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Based on Census treatment, median household income for all years is adjusted for inflation. We also reviewed unemployment data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics foras well as ACS data on health insurance coverage, employment and poverty. Suse likes to lounge, laze, and generally bum around.

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The filmmakers have explored individuals from graffiti artist to aand. All the others are Emmy winners, while he had yet to be nominated in his abbreviated career. For Adam Klugman, it's an indefensible move. His father's career spanned more than five decades and included lead-actor Emmys for acclaimed series "The Defenders" in and "The Odd Couple" in and ' That has not been the case since early last week with Team New Zealand hovering on the brink of needing just one more win to clinch the Cup.

Race 14 was postponed Saturday because the wind hadn't settled in from the usual direction by the 2: The boats are quality. The crews are certainly quality. This is representing hundreds of millions of dollars and years of people's lives here on the line.

The implication for getting the right result is super important.

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It never swung back to the west-southwest breeze the course is set up for, between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Embarcadero. Had a race started in those conditions, it would have been a sprint across the wind devoid of match-racing tactics. The Kiwis have been sitting on match point since Wednesday, leading and needing one more win to wrest the oldest trophy in international sports away from software tycoon Larry Ellison.

There's no doubt that many of the 4. There's also the matter of fans having to re-book international flights, and some are losing their hotel rooms because of Oracle Open World, at which Ellison is scheduled to give the welcome keynote speech Sunday evening. The stakes are high for Oracle Team USA, as well, since one more loss will see the America's Cup sail away from American shores for the third time since Docked two points in a cheating scandal, the well-funded powerhouse still needs to win six races to keep the Auld Mug.

Oracle has won four of the last six races as it's improved its sailing technique and made changes to its black cat. Oracle won the re-sail of Race 13 to stay alive for the second straight day. It was the seventh time the race committee had to abandon or postpone a race since Sept.

Both races Tuesday were blown out. The regatta is stretching into its third weekend. Sunday will tie the America's Cup in Auckland as the longest ever, at 16 days. That best-of-9 series was plagued by a nine-day stretch with no racing due to either wind that was too strong or was too light.

The Kiwis were swept in five races by Alinghi of Switzerland. This is a best-of series, although Oracle needs to win 11 races due to the cheating scandal. The regatta has been plagued by the convergence of rules set more than a year ago and changes made following the death of British double Olympic medalist Andrew "Bart" Simpson when Artemis Racing's catamaran capsized on May 9.

Besides taking advantage of racing on spectacular San Francisco Bay, organizers have tried to make the regatta more TV-friendly with shorter races on a five-leg course. Oracle Team USA and the challengers decided on most details inincluding having two races a day and a time limit for the races in order to fit into a two-hour TV window. They were made by the teams, and the teams have to abide by them. When Race 13 was re-sailed in a better breeze, Oracle won to stay alive for the second straight day.

The original wind limit was 33 knots.

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After Simpson was trapped under the twisted wreckage of Artemis Racing's catamaran on May 9, the limit was reduced to 23 knots as one of 37 safety recommendations Murray made. The wind limit is offset by the tide. When an ebb tide is flowing out of San Francisco Bay, it reduces the wind limit.

Some have wondered why races don't start earlier in the day. But the decision to set the start times at 1: At the time, the wind limit was still 33 knots and no one thought that would be a factor. Earlier in the week, Oracle wanted to increase the wind limit but the Kiwis declined, saying they would have done so before the regatta but not well into it.

This is not an uncommon opinion. Shaq s reasoning for not liking the new name, though? Pelicans, are they that big white bird? But I wish them well.

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So many questions for you, Shaq. You really haven t seen a Pelican before? It s Louisiana s state bird. You went to LSU. They were in Finding Nemo. You yelled about Birdman for the entire postseason and now you know nothing about birds? Are you undercover again? That s your suggestion? I don t know if that s true or not because I haven t watched the Discovery channel in a really long time, but you don t go down the food chain in search of a better nickname.

You just don t. That s alright, though. New Orleans fans have plenty of reasons to be happy though, right? I suppose the thought of hearing, Nice Pelicans jersey! As for the names on the back? But again, we need to two or three marquee players.

So hopefully the first pick, Anthony Davis, and Doc Rivers son hopefully have the same impact the Splash Brothers Golden State guards and had last season. So New Orleans fans, it sounds like Shaq thinks your new nickname stinks, you might not sell many jerseys, you don t have good players that are worth spending money to watch, and your hopes of making a big impact rest partially with Austin Rivers, of all people.

But, you know, other than that? Go big white birds! The Washington area has some of the worst traffic in the United States.