Meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

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meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

Know that I share your pain, and that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Sincere condolences to Deana,Cathy and families on your tragic loss. Hi Vickie Roger and Grant I'm so sorry to hear of Gregg's passing. kids and one of the best young men I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Rest In Peace Gregg . Prayers for peace to Debbie, Angela, Lauren, Lindsey, Grandma, Patty, Tommy and the feast of his . My mother & I express our sincerest condolences to your family. I remember meeting Danny and Helen through Caryl and my Uncle Franko over twenty years ago. Drs Gregg and Peg Jensen posted on 10/2/ I urge coaches, young athletes, and parents to make good use (Peace is the To laugh, if I should meet defeat, without a fret or whine Used with permission by Gregg Easterbrook from the column “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” on.

He was taken way to soon. Prayers sent to all of you Lise Kaven - February 23, Our deepest condolences to all the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

A Prayer for Your Aging Parent

Thoughts and prayers to the families Kevin Gerrish - February 23, Our deepest sympathyGreg was a wonderful man and dad and husband! He was also a great friend as Trevor and Renee spoke highly of him. Remember the closeness, the happiness, the strength. Squeeze tight and cherish your memories - they will be with you forever.

Thinking of you - sending hugs.

Condolences for

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. So sorry for your loss Sarah hugs Julie - February 23, Im so sorry for your loss. Gregg had an attitude and smile that was infectious. Very happy we got to catch up. Never forget you bud. P Kyle Fox - February 23, No words!! My deepest sympathies to his entire family. Mario Bourassa - February 23, Dearest Vicky and family so very sorry to hear of your son's passing may it comfort you to know many friends have you all in our thoughts and prayers Cecelia jamieson - February 23, My dearest Vicky.

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  • What do you think the 20-year anniversary of an organization like G.O.D. testifies to?

My heart breaks for you and your family. May you all find strength in your love for each other and the memories of your beautiful son.

meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

Joanne Brule - February 23, Gregg always had the best outlook on life. His smile always lit up the room, his laugh was infectious. My deepest sympathies to the Perreault family. Gregg will truly be missed by all who knew him. Sabrina - February 23, Dear Vickie and family. My heart is saddened for your loss. Bonnie - February 23, Vicky I am so sorry for your family's loss. You are in my prayers at this time Lisa Lovely - February 23, Our thoughts and Prayers are with you all during this difficult time Tammy and Real Carre.

Tammy Carre - February 23, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Tennant family - February 23, Though I only knew Gregg a short while and what seems to be a lifetime ago, his sense of humour and moves on the dance floor are something I will never forget.

Thoughts and prayers are being sent. Sorry for the loss. Joanne - February 23, Dear Vicki and Roger and family. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss and your pain. I pray that you will find strength and comfort to bring you some peace and healing in these dark days. You are ever in my prayers and thoughts. Love Debbie and family. Anonymous - February 23, when you are in need God is there when you are hurting God is there when you need friends we are all here my deepest condolences to Sarah and her son ,Deena and family my prayers and thoughts well be with you throw this time of need.

Our hearts are broken for you. He was taken way too soon. Deepest condolences from both Garry and I, and big hugs to you both and to all of your family, Cindy Shyminsky - February 23, Sarah and Family, Sending our thoughts to you as you deal with this difficult time. Our hearts go out to you.

meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

My sincere condolences go out to the Perreault family during this very sad time. I will always remember Gregg fondly as a guy that always tried to help everyone and make everyone smile. I remember Gregg growing up, he was always a polite boy very generous and caring to all around him.

Moe Richer - February 23, To Sara and Family, please accept our condolences at this very sad time, we are very sorry for your loss. It is with a heavy heart that i am offering my condolences. Its never easy loosing a child. Death is truly our enemy! I'll keep you in my prayers Thompson - February 23, I am so sorry for your loss. I'll be thinking of you and Aiden. Carol leduc - February 23, My deepest sympathies to all his family and friends. So saddened to hear. Sometimes they put a lot of pressure on themselves, but they are doing quite phenomenal things.

meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

How do you maintain employee enthusiasm, knowing that this organization has kept so many of its original employees over the last 20 years? Jesus at one point in John They were going to have to work hard to figure out what Jesus was saying. And he goes from having a significant group of people to a core group — the You have all the words of life. To me, that became a lesson about retaining people.

I would say initially when I started in ministry, I would get stressed. Even about whether or not someone would come back. The other thing I learned, is that if we teach the words of life--which come from God--where else would be people want to go?

When I think over the last 20 years I just taught Scripture. The Secret to Our Success. So I make a concerted effort to ensure that. For example, all employees get a class every semester so they can be in the Word. If they have a day job, they can take a night class that we make available.

meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

We diversify our opportunities to learn, so that we can meet that need in people. And I get that could be a presumptuous statement on my part, but after 20 years, there seems to be enough that has objectively been done, where a third party could look at it and say, yeah, something has happened there that will be talked about into the future. A lovely person, a mother of one our members, encouraged me the other day. I have no grandchildren, they were just expressing to me how their prayers project forward out of love and concern for me.

