Vampire knight ending 3 year relationship

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vampire knight ending 3 year relationship

Vampire Knight: ok now this anime I believe I have watched it so many times I Vampire Knight Vampire Knight Season 3, Vampire Knight Funny, Yuki And. A description of tropes appearing in Vampire Knight. The manga became a victim to Executive Meddling which caused it to end at 93 chapters Ai and the relationship they had as a family growing up, known as "Vampire Knight Memories". .. Even Rido lived with his unrequited love for a whole 3, years before going. Ai Kuran is the only daughter of Yuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran. She appears at the end of Chapter 93 with her younger half-sister to give Yuki's final message to Kaname when he wakes up from his year slumber. It is noted by other characters that she resembles her father Kaname.

Why hide for two years? You kept your word for once and stayed till I died. Plus Kaname had to get me use to being a vampire. It took a little adjusting.

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He didn't want me to go out and just eat people. I never wanted you to be a vampire. You never once asked me to become one. That would have just ruined your plans to be with your beloved. Now you have her. I hope she was worth everything you ever did to me. We had a great marriage after our twins were born. That wasn't really something you get over.

Not to mention how happy, I have been the last two years. Being with someone who actually cared for me and only me. Having them lust for only me. I have to say the feeling is incredible. To drink his rich blood I never thought could bring so much desire. I see now why you like her so much. What it feels like. Now we both have it. She is my wife. You were always glad to screw mine.

Now we are even. I did it because I really liked her. I saw what a good woman she was.

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How you hurt her over and over again. How she gave herself to you. How it was never enough for you. Yuki was no better. To be honest you both deserve each other. I fell madly in love with Elena these two years. After tonight you and Yuki will never see either of us again. We are moving to another mansion. To live our very long lives. You and Yuki will be free of both of us.

He is divorcing her. Zero not even knowing what to think. In one way he is glad to get rid of Kaname. In another way, he can't believe he took Elena. The one truly good thing in Zeros life. Was she doing this to get back at him for all those years?

vampire knight ending 3 year relationship

If so it worked. Kaname yet again took something he loved.

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This time taking something that he finally learned he did love. Something he wished he never hurt. It was just too late. After dinner, Elena and Kaname leave the Manor. Driving off into the moonlight. Why is she so forgiving? Why doesn't it bother her? Alternate ending to The 24th Night, Vol. What happened if Zero had actually kissed Yuki instead of pulling away at the last moment. It started with the smell, then the taste, and then it evolved into something more.

It was not her blood he was addicted to YuukiZero, don't like, don't read. Anigor reviews She didn't know that she was already a reason good enough for him to smile Even the most disciplined and controlled man had met their ends when the mirror reflects what is truly hidden beneath. And he was but a man… Vampire Knight - Rated: Zero and Yuuki spend a quiet evening studying, but Zero can't concentrate.

I'll never forgive myself.

vampire knight ending 3 year relationship

It's Christmas Eve and Yuki's tackling the task of wrapping presents while Zero is doing some last-minute shopping for his favorite girl. The emotional version between Zero and Yuuki. In Guilty, Kaname does this for Yuuki after she reawakens as a pureblood vampire. Zero's vampire hunter family is killed by a pureblood vampire, next to turning Zero to a vampire himself and making his brother betray him, all in one night. This causes him to hate vampires, purebloods especially.

It's then revealed that Yuuki whom he lives with for four years afterwards, who helps to heal his heart and whom he falls in love with, is a pureblood vampire. Zero just can't catch a break. The first woman he had a crush on was his school's nurse. She turned out to be a level E vampire. Both of the rare vampire hunter twins ended up falling in love with a pureblood vampire. It's hard to decide which of the two opposing sides you'd least prefer to end up in the crossfire from. By the end of the story however, Yuuki and Zero are dead while Kaname's alive though he did "die" beforehand.

Kaname and Zero both about Yuuki, though Zero a bit more obviously as he several times in the first arc mentioned how he only wants Yuuki to smile "from the bottom of her heart". Even after The Reveal that alienates him, his main reason for separating with Yuuki is apparently because he believes she doesn't need him and will be happy with Kaname.

He takes this Up to Eleven recently when he even ignores the fact that it was Kaname who murdered his family in favor for desperately asking him to live so that Yuuki won't grieve. Ironically Kaname then reverses it again in the final chapter by telling Yuuki to be with Zero, because they've been "shining so radiantly that I've been squinting my eyes at the brightness.

That's how I've come to understand Kaname after the one year time skip is shown to make Yuuki wear high heeled shoes, and forbid her from cutting her hair, apparently trying to recapitulate their childish habits.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Zero, who usually appears cold, hateful and generalizing, when really he's as Yuuki herself calls him on a later occasion the story's most kindhearted person, always putting himself last, forgiving his own brother for smiling at the murder of their parents, and never demanding nor expecting any fortune to come his way despite how unfairly the narrative keeps treating him. Even Kaname once described him as having been "softhearted before he was even born", due to not having devoured Ichiru entirely in the womb which apparently, any other twin fetus would do as a part of the hunters' "twin curse.

Kaname to a degree.