80 20 relationship rules for women

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80 20 relationship rules for women

The 80/20 rule allows for people in relationships to take a fraction of their time away from their partner to take part in these self-fulfilling activities. In theory, the 80/20 rule for relationships sounds great, and it is! For example, men and women who you meet or date may behave in ways. If you knowingly enter into a relationship with another woman's husband and believe . Why We Cheat 80 20 Rule Relationship, Marriage Quotes Struggling, .

Got a degree in marketing management, but then decided to follow my passion and make the world a better place where love and relationships are not a mystery anymore and people can actually BE HAPPY in their love lives.

The 80/20 Relationship Rule

For the past 7 years I have been in six different LDRs for various periods of time. Recently, however, I have closed the distance with my lovely girlfriend after dating long distance for 2.

80 20 relationship rules for women

We now happily live in the same city. Because of my extensive experience with LDRs and my profound fascination with romantic relationships, one year ago I decided to kick-start my quest of changing the world by helping men have better and happier long distance relationships.

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You run a website called Long-Distance-Lover: Why a site specifically for men? What sort of resources does your site offer? My vision when it comes to long distance relationships is: And I chose it to be specifically for men for two main reasons: On the website I talk about: On your blog you talk about being passionate about the science of relationships.

If there is too much challenge relationships become frustrating. If there is too much satisfaction, or only satisfaction — relationships become dull, boredom kicks in and partners take each other for granted.

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This helps keep excitement and interest in the relationship keeping those little butterflies in your stomachs alive for as long as you want. It could be a short term, a medium term or a longer-term purpose.

Namely, whether you can do who you fancy. Before bringing this idea into your relationship, it's important to make sure everyone knows what's on the agenda — don't assume your partner will know you're looking to have some no-strings-attached action on the side. And remember, there are two sides to an equation. Just remember we're all individuals, and what works for one couple might not for another.

You and your partner might want to increase your "me time", and other reduce it.

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Problems might arise if one of you needs more solo time, and the other is missing being coupled up. If you're out of balance with each other, it might be that, unlike a proved theorem, your relationship may not last forever, unless you're open to talking to each other and finding a happy compromise.

80 20 relationship rules for women

No one is perfect, so if you're feeling like something is missing, enjoy some independence and know that finding ways to make yourself happy is a good thing. I'm not mathematician, but something doesn't add up there.

  • The 20% will never make you happy
  • The 80% is good enough
  • Why having your own personal space in a relationship might just bring you closer together

As with most things in life, rules are meant to be broke. Unless it's the rule of shotgun — that's not to be messed with. The common denominator in the

80 20 relationship rules for women