In serving the Lord there is never a wasted moment. There is significance and meaning attached to every moment, because you are acting out what it is that God says. There are lots of places that talk about it, but very few that give a framework to implement it. I think the uniqueness of our organization is that the same community you worship with is the same group of people you work with, and the same group of people you go to school with, and the same people you raise your kids with, and in some cases even people you live in the same neighborhood with.

I think when people are around it, they sense that excitement. What unique challenges do you face as the leader of an organization that is majorly composed of millennials? The organization that now denotes when the Millennial generation began is the PEW organization, they actually put my birth year [] as the beginning of the Millennial generation.

The idea is that these folks come into their authority around the dawn of the new millennium. So, I came into my 30s at the commencement of the new millennium and it is a different experience to be on the older side rather than the younger side [of Millennials]. X], likely because I had an uprooting of American culture which happened when I moved to the Philippines.

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So I kinda came into my own historical awareness a little bit delayed. I get the weakness of millennials and I get the strength of Millennials.

And I think being similarly situated along those lines is of great help in leading a group of Millennials. Now, the real challenge to me is this next group. The key to working with Millennials is not to be relevant in terms of pop culture relevance. The key is to be relevant in terms of the truth and what is meaningful and significant. But I also understand, to get across those virtues, one must do it in a way a person has a palette for.

You take even the metaphor of sound, how people hear music. Folks have their tastes. We played this game recently on apple tv that has pop songs. And you can tell whatever decade someone was born in because the era of songs that came up was their jam--like that became their soundtrack, that brought them to life. All the way from what Johnny Cash sang, to Usher, to what Shawn Mendes is doing--I have to hit all three of those generations.

I think that my desire to be faithful to the LORD and love people gives me a hunger to learn those things. I listened to Chris Rock talk about comedians, and they were asking him how he has been able to stay relevant.

He said he listened to another comedian, and the guy had a really funny joke but he said something about Bart Simpson. I had to find what was the next pop reference. And it goes to Napoleon Dynamite and then Napoleon Dynamite goes out. And I pay close attention to mediums of communication. Rosemary Sherrod, a boomer, teaches a Black History class for high school students of the unnamed generation at the Academy for G. Rosemary has caught on to Gregg's concern for remaining relevant--she is one of the most beloved teachers at the Academy.

There are so many interesting things to say about both generations. I do feel one of my responsibilities is to help generations understand one another. So with the Boomers and the Gen. We are actually having a shift in our nation where the Boomers are taking back some power. I like this question.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your responsibility over the last 20 years?

meet the parents greggs prayer for peace

The way things work in the world is not difficult to figure out. I think that the challenge has been how to stay faithful to the calling God has given us--what makes us alternative, or, a contrast to the dominant way of being a ministry. So, I think as people are growing older in this ministry and they are sensing their finiteness, that they are going to die, time is going to be up, they are not going to have all the time in the world to give And he told us it would be hard, so I guess when you asked me that question But narrow is the gate and small is the path that leads to life, and few will ever find it.

His name is Jesus. He has a way in which he lived, and it is not conventional by any means. He was misunderstood by his contemporaries and crucified by the state and religious authorities of his day. We have received a paradigm in him that is challenging, but the Father was pleased with him, and raised him from the dead. And that life is promised to us too, if we follow in his way--This prince of peace, this person who made history, in a way that no one else will be able to duplicate, we all just want to be part of.

It was so hard to come up with. I was just a teenager. Antonio is one of many people in the third world that we support on a regular basis. Because of our help, Antonio was able to get the medical care he needed to continue to support his family, engage in ministry, and grow food for his community--his passion!

Literally right now in our community we have over adults and children. And these are highly committed people. But apathy would be very minimal. Stay committed to the calling of this vocation, to following Jesus.

And as I said earlier, God will retain, and we just have to give the words of life - his Word. You started 20 years ago as a young single man. How has marriage and children, and even the large influx of children into this organization changed your focus? Getting married is an unselfish thing to do. Having kids is an even more unselfish thing to do. And in Christ, we are moving further and further away from selfishness, and at the core of selfishness is self.

So when I was a self, a single, there was more opportunity to be selfish.

A Prayer for Your Aging Parent

But loving someone else Paul the Apostle would talk in Ephesians about the mystery that exists in the love in between us and God, finds meaning in the marriage relationship. That the relationship between the husband and the wife can somehow help us make sense of that mystery. You know, what a school — marriage. She is an amazing woman.

There was a lot of hypocrisy in me. I was very ambitious along those lines. It was more like an appearance. It would just look like it to others that we were sacrificing. But in reality, we could go where we wanted, do what we wanted. It would be the most natural expansion of our ministry. So to me, every kid that shows up around here is the future, literally. I know that people get to say that in a Whitney Houston romantic kind of way. But for me, when I look at these kids, I see that we can do something for them that would put them on a track to living such a meaningful life But I think that human progress is along those lines.

And it comes slowly. So when I meet their grandparents, or your parents, it is meaningful to me. Because we have a legacy in Christ but that legacy in Christ also has a very real familial aspect to it. So while I know that we are in Christ brothers and sisters, and one big family as a community of believers, I also know that every family has its own story to tell.

And I feel responsible to ensure everybody can carry both in one thought. Paul the Apostle, he was a Jew, but he was also in Christ. He actually had a great burden for his family of the flesh, though he has that burden for all people who are in Christ. He had really become all things to all people.