How to get out of a serious relationship

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how to get out of a serious relationship

In this Article:Identifying a Bad RelationshipPreparing for a Break-UpEnding the . other knows you are serious about the decision: "I am breaking up with you. 5 Steps For Grieving And Moving On From A Serious Relationship Eventually, after many threats to break up, I became fed up and cheated. You are allowed to move out of an apartment you bought together. If you are unhappy, if you have thought through your decision and decided to feel like shit for hurting them, you are allowed to end a serious relationship.

Some of them are toxic. Some of them are not worth the effort. Some of them were only meant to last for a little while. If you are unhappy, if you have thought through your decision and decided that walking away would make you happier, then go through with it.

It sucks to hurt someone, especially when you care about them more than you care about yourself.

how to get out of a serious relationship

They deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know where you stand with them. Even though you are going to feel like shit for hurting them, you are allowed to end a serious relationship. The longer you are in a relationship, the more difficult it will be to leave, but you have the freedom to pack your bags at any time. You are not trapped. You are not stuck with this one person for eternity because you have a history with them.

You Are Allowed To Leave A Serious Relationship

If you know in your heart they are not right for you, if you know the only way you will find happiness again is by initiating a breakup, then you are allowed to leave.

You are allowed to give up on a relationship that took up years of your life. You are allowed to walk away from something you once thought would last forever.

There may be any number of causes or triggers—an affair physical or emotionalgrowing disdain, physical rejection, addiction, and anger—but when the betrayal results in often-public drama and fireworks, rather than a calm, loving, and honest reckoning, it lays waste to all the joy the couple in question might have experienced together, coloring the entire relationship with pain.

It begs the question: Why do so many people, who have often spent years loving one another, leave their relationships in such hurtful, harmful, and unconscionable ways? How can it be done differently?

how to get out of a serious relationship

People leave their love relationships in tatters because they: Are too frightened to actually face their own unhappiness and take responsibility for it.

Want to punish their partner emotionally for what they have experienced as coldness, distance, or waning desire.

how to get out of a serious relationship

Are addicted to novelty and idealization at any cost. Are unable to face the material consequences or insecurities of their decision to leave.

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Blame their partner for their lack of success or dissatisfaction with their own life. Any of the choose-your-own-adventures above indicate that there is a lot of pain between lovers that has not been addressed in an appropriate way, and that a lot of collateral emotional damage could be spared if people felt good enough about themselves, and had the correct tools, to deal with immense fear, insecurity, and emptiness.

It takes tremendous courage to actually face relationship despair head on. Instead people bolt, cheat, lie, withdraw, get addicted to things, or trash the whole thing with an abrupt cut-off and hostile attack listing every imagined resentment and flaw. Rarely do people face each other and discuss the dying elephant in the room. To do so would be to take an honest look at the demise of the dream, the failing of the promises, and the personal sense of inadequacy and hopelessness that intimate relationship endings bring.

10 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

If we are to truly absorb and assimilate the grief of a coming ending—in its raw and undistracted state—we actually need to confront our own shortcomings. Both parties need to look at their parts in the deterioration of the connection and the many personal patterns or flaws that contributed to the dying of attraction and affection.

How to Break Up Respectfully

This is the psychological work of warriors, quite frankly, and many folks just do not have the inner muscles or resolve, or outside resources to flex that deeply. However, if we could all agree that it is in the best interest of ourselves, and our communities, to get into some serious intimacy shape, we could begin to deal with the reality and the sorrow of relationships that are fizzling out, and do so with dignity, maturity, and kindness.

We could support one another to take regular inventory of the health of our love relationships and not go into cruise control or denial about intimacy erosion. Once we start hearing the whisper of the death rattle through long periods of emotional disconnection, avoidance of sex, constant bickering or fighting, increasing times apart, and a vapid joylessness, we can roll up our sleeves and wrestle these emotional demons.

If all efforts fail to revive the romance and quality of connection, then everyone can feel more empowered to move forward.

how to get out of a serious relationship

Below, 20 ways to leave your lover with love and respect. Take full responsibility for your part in the ending, as in: Speak highly of your soon-to-be ex, because what you say about them actually reflects a great deal about you.

Spend a good deal of time reflecting on how you got into the intimacy bog and what you could have done differently. Give your soon-to-be ex a lot of space to be upset and remove yourself immediately from any conversations that are hateful or abusive.