investigate, then inform him if the Beast is living there.

Mossy starts his search, but he gets distracted by worms and loses focus. However he eventually falls into a large chamber and discovers that the Beast is sleeping inside. He tries to leave quickly but the Beast wakes up and pursues him.

Mossy digs underground but the Beast digs after him until Badger and Tawny Owl arrive, causing the cat to stop digging and let out a loud roar. After the Beast leaves the park Mossy visits Badger once more and pretends to remember the old creature's set in Farthing Wood.

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In the Path of the Storm Edit Mossy only appears a few times in this book, usually keeping Badger company in his set. However he is also present during the Farthing Wood animals' meeting at the Hollow to discuss the problem with Trey. Mossy is informed when Badger becomes poisoned, but the journey to the disused set is too far for him to make and he is delighted when Badger finally returns to his own set.

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When the animals make the trip to the pond to drink, Mossy is asked by Fox to keep Badger away from proceedings, but when Mossy delivers the message Badger wants to take action and sets off anyway.

Mossy worries about Badger's safety during the hurricane but is once again relieved to see the old creature when he returns unharmed. Battle for the Park Edit Mossy only appears briefly in this book, mostly staying underground.