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Using an alien communications net, Voyager sends their Doctor to the Federation ship USS Prometheus only to Message in a Bottle Poster Plot Keywords. Yet "Message in a Bottle" is one of the most entertaining episodes all end would be handled and how the starship Voyager morale would be benefited. .. relationship with Torres, we saw The Doctor delivering a message to. Hoping to finally make contact with home, Voyager's crew attempts to send a message along the relay but it is reflected back to them after.

Thinking that a holographic signal would be stronger and not degrade so quickly, they send the Doctor as a datastream. The Doctor finds himself in the sickbay of the USS Prometheusan experimental warship developed in secret by the Federation.

He learns from a dying crewman that the Romulans had learned of the prototype's existence and captured it, killing all crewmen onboard. Being pursued by the USS Bonchune, the Romulans initiate the first test of the new multi-vector assault mode, in which Prometheus splits into three pieces to engage hostile ships. The second EMH cites protocol for an EMH to deactivate when its vessel was taken over but Voyager's doctor notes that as both ships are at stake, they do not have that luxury.

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Using the pretense of an infection on board, the Doctor goes to the bridge in an effort to open the atmospheric filters to flood the ship with anesthetizing gas and knock the Romulans unconscious. The ruse fails but when he is captured and interrogated, the Doctor keeps the Romulans stalled long enough for the EMH Mark II to fool the ship's computer into opening the filters, permitting the distribution of the gas.

Unfortunately, just moments after they take control, Prometheus is intercepted by three Romulan D'deridex-class warbirds.

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Unfamiliar with the helm and weapons systems, the two EMH programs fail to fool the Romulans into leaving, before three more Starfleet vessels arrive to retake their ship.

In the ensuing battle, all six other vessels target Prometheus.

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The strength of Prometheus is quickly demonstrated when it easily overpowers and destroys one of the Romulan warbirds. Barclay locks out the system and takes refuge in the holodeck simulation of Voyager where he continues to direct the wormhole to locate Voyager. The security officers led by Commander Harkins follow Barclay into the simulation where the faux Voyager crew rebels, even firing on the security officers. Of course, this has no effect except to momentarily distract them as the safety protocols are on.

The holo-Torres is destroyed by a pursuing Commander Harkins, who shuts down the primary cooling systems on the holographic Voyager which will cause the warp core to overheat and breach, effectively destroying the entire program unless Barclay complies and releases command back to him.

As a dejected Barclay is led out, Admiral Paris enters the lab and announces that Barclay's idea has real promise and should be explored further. As he is informed that the attempt has already been made and was unsuccessful, Admiral Paris expresses regret at Barclay's choice to disregard protocol.

Meanwhile, the real Voyager, far in the Delta Quadrant, detects the micro-wormhole and a communication signal which Seven of Nine disbelievingly identifies as Federation in origin on a Starfleet Emergency Channel.

Message in a Bottle (episode)

The crew attempts to clear up the signal while back on Earth, the jubilant officers and Barclay assist. For a few seconds the team on Earth clear up the return signal, two-way communication is established for 86 seconds before the micro-wormhole collapses.

A few words are exchanged and data from Voyager's logs, crew reports, and navigational records are transmitted to Earth. Barclay sends "data on some new hyper-subspace technology", along with recommended modifications to the ship's communications system, so that Voyager's crew will be able to keep regular contact with home.