Yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

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yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

During the Battle City Finals, will they be able to maintain a friendship? Or will Kari's secret relationship allow it? Will Seto Kaiba realize that. When the series entered the Battle City story arc, Takahashi decided the characters leaving late at night on a frequent basis or constantly finding excuses to ditch school. . He then went on to have one final battle with Joey, which officially It mainly focuses on the relationship between Yugi and Kaiba. The third season of the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, created by Kazuki Takahashi, The second half of the season focuses on the resumption of the Battle City tournament finals, where the final four duelists, Yugi, Joey (Katsuya), Kaiba, and Marik (Malik), fight for the championship title as well as the end of the .

yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

Yugi convinces the Pharaoh not to worry about him and to keep dueling to save Mai, Bakura and the good Marik. Yami Marik quickly discards his Winged Dragon of Ra to the graveyard, planning to revive it.

yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

Yugi manages to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon using his three Knights. Yugi plays the card Kaiba gave him, Fiend's Sanctuary, to stop Marik's attack.

He then uses Multiply in order to summon Obelisk the Tormentor and devastate Marik. Yugi and the Pharaoh become hesitant to duel, not wanting to harm the good Marik.

As he fades away, Marik appears to an unconscious Odion, thanks him for taking care of him and apologizes, wishing that he could take back his cruel actions. In a cliffhanger, Odion is revealed to have been awakened by Marik's apology.

The card actually negates and removes all cards Marik controls, at the cost of banishing all monsters to the graveyard that Yami Yugi has. But Yami Marik claims that if Grapha is destroyed which will leave the good Marik with only 1 life pointthen the good Marik will be too weak to resist the power of the Shadow Realm, and will consequently lose his soul. Then, Odion arrives although he is still weakand tells Yami Marik that he has come to release his master the good Marikalthough Yami Marik counters this by saying that Marik's good half is almost completely gone, and that he is here to stay.

In case you didn't know, a monster in defense that's destroyed in battle deals no damage to the player's life points with a handful of monsters having an aversion to this being their effect.

It's been used before and after this duel. Joey keeps summoning them in attack mode. The monsters don't have HP like an RPG or anything, so being attacked by a weaker monster does nothing but cost yourself life points. Back when this duel took place, the rules were sort of different in a way that would have given Joey an advantage.

There was no attacking directly, you could only attack as many times as there were monsters to hit. Joey could have simply put his cards on defense until he drew something strong enough to do something. Had Joey dueled correctly using the rules at the time, he likely would have only taken a total of LP, out of a total at the time It would have kept going, but the idiot move was treated like Kaiba was genuinely skilled.

Bandit Keith is shown to have a gun that he used to threaten Pegasus for his prize money. That he would use it earlier, when Joey has just defeated Bonz for the star chips where he just shoots him along with all of his friends for some free star chips.

Or better yet, he could use it to threaten as many hapless duelists as possible for their star-chips, potentially enough to get all four of his gang to the Duelist Kingdom finals and would purposely stage it so that he gets to duel Pegasus.

If he predictably loses, then he would have all his gangs subdue him and extort him for the money and humiliate Pegasus at the same time.

He doesn't think of doing any of this and by the time he threatens Pegasus with one, he ended up falling to a trapdoor and sink into the ocean, making his entire ploy to defeat Pegasus pointless. During the Battle City tournament, Kaiba has invented a new rule that disallows Fusion Monsters to attack during the turn it is summoned Keep in mind that at this point, you can only fuse based on the monsters you control.

For the duelists to simply attack the player with all their remaining monsters before they fuse in the Main Phase 2.

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They fuse with the monsters first before they even attack and without even using Quick Attack. This results in most duelists throwing the game when they could have just attack first and fuse later.

At some point, he begins to leak out his plans to his stepfather about having to put him out of business so that he can take over KaibaCorp and makes him think Mokuba is the culprit of this.

