White collar 5x13 ending a relationship

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white collar 5x13 ending a relationship

Collar" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about White collar, Matt bomer and Matt bomer white collar. mattbomeritalia: White Collar 5x13 “Diamond Exchange”. Find this Pin and White Collar finale, "Au Revoir" --Peter: "You're free." Heartbreaking One of the .. These two are totally relationship goals. Peter and El. Neal, at the end of the show, values freedom more than anything in the never be able to have a real relationship with 3 of them ever again. God I just read through your analysis of different endings for White Collar and you 're right Ikr. The end has nothing to do with the tv show I watched and loved.

This is possibly a death fiction, a bit of Neal whump, and should I continue, emotional whump for everyone else. Set within the Caffrey Conversation AU. Peter catches a fifteen-year-old Neal picking his pocket and ends up inviting the kid over for dinner. Somehow dinner turns into a lot more than either of them could have expected.

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A frantic Peter and team desperately seek to find him before its too late. They get help from the unlikeliest of sources. In the end, Neal's worst enemy may be himself as he struggles to survive. Hughes - Complete Keeper by Sholio reviews 5x13 tag. Spoilers for the finale! This is just unabashed floof. That's pretty much the plot: Sara spots a familiar face while in Paris.

It can stand alone but it makes more sense if you've read that story first. I've also included some AU theories, whump, hurt, comfort, angst, friendship and family stuff.

white collar 5x13 ending a relationship

Hope you all like my one shot! This time it could cost him his life, and Peter might not be able to help him. Peter and Neal were involved in this terrifying accident. Peter ends up in the hospital but Neal has disappeared under the rubble.

Oh, just add another chapter! It's not at all what they would have expected. Warning for mention of alcoholism.

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As long as I wake up when it's over. Neal, you'll be fine. What If Mozzie was wrong? K - English - Chapters: Neal doesn't show up for work…Agent Seigel doesn't know what to do…Peter doesn't believe his eyes… White Collar - Rated: I don't own anything but I do like playing with the characters when I can.

Expect some spoilers from all seasons, maybe some whumpage, angst, oddness, AU and more. This whole story is based on spoilers for future eps.

It is a sequel of sorts to my "Criminal" story but stands alone. Whump, Angst, Hurt Comfort and so much more. Neal wants out from under Hagan's hold. Just a quick rough and tumble story. No Season 5 spoilers! This is how I'd resolve the situation following the Season 4 finale. Possible spoilers but I rather doubt it.

white collar 5x13 ending a relationship

Peter is in jail, Neal is distraught and June has a plan. In the meantime, James Bennett grows increasingly desperate. Spoilers for all seasons.

White Collar Obsession

Poor Neal suffers in prison and it's getting worse. Even after being released, Neal isn't his usual self and Peter realizes that mere apologies won't do. He works together with the usual suspects to con Neal back to his former self. Lots of whumpage, mostly Neal. Hurt, Comfort, friendship and trust issues. Only tiny bit of fluff in the very last chapter.

Don't let it be you. Another tag to In the Wind. Until, suddenly, it wasn't.

Whoops, I accidentally deleted chapter 4 and lost it and so had to rewrite. Hope the mix up hasn't been too disruptive to anyone reading. She had seen more than her share of the "shadier" side of humanity. But today she was witnessing what she would call a "grey area". She watched Neal Caffrey fighting for his partner. Spoilers only if you didn't see the last show.

Neal is asked to lie to Peter, outright lie to his face, by none other than Elizabeth Burke herself. It would be selfish to refuse, to put Peter in danger, but can he actually do it? Neal's view of the concept of lying to his partner.

white collar 5x13 ending a relationship

He'll do whatever it takes to protect it. Criminal Minds - Rated: Reid - Complete White Collar: Kidnapped Neal and Peter find themselves held in a maze of forgotten tunnels beneath the city in a fight to keep themselves and each other alive. He knew from the way his hands shook and his heart stuttered. Hotch has a panic attack. JJ and Hotch have been together for almost a year, but things aren't perfect at home. Something happens on one of their cases and the couple find themselves with an unexpected guest.

