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bert the flirt

Reppin' for Team Flirt Boutique were (back row, from left) Rachael Scott, Simon Fredricks, Donovan Hookim, Kamaal Azan, and Bert Khouri. THE true nature of Bert and Ernie's very special friendship has been a hotly- debated mystery ever since the iconic children's show first aired in. Bert In [email protected] Life, Jul 24, Rex likes the Drunk Ones #drunkchicks #drunk # wasted #DONTJUDGECHALLENGE #random #flirt. 7 Likes 1 Revine

At the presentation I attended, a stereopticon and manually operated egg beater were very popular. And many participants, including Godfrey, donned hats from the s to the '50s.

Looking rather rakish in his chapeau, Godfrey, a voracious reader, announced that he'd already read three morning papers and had delivered mail to fellow residents, a job he particularly enjoys. But even more, it seems, Godfrey, 83, loves drawing. The national contest is judged by three professional artists, according Pat Wiggins, project director at Hillhaven Corp.

With more than long-term care centers across the country, Hillhaven is the nation's second largest such care provider. Wiggin recalled one incident that convinced her the project also had a powerful message. This has definitely turned my thinking around.

bert the flirt

Ina stroke put him in a wheelchair, left him with slurred speech and stole the use of his favored right hand. I had one big one and said that's enough," he said good-naturedly. By all accounts, he brightens everyone's day with his energy and high spirits. And as we toured the hall together, the frequent hugs he received from staff members revealed the origin of his nickname. Despite any flirtations, though, Godfrey's heart still belongs to his wife, Wanda, a local real estate agent who visits two or three times a week.

They go out to lunch or a movie, or seek an outdoor location where he can sketch.

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But I love life. I'm so happy to be here.

bert the flirt

My wife and I used to do oil painting many years ago. The most important one is anat2exf. This is done with tkregister2 through reg-feat2anat.

bert the flirt

This program brings up a GUI which allows you to inspect and interactively edit the registration matrix. To check the registration computed in the previous step, run: You will also see an anatomical similar to the one on the left below. The green line is the orig surface.

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It is the same in both the anatomical and functional. The right is the same image as the middle without the surface. Navigating through tkregister2 tkregister2 is controlled through the interface and through keypress commands. When using a keypress command, the image window must have control of the cursor; this can be accomplished by clicking in the image window.

Here are some useful commands. To change slice, operate the slider. To change the functional brightness, change the value in the "fmov" entry box. Or you can use the 'i' keypress command to turn on automatic intensity normalization.

bert the flirt

To toggle the surface on and off, use the 's' keypress command. Evaluating the registration The first step in evaluation is to make sure that there was no catastrophic failure, e.

bert the flirt

Such failures are usually caused by failures in the registration to standard space see section on troubleshooting. The second step is to make sure there was not a left-right flip. This is tricky because the brain is very symmetrical.

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However, the cortical folding patterns often have subtle asymmetries. In general, you cannot see the folding patterns in the functional, but you can see the CSF which will also follow the surface see the images above.

Make sure that asymmetries in the green surface are present in the CSF.

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The final step is to check the alignment. This is done by making sure that green surface follows the contour of the CSF. Pitfalls There are several ways in which the registration may be good but can appear bad. First, don't evaluate the registration in areas known to have B0 distortion e. Second, be careful using the ventricles for alignment.

The anterior portion is often susceptible to B0 distortion.