Ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

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ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

Ekk Deewana Tha is a Indian Hindi romantic drama film, written and directed by Gautham Menon, featuring Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson in her Bollywood debut, and in lead roles. The film is a remake of Menon's own Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa . Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Tamil) and Ye Maaya Chesave (Telugu) were. Ye Maaya Chesave (Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya): About the 'unpredictable woman '! That is because the movie was implying an unhappy ending all through. But that was a case of love after marriage. .. I watched the Tamil version and I can imagine how the Telugu version, with the happy ending must. Although the story was the same, Ye Maya Chesave had a different has been doing for more than 30 years now, in Tamil or Telugu cinema. but they realise that neither their relationship nor their life is going to be a smooth ride. me wonder if VTV was Menon's version of the Before Sunrise trilogy.

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Upon release the music, scored by two-time Academy Award winner A. Rahman, became a huge success and gained Cult status over the years. Apart from highly successful soundtrack, the background score of the film is hailed as one of Rahman's best works. Ye Maaya Chesave portrays the complicated relationship between a Telugu Hindu assistant director, Karthik, and a Malayali Saint Thomas Christian girl, Jessie whom he falls in love with. Jessie is torn between her love for Karthik and her family, who is steadfast in their disapproval of him.

This results in a volatile relationship until Jessie leaves him without an explanation. They accidentally meet after a couple of years and the movie takes a different turn.

ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

Shooting continued through the latter part ofwith the film garnering significant media interest, with schedules in the United States, with Princeton University being used as a backdrop for song picturisation. Ye maaya chesave video songs ee hrudayam hosanna song naga chaitanya samantha Plot Karthik Naga Chaitanya is a mechanical engineering graduate but aspires to become a filmmaker.

Karthik's family rents the ground floor of a two-storeyed house which belongs to a Kerala christian family who are very conservative Syrian Catholic family from Alappuzha, Kerala, who live upstairs. Jessie Samanthatheir daughter, is 2 years older to Karthik. She has a brother Jerry Sudheer Babu. When Karthik meets Jessie for the first time, he falls in love with her.

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Karthik expresses his love one day to her, who is afraid of speaking to men around her strict father, and ends up angering Jessie. Later Jessie goes to Alappuzha, her grandparents' place.

ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

Karthik gets to know this from his sister and goes to Alappuzha, along with his friend Krishnudu, where he gets introduces to her family as his classmate. But at the wedding, she refuses to marry the groom, Roy Thomas, displeasing everyone in her family.

Karthik and Jessie continue to love each other without the knowledge of their parents.

ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

Suddenly, Jessie is forced by her father to marry and seeks Karthik's help, who was in Goa for a film shooting. Busy Karthik is unable to attend to her calls and messages; Jessie is unable to reach him. After a tense phone call from Jessie, Karthik goes back one night to check on her.

ye maya chesave tamil version ending a relationship

An angry and hurt Jessie makes a final decision to break up with Karthik because of her father's strong disapproval of their love. Later on, Karthik learns that Jessie got married and is settled abroad.

Gautham Menon’s Next Will Have VTV Characters Karthik & Jessie

Two years later, Karthik meets Nandini Sapan Saranwho falls in love with him. She is rejected by Karthik who cites his previous affair with Jessie whom he can not get over. He then comes up with a script for his first film, which happens to be his own love story.

Janani Iyer was subsequently seen in the background of several scenes where Karthik is shown to be a part of a film production team. Scenes were shot in places including VallettaMdinaGozo and Cominoas well as in lanes, alleys, eight churches and during the time of a village feast.

The makers brought along a crew of twenty six people to Malta, with ten local workers also helping on the production. But these are all not preventing one to enjoy the content of true and painful love of the film!

Ye Maaya Chesave

It stresses the fact that Tamil cinema has to break the mould if it aims to grab eyeballs. Gautham Menon has crafted a movie that will stay in our hearts for a long, long time.

It's like putting a camera into the intimate, everyday life of two people and following them on their adventures. The characters go through a whirlwind of emotions, laugh and cry, and take you along with them.

The dialogues and confrontations are repetitive. There's a would-be love-track that seems unnecessary before the story takes off again.