How to better relationship

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how to better relationship

You've heard the sayings: relationships aren't easy and marriage is a work in progress. Many are quick to warn about the trials a romance can. If your relationship is in trouble and you want to stay together, you have to take action. Here are ten things that many couples who have endured difficult times and emerged stronger have done. Seems obvious coming from a marriage counselor, but many couples think that if they can. Think back to the first year of your relationship and write down all the things you used to techniques to better navigate and limit the tension in your relationship.

A bond that gets better and stronger over time. If we only knew how. There are actions that build loving relationships and actions that all but guarantee unhappiness.

how to better relationship

Here are 25 of my current favorites: You know that thing you do that drives your spouse nuts — the wet towel on the floor, the way you sneak a peek at your phone? Why not make a commitment to stop doing that and see what happens?

True commitment means keeping two feet in when the going gets rough. We all have those chores that no one wants to do. Put one of them at the top of your to-do list, rather than waiting for your spouse to do it.

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Yes, even the dreaded call to the cable company. Say please and thank you. Your mother was right.

how to better relationship

Generosity may well be the key to happiness. Be loving and generous whenever possible. Know when to speak up. Forget about suffering in silence about issues that need to be placed on the table. No one is a better advocate for you than you. Practice the three Cs: Accept the fact that truth comes in versions.

how to better relationship

Talk Face to Face. Avoid talking about serious matters or issues in writing. Text messages, letters and emails can be misinterpreted. Even when we mean well, we can sometimes come across as harsh because of our word choice.

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Agree to be honest. You will feel better and it will help strengthen your relationship. Check Your Body Language.

how to better relationship

Show your partner you respect them by listening and responding. Use the 48 Hour Rule. If your partner does something that makes you angry, you need to tell them about it. If not, consider forgetting about it. Once you do mention your hurt feelings and your partner sincerely apologies, let it go.


If you get angry with your partner, here are a few steps to take: If you get really angry about something, stop, take a step back and breathe. Give yourself time to calm down by watching TV, talking to a friend, playing a video game, taking a walk, listening to some music or whatever helps you relax. Taking a break can keep the situation from getting worse.

how to better relationship