The game 1997 ending a relationship

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the game 1997 ending a relationship

(This concept is very important at the film's end.) The Game. How guarded Van Orton is. The only real relationship he has in his life is with his. The many faces of Michael Douglas in THE GAME (Fincher, ). on throughout the film, specifically Nicholas' relationship with his father. As we learn in the film, he would end his life by throwing himself off a building. The opening scenes of "The Game'' show Michael Douglas as a rich man end-- and then beyond it, so that by the time the real ending arrives.

This turned some critics offbut Fincher here is always true to the material. Nicholas Van Orton was a prick, yeah? And who wants to spend two hours with an asshole? It is a much stronger choice to let a character act true to his nature than act the way the audience would like him to.

the game 1997 ending a relationship

Fincher does not ingratiate, does not pander. Okay, I honestly understand why some would interpret the film this way.

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Eventually, his bank accounts are drained and he is drugged and left for dead in Mexico. To get a ride back to San Francisco, he resorts to begging like a vagabond. Every external display of his identity and every status symbol is slowly ripped away until he has no frame of reference for himself anymore.

This is the last one-shot of Van Orten in the film: If things are wrapped up so neatly, why do we leave the main character again in the world of nocturnal neon?

But I believe they were viewing the film quite superficially. Who is playing it? True, Nicholas goes to CRS in the first place, but without knowing anything about it.

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This is what Fincher is saying: We are pathetically tractable, whether we want to admit it or not. Yet, you can enjoy this film only at the level of plot.

But there is much to mine, if your eyes are open. Fincher and Walker spent six weeks changing the tone and trying to make the story work. Michael Douglas' character was a "fashionable, good-looking Scroogelured into a Mission: Impossible situation with a steroid shot in the thigh from The Sting ".

What we show you is going to add up. But we don't do that.

the game 1997 ending a relationship

In that respect, it's about movies and how movies dole out information". The purpose of The Game is to take your greatest fear, put it this close to your face and say 'There, you're still alive.

Then, they approached Michael Douglas to star in the film. He was hesitant at first because of concerns that PolyGram was not a big enough company to distribute the film.

The Game () ending / spoiler

However, once on board, Douglas' presence helped get the film into production. He visits the house of a girl whom he met when The Game gave him his first obstacle. While in Nicholas' cabin, she tells him that CRS has hacked into Nicholas' bank accounts and stolen all of his money, a whopping million dollars. In a panic, he calls and checks on all of his accounts and is told that they're all empty.

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A few minutes later he realizes that he has been drugged, and as he passes out he hears the girl he was with tell him that CRS had been trying to access his accounts, but that they couldn't figure out his passwords. She tells him that when he called to check his accounts they hacked into the phone call and got the information they needed. He wakes up in a coffin in Mexico, apparently, having been left for dead.

He eventually manages to get back to his house in the US and finds that it had been utterly ransacked in his absence.