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Buy xats days · Powers · xavis · xat group · Short name · Promotion · Auctions · Forum; More. Twitter · Wiki · Support · Contact · Help · Trade · Widgets. The latest Tweets from Brittanney Ledoux (@BEL): "jogglerwiki.info". How to Use jogglerwiki.info Chatboxes. jogglerwiki.info is a chatting website for those who love chatrooms or just simply need to talk about something. But if you don't know.

Do you want to chat with strangers? Are you tired of Facebooking? Do you want to listen songs and music of your taste?

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Do you want to dedicate your song to your love ones? If all these questions answer is yes, then you are in the right place our online Chat Room provides you best life time experience.

This Chat Room is based upon Pakistani chat room where you are provided with online chat, online radio and online music in urdu. So you can make friends or chat to strangers while listening good music on live radio. Basically its a free chat room without any registration hence your privacy is not reviled. You can just join Chat Room by simply changing your name to your nick name or any other to your liking but it must be simple, decent and elegant. This is Website contains chat room, online radio and online music.

Online Radio can be heard on your smart phone through 3G or 4G data connection check your connection providers rates but WiFi connection is preferred. Our chat room supports flash chat room so you need to install flash player first. The ironic twist, is that the year-olds that make up their userbase actually manage to scam their parents into buying this shit.

By sending the Jews in charge money, you can: They actually have a power called Purple. It costs dollarsand has been available since Xat started to sell powers. The best part about it all is when you buy powers, you're also given an allotted amount of days you can use your powers. If you run out of days, you forfeit the ability to do anything you paid to do until you give Xat more money, with which you can buy more powers, and make it even more critical you re-subscribe when you run out of days.

The Chat[ edit ] They are usually just a chat box with a crappy backround image that is either a default or Google image. Most of them are a pure piece of crap since they are made by users. User Ranks[ edit ] Each of the user in chat have a colored shitpile next to their names which signifies certain ranks. Serve no purpose except to annoy the crap out of owners so they can become members. A user who is offline but more usual is that he is using a sockpuppet.

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Major butthurt and lulz usually results. If you wanna be a big baby because this person is irritating you, just ignore him. They sucked enough dick to be promoted to the banhammer. Since they are bitches with banhammers, their bans only last 6 hours.

Normally a 2-minutes oldfag that will explain why is he kewler than anybody else in the chatroom meanwhile he expects to be buttlicked. The main owners are mostly hypocritical assholes that make it seem like the rules don't apply to them, they'll probably just rage-ban you or sit and watch their warriors cuss you out. See, Powers Trolling Xat[ edit ] A decent start Probably the only good part about the entire website, a new troll on the internet can practice and hone his skills easily on Xat.

A number of techniques exist for proven results including: Starting petty drama in new Xats with known users and whining to the chat's mod.

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It would help to photoshop images of them calling you a nigger. When you do, you'll have an option to report unfair ban, but all this does is send an email to the main owner's inbox.

Copy the URL it sends you to, send goatse, rinse, repeat. For people who know the html exploit, go to chrome, inspect the html popup box for reporting the unfair ban, and once you copy the source, paste again into the webpage and send moar complaints. Since you don't have friends, pretend to be your own. You can right click on a the flash window, go to settings, then click the file.

From here, change the flash persistent storage limit to 0, save and ignore the warnings and open the same xat in a new window. You'll come in as a new user and can proceed to troll the shit out of yourself. If you get banned on one user, and leave on the other, when you come back that user will be banned too.

You can exploit this, however, to say that your sockpuppet said he was going to hack you when he got banned and make you banned instead, then crying when you get banned. Making idiots look like idiots is always a good idea for some quick, cheap lulz. On the other hand, if you're in a group with people who use proper English, TXT speak. It's no secret that Xat's security is an absolute joke. Even Xat wants you to hack them. If you're too lazy and can't be assed to do this, try linking the lower-level users to that site and try to start a hostile overthrow of the xat.

Since xatfags are irl newfagsmost of them haven't seen the glory of Goatse. You can find things to expand their horizons here. Find a particularly opinionated contributor, copy their username, spend 30 seconds on tineye looking for their picture or just copy it with print screen, and contradict everything they say to spark confusion and drama. If you're feeling malicious, you may be pleased to know mods have no way of differentiating between users and often take the risk of banning the wrong user if there are two of you, so you can laugh to yourselfthinking of the victim's reaction.

Constantly change your identity, and use subtly offensive names, such as: Always using the same name will, if you persist, give you a sort of online identity and if people remember you, this compromises your subtlety from the start which obviously takes away your best weapon.

Also, try use a specific sort of style and change your name every chat you visit. This makes them debate amongst themselves as to whether or not you are X or Y using a different name, causing confusion.