How did kim possible meet wade

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how did kim possible meet wade

yes in the 2cond series btw its ova now:P its on on disney channel past midnight on or someting hope I helped!!!. Jul 6, 20 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Kim Possible Only Wade Would Know Will Friedle appeared in Boy Meets World as Eric Matthews, which. Jun 29, Kim did way more than set trends with her iconic crop tops. But as I sat and watched Disney's "Kim Possible" at 1 a.m., I realized that this gem of a Disney show did more Wade was a black, middle-school-age, boy genius.

However, Disney Channel has announced that Kim Possible will be getting a live-action film! With the help of the creators and the actors playing Kim and Ron, they announced who will be playing them in the movie.

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Will it be as good as the cartoon? Kim Possible would have been another, but thanks to the fans, we were able to see the show live another day.

Even if it was only one more season, the fact that the fanbase saved Kim Possible made us realize how much we appreciate the show. The references were interesting, taking an inspiration of the main theme of the pirate movie that would later become one of the most epic scores in movie history.

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While Kim Possible might not be the sole reason as to why the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie became a huge hit, but it is no surprise that it influenced some fans to check it out. To our surprise, it is true, since Lance Bass has appeared in the show. Even Ashley Tisdale starred as the villainess Camille Leon! Kim Possible just got a lot better with these famous actors appearing on the show. The opening song even played out differently, giving a James Bond feel to the music and singing.

Say that So the Drama was the series finale, would it be a fitting conclusion? The ending was certainly tender and heartwarming since it put us in a romantic mood. It would have been a bittersweet way to end the show with Kim and Ron kissing, but at least we were able to see more of them becoming a couple and tackle their senior year of high school. From the looks of the picture above, even they have made a cameo appearance in this fantastic cartoon.

A scene had to be cut too in order for them to have more screen time. She is incredibly talented and her portrayal of Kim Possible is raw and unique. Since she was a teenager while voicing Kim, that is what helps make Christy a perfect fit for the role!

how did kim possible meet wade

There was one thing that Kim got to do in high school that Christy could not. Unlike Kim, Christy did not go to her prom. It sounds pretty heartbreaking since it is one of the most important moments in high school.

in kim possible, did kim and ron ever meet wade in person? | Yahoo Answers

It makes sense since Christy has a job and needs to be in order to meet the deadlines. His voice by the lovely Nancy Cartwright helps bring the charm this little guy has. Nancy, along with a lot of actors, is a member of the church of Scientology.

how did kim possible meet wade

Dead Men Tell No Tales is supposedly the last installment of the franchise. Inthe same was thought about Pirates of the Caribbean: Fans weren't sure how the series could continue without Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom.

The movie was heavily promoted, and used Kim Possible as part of its marketing. However, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides wouldn't be officially announced until Throughout the series, not much is revealed about Wade. He's ten years old, and incredibly smart. Wade didn't actually appear in person until season three.

In kim possible, did kim and ron ever meet wade in person?

Every once in awhile he would show up on a mission, but for the most part, he and Kim communicated via the Kimmunicator. Not much is known about Wade's family, but his last name is revealed to be Load.

how did kim possible meet wade

The name is an apparent gag, given his role on the show. At one point, John Cena was also in the running to play Ron Stoppable.

how did kim possible meet wade

This revelation proved especially surprising and a bit terrifying for Will Friedle. The star tweeted at Cena saying "I'm sure you would've been great!

She and Cena were reportedly best friends at one point. Then again, my memory sucks. Christy Carlson Romano was also among those who chose to continue pursuing higher education.

how did kim possible meet wade

During the first season of Kim Possible, each member of the cast recorded their voice work separately. The team switched up their process for season two, having the actors come in and record together. At this point, Romano was pursuing her degree at Barnard College, so she did her voicing separately. Her voice was dubbed in later. After successfully balancing her work with school, Romano graduated with a degree in film studies.