How to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

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how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

Parents can have an immense influence on your long distance relationship, especially if your girlfriend is under And unfortunately, like most. For instance, you know that one day she'll pop this dreaded question: “Would you like to meet my parents?” It may be a proof that you're in a healthy relationship. In order to have a relationship with your girlfriend sail smoothly, getting her mother . her well is important when trying to have a good relationship with her mom.

Talking about your values and boundaries as a couple and coming to a decision together about parent behaviors that you're happy to let slide and other behaviors that just aren't okay is the best way to protect the relationship and ensure both partners feel mutually supported and loved.

Show respect by being culturally sensitive, being polite and watching your language.

7 Tips for Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents

Be safe rather than sorry. Smith, author of The Etiquette Book: Being polite means being your best self. If there are younger siblings, it is worth extra points to bring a little toy for them as well.

You may as well get all of it out there at the first meeting.

how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

Having said that, it is always a good idea to brush up on your general etiquette and conversational skills so that you feel prepared to handle any situation.

And make sure you are showered, shampooed and shined for the occasion. Being well dressed in whatever your style is and good personal grooming is always a must.

how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

Keep this in mind in case any self-doubt tries to cloud your thoughts! Talk yourself up Looking to get an in with the parents?

4 Best Tips To Win Over Your Girlfriend's Parents In A Long Distance Relationship

Smith recommends finding a balance. Build yourself up as a human, not just the person dating their daughter.

how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

This can be really helpful, because even in a more conservative family, you may be able to find an ally in the crowd. Kick your nervous habits We all have those nervous habits that can be off-putting in introductory meetings. Nervous habits you express as a result of being shy could be interpreted as you being rude or stuck up.

If you have the chance, offer to help them with something.

4 Best Tips To Win Over Your Girlfriend’s Parents

Also make sure to be curious about them, about their life, about their work and so on, but again be sincerely curious, and discrete in your curiosity too. Be a little conservative. I hope that this goes without saying, but when you meet them, be appropriate in your displays of affection with their daughter, at least for the beginning until you get to know each other. Make them feel important. Another suggestion is to ask for their opinion on some matters, their advice on how to deal with something.

And the last and probably best suggestion that I can give you in this regard is to prepare yourself.

how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

Before any contact to her parents, or even after you met them, ask your girlfriend to tell you about her parents. Let her tell you about their jobs, their preferences, their past; let her tell you who is wearing the pants in the house, who is more authoritative and who is more friendly and so on. Show them your ambitious side of yourself. Parents think about the future.

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They think rationally not emotionally because they are not in love with you, not yet at leastand when their daughter has a new boyfriend, they might at least for a second consider the possibility of that guy being the one she could possibly marry.

And because they tend to do that, parents want to see potential in you. They want to see that you are an ambitious young man that has done a lot of great stuff so far in his life and who strives to be the best he can be. And as long as they can see that you are an ambitious young man, they can calm down and relax about this issue, at least for a while.

How do you show ambition? If you have plans about the future — to get a good job or to start a business, these are both evidence of your ambition. If you are particularly good at something, be it a hobby or a passion that you have, or a skill that you have developed over time and are really good at, this is another expression of you ambition and persistence.

And talking about such aspects of yourself and your life, of course not in a bragging way, is going to plant in her parents mind the idea of you being an ambitious man, a man who they can trust their daughter to be with. Show them your great boyfriend side.

how to have a good relationship with your girlfriends parents

And lastly, by being a great boyfriend to their daughter, treating her right and making her happy you are adding the last ingredient to the recipe of winning her parents over. When her parents see how happy she is, they will be much more comfortable accepting you and your long distance relationship, even if they may not like you that much, and even if they have a negative view about long distance dating.

How do you do that?