The texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

Second Chances: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2" carries a proud old name in the and would rather giggle than scream; at the end, we haven't seen a. I remember watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as a kid, and it scared the s**t out of me. That opening bridge scene is incredible. It's one of the scariest. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a American horror comedy film directed by Tobe In the end, Lefty and most of the Sawyer family are killed when a grenade recovered from . In a similar way to its predecessor, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2 has had a checkered past in regard to its relationship with censors.

That's the way it goes, I guess. I knew in my heart that I would only avoid TCM 2 for so long. As far as the horror genre is concerned, the comedy and gore in the original are comparatively restrained. With the sequel, Hooper went the exact opposite route and created the type of excessive splatterfest which was fairly routine by The amped-up joke-y comedy was an analogous change: There's no good reason that I wanted to revisit it after a decade. More importantly, other than that I hated it, I couldn't really remember anything about it.

I had basically three memories: I had a lot of ideas floating around about it being a "rip-off of rip-offs" but no real specific memories of the plot and what ones I did have proved to be wrong on the second viewing.

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

The world simply isn't set up like "Halloween versus Friday the 13th" - if one wins the other loses! Or Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 stinks and that somehow hurts the original film. My views on "selling out" boil to down to, "I no longer think of it as a moral transgression against the sanctity of art, I just sure wish folks wouldn't do it because they're a lot less likely to make something I'll like.

Like I said, the Poltergeist, Lifeforce, Invaders from Mars 3-pack is my favorite phase of Hooper's career and 2 probably belongs more to that group than the "cheap, ill-concieved b-flicks" that he's been churning out ever since. Hopefully, 2 actually belonged to that category or at least interestingly straddled the line. That's the truly strange thing about Hooper as a director: Then comes the big-budget Hollywood 3-pack, films that are extravagantly ambitious cinematically, but also deeply, deeply weird.

Invaders from Mars is the inverse: And Lifeforce is definitely my personal favorite naked space-vampire apocalypse epic.

Before the film even starts, I know I'm in trouble: I'm exactly sure when I saw2 before, at that time I didn't have the faintest idea who Menaham Golan and Yoram Globus were. Now I know better.


Their logo means trouble, if only because their films tended towards a certain drab, mean-spirited aesthetic - Cannon films are generally ugly in every sense of the word. They apparently wrote the contract on the back of a napkin. I'll try not to hold that against The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but now I have a sinking feeling about why I hated it so much to begin with.

Their involvement certainly explains that horrible poster. Once the film starts, I can immediately see why this film has a horrible reputation and why I hated it: Almost everything element is as bad as it could be - really, if I were going to change this opening bit to make it more irritating, illogical and cheesy, I'm not sure what I could do. Have one of the characters prone to making puns?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) Eyes without face scene

The yuppies, in their fancy little foreign, are the exact opposite of the original film's victims: In the original film, Sally and company are underwritten to the point that it's hard to even describe them: The not-ugly other guy? Franklin has a bit of a personality, of course, but it doesn't amount to much beyond "has emotional problem related to being confined to a wheel-chair.

They're kinda hippies, but just regular folks.

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It's hard to tell where the film is going because these directionless scenes offer very few clues about how we are supposed to think and feel - it's disorienting: Consequently, nothing resembling the loose, free-form aire of the original film has any just of manifesting: Come on, movie, what radio station takes callers but can't get them off the line?

And each character is given the "Franklin" treatment: Lady DJ, chaw-spewing yokel, yuppie pinhead, monstrous lunatic. I haven't even gotten to the travesty that is the introduction of Leatherface. In the original film, our first brief glimpse of Leatherface must surely rank among the most shocking and memorable moments in all of cinema history.

He's a non-lingual, cringing man-child transvestite given to haunting moments of malaise and confusion, completely under the thumb of his abusive brothers and patriarchal grandpa. In 2, he's just some dude in a mask. No, worse than that, he's some talentless hack's impression of the idea of "Leatherface," Horror Icon and Chainsaw Massacrist.