Is he a blessing in disguise or is he about to make life a whole lot more difficult. But in this particular situation, Peter has a call to make that is incredibly stressful. You know what's not stressful?

Making things right with the love of your life. Search the Thief by Gerhuvn reviews Peter makes a mistake in how he handles his consultant. This story is set around the time of S01E05 when their partnership is still developing. Peter often reminded Neal of his tenuous probation and threatened to send him back to prison sometimes in lighthearted banter, other times in dead seriousness.

This is a story of what could have happened on a case during that time. Now she's forced to open it again. Peter agreed to make the deal, and Neal has one chance to convince Peter it was worth it. There will be no second chances. Neal knows what he's capable of, and he knows he can pull it off Did it reveal, say, the order in which he'd most hate to lose them?

He now has to confront this dark vision and the terror it brought, but can he do that without the help of a certain teammate? Reid] Facing Consequences by NightKitty reviews Tag to s4e3 - In the aftermath of Prentiss and Reid's time held hostage in the Libertarian ranch, Hotch has to deal with the emotional turmoil the whole event put him through, while Reid struggles to stay on his feet.

T - English - Chapters: Has Neal really managed to con his handler or is something else going on? Peter is determined to find out the truth. He wants to be angry at Hotch. He wants to be angry at everyone. Alvez - Complete When It Rains by inkandpaperqwerty reviews Hotch hates being the bad guy, but Reid's behavior in the wake of Emily's miraculous reappearance is getting out of control. He's not just hurting the team, he's hurting himself, and Hotch knows he has to do something.

What he doesn't know is that he's got the stressor all wrong. Neal frets at being left behind, Elizabeth is worried about losing her husband to the demands of the job. And Peter himself is hardening and pulling away from his wife and his friends.

Of a Conman and an Artist, a Queer as Folk + White Collar Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

But Neal won't let go. After the team suffers the devastating blow they go through the five stages of grief. Each chapter is a stage of grief, each stage is for one of the original members. Hotch begs to differ.

Reid - Complete Boats against the Current by ramblingonandon reviews Theirs was a friendship built against the odds; a trust between them that was as fragile as it was twisted and yet it had taken root where it should not have.

Between a man of law and the man who defies it, they had built their own set of rules. Peter knows that, what he doesn't understand is where it went wrong. But no amount of freedom could truly fill the void left by abandoning the life he'd built since stepping over the threshold of that prison gate. What Neal was met with upon his return, however, was something he never could have prepared for.

Hotch, although understanding, is far from impressed. Reid - Complete Written episode: This was not written for personal gain. Foyet - Complete In Spirit by princessg reviews Hotch is facing his first holidays in WP and away from his team but are they ever really apart? For his first Christmas out of prison, Neal only had plans for drinking. Fairy-tales are going on the list of 'nice things we aren't allowed to have'. K - English - Chapters: Come help me build a Popsicle house? Is this some odd rendition of Do you want to build a Snowman?

What if Morgan was in that room with Hotch, Reid, and the other hostages? What if he had to watch Reid, the man he considers his little brother, physically and verbally beaten by his superior?

More Hotch and Reid no slash but this time its the other way around. Read to find out! Reviews are super Criminal Minds - Rated: Peter and Neal delve into one of the most famous art crime cold cases in American history, the Gardner Museum Heist ofand discover far more than they ever bargained for Prentiss - Complete Daddy Son Vacation by elitejace reviews I just wanted to write something sweet and innocent.

Hotch and his son takes a much needed vacation. No Beth, just Hotch and Jack fluff! K - English - Family - Chapters: Thank you, Thomas Gibson, for bringing Aaron Hotchner to life. Perfect Game by Phoenix-cry reviews Perhaps my most requested short story Peter plots to get revenge on Neal for the events of Perfect Performance. Missing scene from Devil's Night.