Love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

Love and Truth Will Meet | Timbrel and Harp

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

7t As they pass through the Baca valley, they find spring water to drink. loyal; prosperity will fill our land. ut Love and truth will meet; justice and peace will kiss. Psalm “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell Righteousness and peace have kissed each other, they are inseparable like twins. Love and Truth meet in the street, You may want to give the amount you would spend on a coffee and muffin once a month. Over the moon, passion kisses the silver stars of peace and righteousness, will be most in love with the loveliest; but he who will not love is of an inharmonious soul.” I can't tell you if there will always be truth behind justice. drive from within one's soul to find the righteousness in truth, to find justice.

We thank you, because we know that no one is out of your reach.

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We cry out to you, as one body, for your people are suffering. God, there are people suffering in sickness from AIDS. Lord, we come to you, weary and burdened, as the body of Christ, suffering together, and we ask for rest.

Bring us healing, bring us rest.

Twins; Mercy & Truth, Peace & Righteousness do you know them?

Almighty God, let the church be a force for transformation, to bring both healing and hope. Help us to share the message of hope and of your grace offered also to those suffering from AIDS. O Lord, help us to spread the news of a hope and a future for your people, both within life and also after life. Omnipotent God, we know those who suffer most are those in poverty. We recognize the social injustices that allow for more people to be sick.

Lord, we lament these injustices. Lord, we rebuke these injustices! Guide us, as your people, to be a vision of justice. Help us know how to fight against poverty. Lord, help us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Creator and Almighty God, we need you. You knit us with care and sustain us each day.

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

You shower us with gifts and look on us with pride. You alone are the source of every good thing. You are our strength, our courage, and our hope.

Love and Truth Will Meet

Lord, we lament for a world that does not recognize the value of every life, whether born or preborn. We cry out to you on behalf of the lives lost each day through abortion. We grieve with those who grieve the loss of children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

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Lord, we lift up in prayer to you those who need you most: For those, even Christians, who believe the lie of culture that life is only as valuable as its capabilities or resources, we ask for you to soften hearts and reveal your truth.

For the many, many women who want to keep their unborn children but cannot see any possible options for doing so, we pray for support, encouragement, and for sisters and brothers in Christ to rise up and meet their needs. For women told lies about the impact that choosing abortion will have, and for women who are told they have no choice, Lord, we ask for clarity and courage.

For women whose bodies have been damaged, some even to the point of death, by an abortion, Lord, we pray for healing. For countries where policies restrict the number of children that can be born or devalue the lives of women to the point that abortion is forced upon them, particularly when they are carrying a daughter, we pray for your hand to move to change unjust laws, to protect women at risk, and to raise up a generation that will call on your name.

Surely, your arm is not too short to save! Lord, forgive us for being parts of nations whose policies promote access to abortion more readily than access to food for children living in poverty. Open our eyes to recognize your face in the most vulnerable and to offer the gifts you have freely given us to them with ready and generous hearts.

Mighty God, we cling to your promises— for justice to be fulfilled, for your grace to be made known, and for your peace to rule in hearts and minds and lives. Help us to live out the vision you have given us for life in this world. Give us the will and the courage to put the lives of others before our own and to advocate on their behalf, to sacrifice where necessary and to serve where needed. Lord, you are ever-faithful.

Make us faithful in our service to you. In his resurrection he restores life and peace in all creation.

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

Through the same Jesus Christ, our Lord. Prayers for Reconciliation and Peace in Syria God of history, witness of the struggles within families; we pray for the divided family of Syria as brother fights against brother, and sister rejects sister.


We pray for those whose love of neighbour has been destroyed in the bitterness of enmity. Peace is the will of God. Trust in God is contrasted with trust in the instruments of war Is. Peace was the mission of Jesus. The fruit of the Spirit is peace Gal. Peace was the witness of the early church.

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

The new community created in Christ bore witness by its reconciled fellowship: Peace — shalom — occurs when captives are released Lk. The foundation of peace is justice. Peace like war, is waged. Peacemakers are not passive, but active. Jesus urged worshippers to take the initiative to settle disputes Matt.

Peace includes loving and feeding enemies compassion Luke 6: Peacemakers sometimes cause trouble. Jesus turned over the tables of oppressive money-changers John 2: Peacemaking is rooted in grace. It is grace which frees us from fear 1 John 4: The knowledge of God and the healing of creation are parallel realities Is.

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The land itself mourns Is. Peacemaking is not optional. We lie if we say we love God yet fail to assist neighbors in need 1 John 4: Loving enemies — whether close at hand or far away — is the way to become children of God Matt 5: We recognize that these are areas of Mission, and therefore we provide representation on that Team and work to support and widen its efforts.

I was never alone because they were always with me. I must have prayed this scripture a thousand times over my life. Unable to find source of photo if this is yours please contact me.

This brings me to our reading today of Psalm 85 which paints a beautiful word picture of how we are to walk in this world. It paints a picture of mercy and truth meeting along the way, they walk together on the journey, hand in hand.

Righteousness and peace have kissed each other, they are inseparable like twins.

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee

There are several versions. This is a version of Psalm Truth sprouts green from the ground, Right Living pours down from the skies! Right Living strides out before him, and clears a path for his passage.

This is a remarkable text, and much has been said on it: Mercy and peace are on one side; truth and righteousness on the other. Truth requires righteousness; mercy calls for peace. They meet together on the way; one going to make inquisition for sin, the other to plead for reconciliation.

Where did they meet?

love and truth will meet justice peace kiss for coffee