That he would immediately tell his brother about this part of the plan. That way, Mokuba, while being accused of this act, won't have a reason to doubt him that he is a Manipulative Bastard. He brutalizes Mokuba without telling him about all this, accusing of selling him out, and sending him out of his room. This scheme works a little too wellbefore it started to bite him in the ass. After having Mokuba captive and still believes in his brother despite this move, Noah, the filler arc villain, brings out a hologram of Kaiba where it rejects him.

This breaks Mokuba enough for him to get brainwashed by him during the arc. For him to realize something is up and Kaiba's goading him into attacking with Saggi as Bait and not do anything. After all, Kaiba's a champion duelist, so he's likely got something planned Instead: He attacks and destroys Saggi with Gaia.

yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

Kaiba reveals that Saggi had The Crush Card Virus put on him with the face down and activates it and monsters in Yugi's deck with an attack power over are forbidden from being played from now. In the Orichalcos saga, Raphael is dueling Yami. Raphael is a very good duelist and hasn't resorted to using the 'Seal of Orichalcos' card, a card which powers up all the monsters on the user's side and means the loser would have their soul trapped. Raphael even switches ownership of the card to Yami, so that there is literally no chance of anyone losing their soul unless Yami is unbelievably stupid enough as to use the card himself, despite there being no reason to do so.

Despite how much Yami loves winning card gameshe realises that there are currently no stakes in the match whatsoever, no negative repercussions for losing, and it would be in everyone's best interest to accept a harmless loss rather than risking his and his opponent's soul for possible victory. It takes people's souls! There's absolutely no reason to even use it. There are no stakes involved in this Duel.

Even if you lost this card game, nothing would change at all. But again, there's literally nothing at stake here and a single loss wouldn't really hurt—" Yami: You've given me no choice! The guy who totally made me do this against my will! Yami still loses, except now instead of it being a harmless loss which everyone can accept with no repercussions at all, he loses his soul as well, requiring a Heroic Sacrifice on the part of Yugi so that Yami can continue making unbelievably stupid series so that the plot can progress.

Upon figuring out that Odion isn't really Marik, the real Marik himself considers using the fake god card to cover up his identity. Since Joey is about to lose in one attack by Serket, he decides against it and let Odion finish him off. Not only will he have another ally he can bank on but if he keeps acting innocent, then not only will the heroes keep guessing on who the real Marik is but even better, assume that he just fled from Battle City.

He orders Odion to use the fake Ra, which not only causes Joey to win a duel that he shouldn't have but also allows Marik's Superpowered Evil Side to appear and causes more havoc than his original self. During the last segment of the duel against Yami Marik, Mai currently has a Cyber Harpie Lady on the field and she is also capable of multiplying them into 3 using Elegant Egotist. Marik on the other hand, only has 1 monster in face-up attack position and life points, leaving him open for a direct attack for game.

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At this point, Mai might be tempted to use the Winged Dragon of Ra. As shown from the previous duel between Jounouchi and Rishid, attempting to use Ra without proper testing is proven to be highly dangerous and since she would keep the card if she managed to defeat Marik, she decides to simply test it by dueling someone else like Yugi or Jounouchi where nothing is at stake.

She decides to tribute summon Ra without having any idea how it works nor does she even learn what would happen if she did it without any preparations. Joey beats Bandit Keith by turning his own Time Machine card against him. Pegasus just declares Yugi the challenger and they move on to their duel. The anime decided to rectify this and gave Joey his rightful shot at the title. Bonz loses to Joey in the Duelist Kingdom and seals the main characters up inside a cave.


This forces them to travel through an underground complex, where they encounter the Paradox Brothers. The Battle City story arc allows many characters from Duelist Kingdom to return. Bakura duels Bonz, as he needs more Locator Cards.

yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

He uses his Millennium Ring to suck the soul from his body, leaving a white-eyed corpse on the ground. Joey was forced to live with his father, while his mother took Serenity.

yugi vs marik battle city finals ending a relationship

We don't hear anything about Joey's father in the anime He is portrayed as a drunk, who wastes his time gambling. It is suggested that Joey's father is both verbally and physically abusive to his son.