The opening scene makes abundantly clear there's just no comparison; or rather, it makes clear the only comparison: But those items aren't given any supernatural qualities, it's enough for the film that hammers and chainsaws are common but dangerous - there's just no need to embelish.

In 2, Leatherface's chainsaw is transformed in a six-foot long, smoke-spewing machine of mass destruction: In the original, the chainsaw couldn't even get through Leatherface's thigh.

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

Surprise - it's Leatherface! The idea is stupid, the reveal of Leatherface is lame and everything about the situation is to quote Homer Simpson "fruity. For whatever reason, I was able to settle in and take 2 in as a stand alone and forget about the source masterpiece. Doesn't matter that Leatherface is in that truck, anyone who plays chicken with a random driver because they're driving around drunk deserves to get killed.

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

And if it takes place in a movie, they deserve to get killed with a chainsaw. So not only do we have to endure the hooting and hollering of these two jerks, but they call a radio station and we are asked to believe that this station's phones get completely tied up if someone calling in refuses to hang up.

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

Sure, this is rural Texas andbut are we to believe that even out there and back then, there were radio stations with a single phone line and without the ability to cut off the callers? At one point the clueless tech guy is frantically pushing buttons and pulling levers, trying to figure out how to clear the line. Given something so stupid, however, you know it was there for a reason, so that they could record the phone call as the kids get chainsawed on the other end. Speaking of which, the same kid that swerved into oncoming traffic at full speed finds himself stopped on a bridge as that same pickup truck sits blocking both lanes, and he frantically screams 'Are you crazy?!?

Speaking of driving, not only can they not outrun a pickup truck traveling in reverse while supposedly holding the pedal to the floor in their Mercedes, but in the shots that show Leatherface standing and swinging his chainsaw, they are literally traveling all of 5mph.

Dennis Hopper plays the uncle of the kids who were killed in the original movie, sort of a rogue detective out of his jurisdiction and showing up at the scene of the two kids' murder. The police refuse to jump to conclusions, but Lefty Hopper is sure that it's the same people who killed his nieces and nephews. I generally am truly disappointed when actors take on fake accents, but Hopper does this one so well that you would swear he's lived in the south his entire life, it's just too bad that he's saddled with this idiot character.

At one point, Stretch, the radio station DJ, shows up at his apartment, which, needless to say, is flooded with drunken rednecks wandering the halls with their arms around each other, and tells him that she has an audiotape of the murder because the kids called in just before they were attacked, and he sends her away! What the hell is that? Later he has a change of heart, but only wants to hear it if she'll play it on the air.

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The logic of the characters' actions in this movie is not starting off on the right foot. Then later, as Stretch hangs in a pit about to fall into the demons' lair, you might say, he tries to save her with a brittle, dried out arm bone.

There is a lengthy horror scene inside the radio station, which looks like it doesn't know if it's supposed to be a radio station or a horror movie set, so better just be a little bit of both. It's got its vast storage of records stored safely behind an open door, with a heavy steel door guarding the cleaning supplies.

A burglar's dream, you might say. We get a scene where Leatherface is assigned to kill Stretch, but when he finally gets through that steel door, he starts chainsawing a tub of soda cans sitting in ice, which have no reason for being there or for being chainsawed, until finally Stretch screams, 'Are you mad at me??

There's an effective scene where Leatherface puts Stretch's friend's freshly removed face over hers, supposedly to help her escape, but for the most part the underground portion of the film is a tired rehash of the original. Sure, it's bigger, there are more Christmas lights and more chainsaws, but essentially it's exactly the same thing, just without the surprise. They even replay exactly the same dinner scene from the end of the last movie, the most unpleasant scene in the entire movie.

Lefty decides that he is so intent on delivering swift poetic justice that, rather than stock up on as many guns as he can carry, he buys three huge chainsaws and straps them to his body, and then runs screaming into the house, yelling and cutting down wooden supports as the family tortures Stretch.

In Commando Arnold bulldozes into a weapons store and loads up on boatloads of guns and knives and explosives.

the texas chainsaw massacre 2 1986 ending relationship

In The Terminator he does the same thing, with the added bonus of killing off the proprietor before leaving.