School alumni meet ideas for life

school alumni meet ideas for life

Appoint a reunion chair who will arrange and drive meeting agendas. class gift to your school Survey classmates for ideas and venue preferences If your classmates are in the child rearing stages of life the summer months might be a. Alumni refers to a group of students who have graduated from a school, college or a university. At an alumni meet, all the former graduates of a particular institution get Planning will become much easier and ideas, views and opinions can be You discuss your school / college fun moments and how the life. Planning a successful college reunion requires large-scale communication and coordination. The Alumni Association will have many helpful resources to aid your of your college experience, including homecoming, sporting events, dorm life, .

The most common ones include: For example, give invitees plenty of advance notice, so they can schedule time to attend. Outline travel and parking options, so attendees know how to reach the venue by public transit or by car.

Make the event accommodating for spouses and children. Let alumni know which other familiar classmates or old connections will be in attendance — this can be easily done through a Facebook event page or other digital event page, where interested attendees are listed. Target Diverse Age Groups Among alumni in attendance, there will be people from a broad range of life stages, with diverse needs and interests. To create an engaging event for everyone, you will need to consider the perspective of each age group and make all groups comfortable.

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To do so, seat alumni according to graduation years, or plan separate events altogether for older and younger alumni. Let different age groups be well represented on stage, for example, by inviting both older and younger alumni to emcee or to speak.

Capitalize on Alumni Passions Dreams, passions and pursuit of life goals are what resonate among alumni of every age group. Celebrating these unites alumni with a common sense of achievement. Every alumni has stories of how their school journey has prepared them for their life journey.

Capitalizing on these stories — for example, by highlighting them through videos, print materials, or speeches — encourages a shared enthusiasm for the pursuit of happiness that every alumni is embarking on.

Try featuring a video recap of how the school has developed, updates on recent changes to the school, and student and faculty awards and achievements. It can inspire alumni to feel even greater pride in and connection to their school.

Alumni / Reunion Planning Tips

Marquette University Interaction with other alumni connects people to networks and opportunities that can open new doors in the marketplace. Stanford University By organizing structured networking activities, you can alleviate some of the stress of open social mingling. Be Creative and Effective in Program Choices Bring in some variety and creativity in planning alumni events. Trying different event styles can also help you discover which types of activities are most engaging and effective for your particular school.

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Here are some ideas to consider: Set a Friendly Tone From on the onset, a friendly and approachable tone in your invitations can go a long way in making alumni feel welcomed to attend. Including some one-line testimonials from attendees saying how they benefitted from past alumni meet-ups will also serve to entice invitees and show them the value of your event.

How you welcome guests when they arrive establishes the tone and mood for your event. Have ushers ready to greet people at the door. Better yet, find out a little bit about your attendees, and introduce them to people they can talk to. Foster Easy Conversation Provide name tags as a convenient way for people to interact with one another.

Design and print your nametags professionally to give a sophisticated look to your event. To add a touch of playfulness, give attendees a chance to personalize their nametags with a short tagline that introduces some aspect of themselves. This information also serves as a jumping point for conversations. Next, create an atmosphere that encourages mingling and conversation.

A snack and drinks bar, for instance, promotes better flow and movement than a sit-down dinner. Set up areas for natural gathering, such as counters with food, long tables with school photos, or walls displaying student art. These spots naturally draw crowds and foster easy conversation. Use icebreaking games or other light activity to help people warm up and meet new friends.

When playing, you can divide people into groups and add a little competitiveness — it instantly builds teamwork and increased connection. If you spot any shy or lonely attendees, make an effort to introduce them to someone else and help them feel included. Start Well, End Strong Whereas the opening of your event is key to a great first impression, the end of your event gives attendees the lasting impression that they will take home with them. Should we have a single day or multi-day event?

Some classes just have a one evening reunion event while other classes host multi-day reunions. Those classmates who have attended reunions repeatedly echo the same words after the reunion is over How do you pack 5, 10, 20, 30 years of each others lives inside of 5 hours?

school alumni meet ideas for life

The answer is you can't. Hosting a multi-day reunion however gives your classmates additional time to relax and get reacquainted. This is also a far more attractive venue for those traveling from afar to attend the reunion.

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It may involve a little more work to host a multi-day reunion but offers many advantages to your classmates. Following are some suggestions for the weekend should you choose to hold a multi-day reunion.

school alumni meet ideas for life

Friday night Many classes kick off their reunion activities with an informal Friday night get together that are referred to as 'Mixers', 'Warm Ups' or 'Icebreakers'.

As these names imply this event is intended to loosen classmates up in an informal, neutral and relaxed atmosphere prior to the grand event. Typically these are held at a local restaurant or bar.

Usually light Hors d'houevres are served and classmates pay for their own cocktails at these gatherings. Keep this event simple. Don't put a lot of undo stress on yourselves as you need to direct most of your energies toward planning the big event.

If such an event is not offered, consider getting together informally on your own with some classmates you were close with in high school.

school alumni meet ideas for life

It gives you extra time with those you were closest with. Saturday While the night is typically reserved for the big event, consider adding some daytime events. One of the most popular events you might want to consider arranging is a tour of your old high school.

school alumni meet ideas for life

After 10, 20, If your event happens to coincide with your school's homecoming or a school football game, encourage classmate participation and try to organize special seating arrangements so your class can all sit together. Some classes also organize activities like a morning golf outing, local site seeing tour or a group shopping trip.


They all serve as relaxers or anxiety reducers so to speak that can help make the big event a smashing success. Sunday If your class isn't already burned out from Friday and Saturday festivities you might want to consider a wind down event such as a Sunday picnic. This is a chance for any last minute catching up and to say your good byes in a less hectic atmosphere.

For younger classes, make it a family event with spouses and children invited.