Tusk movie 2014 ending relationship

In Defense of Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' - Bloody Disgusting

tusk movie 2014 ending relationship

Is Kevin Smith's Box-Office Disaster, 'Tusk,' the End of His Filmmaking Career or a The movie itself, unfortunately, was not very good. films). I hope he gets back to writing about relationships and people and not about fucking One 'True Detective' Season 2 Cast Member Has Finally Been Confirmed. Tusk is a American comedy horror film written and directed by Kevin Smith, based on a . At the end of its run, on November 13, the film had grossed $1,, in the domestic box office and $21, overseas for a worldwide total of. Writing an analysis post about a Kevin Smith film, a movie where Justin a relationship unlike any other in this film) is a Wallace we never saw. . in the film brings an entirely new perspective to the ending and the answer to.

Once he is in his full walrus suit, Long is essentially relegated to just hopping around and grunting for the remainder of the film. Still, he makes for a pretty convincing walrus. That reveal is equal points humorous and shocking though. Kudos to Smith for not holding back with that creature design.

The quick-zoom-out of the camera when Walrus Wallace first makes his appearance adds to the hilarity of the situation. He gives such a compelling performance and really just falls into the roll. He legitimately sells his characters obsession with a walrus named Mr. Her willingness to help Wallace after admitting to Teddy and the audience, in a scene that practically breaks the fourth wall how awful he treats her and how terrible he makes her feel is confounding.

Her monologue at the midway point of the film is exceptional though. One more time, there will be spoilers, this is a new movie and you should check it out before you read this. The movie's central theme is humanity. Specifically, humanity in an animalistic context. Howe thought the walrus Mr. Tusk, specifically more than an animal, he thought Mr. Tusk was the most beautiful, caring creature he ever met. In contrast, he thought man was an uncaring monster.

In Defense of Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’

Wallace Bryton's character development goes through the entire spectrum of animal and man, sometimes blurring the lines between them even before the transformation. The most sympathetic character in the entire film except perhaps Mr.

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Tusk and Wallace share a bond and a relationship unlike any other in this film is a Wallace we never saw. His girlfriend played by the lovely Genesis Rodriguez speaks very highly of this man. He cries during Winnie the Pooh, would never cheat on his girlfriend, and was happy spending his nights telling bad jokes in comedy clubs for no pay because it was what he loved doing.

The "new Wallace" marked by the mustache, a nice touch to the semblance of a walrus is an asshole that doesn't care about anything other than fame and his own personal satisfaction.

He is mean-spirited, and the only true thing about Wallace that remained was that they both love BIG GULPs or whatever the brand was called in the movie. So, when Wallace is turned into a Walrus, we're supposed to be happy.

We view it as some sort of karmic punishment, at least on the surface. What's really going on is a true transformation, note the big gulp drink is present in every scene with Wallace in the walrus scenes. He loses his legs "Hell, I'd give up a leg for fame in a heartbeat" [paraphrased] and his legbones then become his tusks, he starts going insane, but his will to survive is so strong he kills Howe with his tusks while the song "TUSK" is playing by Fleetwood Mac, an openly sexual song.

I suppose you might be able to draw some sexuality interpretations with it but I didn't and that's not where I'm going here.

**Spoilers** Tusk – a review – My Own Little Shadow

He's discovered by his girlfriend and best friend, and when he sees them he's reduced to an animal or, "full walrus". A year later, we see them feeding walrus in an animal sanctuary, the girlfriend tells Wallace she still loves him, Wallace cries and we see a flashback where she basically says "crying is what separates us from the animals", and he hides away as the credits roll. So the question most people will be asking themselves is, is there still Wallace in there?

I would argue that the common interpretation, the one Kevin Smith put in there and the one for audiences to just "get", is yes. Wallace is still there, just disfigured into a walrus costume and accepting of his fate.

I don't wanna die in Canada! I'm so scared, this guy wants to turn me into an animal or something Ally Leon[ edit ] But you You make me feel beautiful again and cherished. You give me my humanity. It's good to cry. It separates us from the animals. Shows you have a soul. Guy LaPointe[ edit ] [about the crime scene] Oh, yes It is one fuck of a bummer to look at, I can tell you that.

tusk movie 2014 ending relationship

The 'unted is always "mister", the 'unter is always "monsieur". Dialogue[ edit ] Border Agent: Right there, top shelf, number one: I should have known that. It makes them sad, right? Canadians don't get sad. Sadness was made by the USA. Oh, c'mon, what does that mean? Take off, it's true! Right there, on our flag. It's right there when you look at it, and you see past that sacred maple leaf, you know what you see?

You see that, in America, you're red white and blue, but in Canada, you're red, white, but never blue, eh?

tusk movie 2014 ending relationship

I never thought of it that way before. I just thought of Canadians as, you know