Staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

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staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

"We are meant to be in relationships with other people, but, just as surely, we are meant to reading fiction, watching movies, shopping till dropping, staying on phones, How we view it, is what makes us feel good or bad about ourselves. Many people feel afraid of being alone and would rather stay in an unhealthy relationship, surprisingly, but this can cost you your sanity and energy in the long . 3 Signs The Fear Of Being Alone Is The Only Thing Keeping You In A Relationship "You want to look at how you justify staying in a relationship if you' re not behaviors or rationalize their behaviors as not being 'that bad.'".

Create the future that you want Have a healthy self-esteem Feel what real love is Be happy Be fulfilled Respect yourself Being in a relationship can be part of our identity…how we identify ourselves, even though it is a role in our life…not who we really are.

How to End the Fear of Staying Single

That night, after the moving out was done…I remember being in my room in the dark…being afraid of what the next step was…a part of me glad that I was moving forward and another part of me being terrified…and wondering if I could undo that decision. Afraid of Being Alone Forever? So ask yourself…what is the worst thing that could possibly happen?

staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

Would it be so terrible being alone…even if it is only for a while? I learned a lot about myself while I was alone…for that period of time when I was just by myself…so take advantage of that time…and find out who you are…and repair the relationship that you have with yourself.

Being Alone is an Opportunity to Heal Yourself If you have a relationship with yourself, you never really are alone…you might not be in an intimate relationship with another person but if you take the time to heal the relationship with yourself, you will never FEEL alone.

  • Research Reveals: Being Alone Is Better Than A Bad Relationship
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To feel connected with ourselves…to feel that we are enough…all on our own. Take the lessons from that relationship that you let go of…now or in the past…and see what you needed to learn…what was it? Was there more than one lesson in that relationship?

How to End a Bad Relationship When You Are Afraid to Be Alone

Take those learnings and use them to create that new future. A bad relationship can be emotionally exhausting, anxiety provoking, dangerous and upsetting.

staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

If your relationship is full of turmoil, you're treated with disrespect or physically abused, you should end the relationship. You should never stay in a relationship that is bad for you.

Why Being Alone Is Better Than A Bad Relationship

However, fear can keep people in relationships that are not healthy. You can overcome the fear of being alone so that you can better prepare yourself for a healthier, happier you.

staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

Face Your Fear Fear can shape and control your life. When fear takes over a person's life, she will do what she can to avoid what scares her, says Deborah Klinger, a therapist and author of "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: For example, when you are afraid of being alone, you will go to great lengths to keep the relationship intact, even if it is not healthy.

Never Stay In A Relationship For Fear Of Being Lonely

You need to face your fear and do what is best for you. If you are in a bad relationship, you need to acknowledge the reality and gather the courage to end your relationship.

staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

When you recognize your fear and accept it, it loses some control over you, says Klinger. Embrace Being Single Staying in a relationship so you don't have to be alone prevents you from having an opportunity to grow a a person, says The University Health Center in Georgia in the article "Relationships: It allows you time to get to know yourself better outside of a relationship.

staying in a bad relationship for fear of being alone

It can be scary to be alone, but leaving a bad relationship will show you that you are stronger than you think.