Statement of relationship for australian visa example

Statutory Declaration-Applicant-Partner Visa

As part of Australian partner visa application, you need to write statement 10 tips for writing statements letters – Proof Genuine Relationship For example if you are applying for a partner visa, the exact date you met, the. The statement of relationship is an extremely important document to support your The Australia Partner visa application is an extremely informational and These are examples of important information you may want to. Partner visa – Statutory declaration preparation & example In this section, you can outline the initial development of your relationship, for example: work or with studies, adjusting to life in Australia for the visa applicant etc.

Nature of the Household: Who does the dishes? This part is probably the toughest to prove with evidence, so explaining in your statements how you run your household can be a crucial factor.

XXX is usually the one to do the dishes while I am in charge of vacuum cleaning. Details of any shared financial and other responsibilities you both took on.

Things You Find Out After You Pay the Australian Partner Visa Cost -

Grocery shops, gyms, clubs shared accounts in any form can be useful etc. Provide proof such as bills addressed to both of youbank account details, maybe emails to your real estate agents or bank. We go grocery shopping on a regular basis and we use our joint bank account to pay for those bills and other utilities such as gas and electricity bills. We both like to go to the gym and do so together regularly. After activities we enjoy doing together is just having a nice dinner and watching a good movie in our living room.

Any periods of separation? Here you can write about the reasons for being separated, such as: If you have been separate for long periods then make sure to mention that.

During that time we kept daily contact through numerous skype calls, phone calls, whatsapp messages and facebook messages. Be very specific and detailed, how you have come to the decision, what it means for you both, why this country and not the other one, have you got a house in mind, what is the realistic plan? Again, later you will be able to attach evidence such as emails with realtors, real estate visits etc. Details of your commitment to each other Future possible marriage plans if not already married, having children, family involvement, what is your 10 year plan?

10 Examples: How to write a relationship statement for your Partner Visa

Be long term on everything. X and I are committed to a shared life with each other to the exclusion of all others. We have combined our personal affairs and have also made each other beneficiaries of each others superannuation account.

Partner Visa For Australia - How to prove your relationship

You want peace of mind? However, for the last few years we've not used the joint Australian bank account, only my own personal bank account in another country.

Even though I've provided bank statements for both the joint and personal accounts, the CO will have no idea why there wasn't activity in the joint account unless I provide context.

statement of relationship for australian visa example

Therefore, we wrote a brief 'cover sheet' or contextual statement for the financial evidence area that explains that during those years I was the main breadwinner working and paid in another country into my personal account while my partner was a full-time student. The CO can then look at the personal bank statement and understand that I've covered expenses for the both of us and why we weren't sharing expenses during that period.

statement of relationship for australian visa example

Lastly, just know that there are several ways to put together these applications since not every couple has the same situation, history, and evidence. So, bring together what you have, consider whether it is solid or convincing from the CO's or a stranger's perspective, and if not, then get more evidence or use the statements to fill in the gaps or paint a complete picture.

If it does look solid and convincing, then submit and congratulate yourself. If you've indicated in your application cover letter that you are happy to answer questions or are ready to submit additional evidence immediately upon request, then this should also provide further assurance. The labels that would have been super handy and saved us tons of time? When you attach a PDF of your evidence, you will be asked to complete the following drop downs: This would have saved us a ton of time, because you basically have to organize your information before you pay.

That, my friends, is the entire reason I created this webpage. So no one else has to go through that! Here are the labels. Keep in mind that the labels seem to be for all types of immigration visas, so lots of them will likely not apply to you.

statement of relationship for australian visa example

But hopefully the label lists will give you clues so that you only have to organize your Australian Partner Visa evidence once instead of twice, like us! Thank you, Campbell, from everyone who reads this page!

statement of relationship for australian visa example

Hope that helps clear up some of the confusion about how to organize yourself as you go about preparing for the crazy Australian Partner Visa Application process!