The hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

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the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies takes a few concerted efforts to tie Having captured Gandalf and Radagast the Brown by the end of. Within the actual film, Battle of the Five Armies, we are given a scene be returning to Mirkwood at the end of the film, I do believe that it is in co-relation to why Thranduil marches off to war against the dwarves in The Hobbit. The third and final installment of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy opened this The Battle of the Five Armies, however, turns a significant corner, . But in trying to make that connection, Jackson also punched some holes.

Much of the final film operates in a grey area somewhere between the Tolkien-Jackson dichotomies.

the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

In some cases, the Jackson additions seem to work; in others, not so much. But overall, the essence of Middle-earth and its characters are intact enough to make the journey to the cinema worthwhile for all but the pickiest of purists. As per traditionwe asked Michael Droutan English professor at Wheaton College, and John Rateliffan independent Tolkien scholar and author of the forthcoming book, A Brief History of the Hobbitto help us navigate the hodge-podge of Tolkien material and Hollywood invention.

Departures For starters, there's the scale of things. Moreover, that relatively small skirmish spans just five pages in the book, but in the movie, it clocks in at over an hour. Strangely, despite the favoritism toward aggrandizement, Middle-earth itself seems to have shrunk.

the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

In Tolkien's version, Thorin and his dwarves make a heroic charge into the thick of the battle, even though they know their efforts are doomed to fail. Both Fili and Kili die defending their king, and Thorin also breathes his last as a hero, surrounded by his kin.

Interestingly, some of Jackson's previous changes that fans actually hailed as improvements on the book are largely lacking in this new film.

Tolkien's 12 dwarves were mostly featureless, indistinguishable characters, but in the prior two movies Jackson gave each a clear personality and individual moments for them to shine on screen.

Much of that was lost in this film. Unlike Elrond and Galadriel, those elves were highly contemptuous of mortals and possessed a hefty sense of entitlement.

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Whether that personality choice was a deliberate, clandestine nod to The Silmarillion—the bible-like Middle-earth text that Jackson does not have the rights to—however, is unknown. Blurred lines Unlike the last two films that were packed with delectable Easter eggs for those nerdy enough to catch them, this last cinematic chapter wasn't nearly as ripe with such references. Drout noticed just one satisfyingly subtle touch: These rings—"Three Rings from the Elven-kings under the sky"—were forged at the same time as the Ring of Power.

the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

Galadriel wears Nenya, the white ring; Gandalf wears Narya, the red ring; and Elrond wears Vilya, the blue ring. The White Council's role in saving Gandalf at Dol Guldur is a Jackson invention, but he still faithfully represents the fact that Galadriel is indeed the strongest of the group when she alone manages to banish Sauron. Ditto Thorin, who hides in the Lonely Mountain and broods over his "dragon sickness" for a long, long time after the movie has made its point.

Well, it's mostly action sequence once you wade through the endless parade of scenes where leaders marshal their armies for the action sequence.

the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

Were you worried that the elves wouldn't help out the dwarves? Well, it's cool, because at the last possible second you'll see that there was nothing to worry about! Does it look like our heroes are turning the tide?

the hobbit battle of five armies ending relationship

Here come more orcs and flying war bats and stuff to set them back! Did you think that orc died when he sank down into the frozen lake? Don't worry, he will open his eyes at the last possible second and spring out of the ice just like he's supposed to!

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Further Reading On The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and weaknesses in the source material Listen: But they work best if you spend the bulk of your time zoomed in on a few characters, preferably ones that you have some kind of emotional connection to. Having our heroes hemmed in and defending a small fortress under siege makes the endless flood of orcs more menacing. Legolas and Gimli provide light comic relief that mostly works, and both Aragorn and Theoden are given opportunities to grow as characters and as leaders.

The Battle of the Five Armies: Ending Scene 1080p HD

There's a fair amount of straightforward battling here, and the episode's most enduring image is the giant green explosion that engulfs much of Stannis Baratheon's fleet.

But what makes the episode one of the series' all-time best are the breaks from the action, breaks where stories that have been brewing all season finally come to a head. Joffrey Baratheon, the spoiled and entitled boy-king, is given a chance to redeem himself and fails the test; Tyrion Lannister, overlooked and unloved, is briefly recognized as the shrewd, capable leader that he is.

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And Cersei Lannister is a mean drunk who's far less in control of events than she would like to be. Battle of the Five Armies' attempts to connect with the audience, by contrast, mostly fall flat. When walking-bummer Thorin Oakenshield meets his cousin Dain Ironfoot on the battlefield, we don't care, because Thorin up to this point has been unsympathetic and one-note, and we only just met Dain a few moments before the sum total of things we know about him: When Bard's kids manage to get themselves into trouble, we don't care, because the kids are barely developed at all and Bard comes off as a blandly heroic Diet Aragorn.

Tauriel is so underdeveloped that you can't muster the energy to mourn Kili's death alongside her it doesn't help that Kili's slow-mo death sequence feels like it's 37 minutes long.